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Scooters for sale Edinburgh

Scooters for sale Edinburgh

If you head to the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, you’ll soon find that driving about here can be tough. The streets are often quite tight, so getting around Edinburgh can be tough. Despite being wide enough for traffic, the sheer volume of people moving around the city can make it feel really busy. If you are not a fan of being in a busy town, then you should absolutely look to make a positive choice and buy a scooter. Sitting in a car all day is not good for your health, your wallet, or the environment!

So, why not look at some of the scooters for sale in Edinburgh? Scooters are so fun to drive in Edinburgh. While a car can be quite an expensive thing to drive due to the cost of petrol, scooters are often much more efficient. With a scooter, you can make the normal complexity of driving so much easier to overcome. One thing you will often find is that a scooter will ensure you can stay comfortably in the right spot in traffic. With a car, it can often feel like an episode of Whacky Races!

If you are worried about driving about in Edinburgh with a scooter, though, fear not. This guide will help you to make sure that you can always buy a scooter that suits you personally. When you are looking to buy a scooter on sale in Edinburgh, then, what matters?

How much are you willing to spend?

The first thing to work out is how much you are willing to spend on the vehicle in the first place. Depending on the size of scooter that you look at, you should have a price in mind. Typically, we would suggest that you look for something in the region of around £1,000-1,500. This could cost you more, though, if you wish to step it up and go to the 125cc+ range.

However, with Edinburgh, the thing to remember is that you are often limited by speed about where you can go. So, don’t buy something that is a speed demon – you likely will not get the chance to maximise its potential. Instead, make sure that you spend money on a scooter that can get you around the city without any issue. That often means a speed cap of 30-60mph is enough.

Have you driven before?

Another vital factor to look into here would be whether or not you drive very often. For those who are not regular drivers, scooters make excellent sense. They are easy to learn. So long as you go and sit your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and get a provisional motorbike driving license, you can drive a scooter for up to two years without your full test.

While you could not have a passenger and you cannot take off your L plates, you’ll get the time you need to learn how to drive. If you are sick of using the public transport system in the city to get around, a small 50cc scooter could be just what you need. It’ll be fast enough to get you around, but slow enough to give you total control. If you want to drive without fear, a scooter in Edinburgh makes plenty sense.

Are you based in the city?

As you look at the various scooters for sale in Edinburgh, you should be thinking about where you are based. For example, have you got to travel across a motorway to get into the capital to work? Then you need a full driving license. The CBT we mentioned above cannot allow you to go on the motorway; so please remember that before putting yourself at needless risk.

If you are not based in the city, then you should definitely look to pick up a 125cc scooter. The main reason is that if you buy a 125cc engine, you can go to speeds of around 60mph. 50cc engines are often clocked at 30mph, usually lower. That is simply not fast enough to go on the motorway with. You should not put yourself or other drivers at risk by driving so slow.

Will you use it for work?

Another reason to think about buying a scooter for sale in Edinburgh is the work purpose. Many of us use our cars to get to work, or even for work. If you can fit everything you need in a backpack, though, do you really need to have a full car? Nope.

With a scooter, you can also usually get some storage space under the seat. You should definitely look to use that to your advantage, as it should give you the ample opportunity you need to start driving around with total ease.

You will find that if you use your scooter for work then you will spend a lot of time driving it around the place. Therefore it must have a comfortable and reliable seat for you to sit down on. If you will be driving for most of your work day, ensuring you’ve got space and comfort is essential.

What about long-term value?

Lastly, when looking to buy a scooter in Edinburgh, look at buying long-term. Buy something that you can use for the long-term; that is why we recommend new drivers try out a 50cc model first. If you like it and you buy your model new, you could trade it in for a 125cc model in the long-term. This would help you to heavily offset the cost of buying the scooter and ensure you can drive with total comfort.

Long-term value always matters, which is why we always recommend that you buy a new scooter. With a new scooter, you can get much more done before you need to worry about things like MOTs, repairs, and buying new parts. With a new scooter, you know it arrives in perfect working condition just waiting for you to put it to good use. So, what are you waiting for?

If you are going to buy a scooter for sale in Edinburgh, please take these factors into account!