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Best Scooters for Adults

Best Scooters for Adults

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When you want to buy a scooter, you can often feel quite uncertain about what to buy. With so many models, makes, and types out there, it’s easy to get more than a touch confused!

If you want to avoid that kind of confusion, though, you’ll find that many scooters are more suited to adults. What do we mean by that? Let us show you.When it comes to buying the best scooters for adults, there is a lot of information you should try and take in. For example, what are ‘kids’ scooters?

What is a ‘kids’ scooter?

For the most part, people would refer to as a scooter for ‘kids’ (anyone aged 16/17 for perspective) as 50cc models. 50cc scooters are very popular, and with good reason. They give you a solid, reliable option for driving with that allows you to drive with nothing more than your CBT license. That is why many people go for it at age 16; it’s the first vehicle type you’ll likely be able to drive.

However, until the age of 17 you cannot drive on a motorway. You also cannot take a passenger on the background. On top of that, you will be limited to just 28mph. Given how slow this can be compared to other drivers on busy roads, especially motorways, you have to be extremely careful. However, for those who want to drive a scooter from a young age, a 50cc model is a good place to start.

For example, this 50cc Retro scooter is a great choice for anyone who is aged 16-17. It’s easy to control, with a maximum speed of 30mph. That is often more than enough to give you a solid grounding in driving a vehicle. With a single cylinder four stroke engine, too, it will kick you into life with relative ease. You’ll find accelerating from 0 to 30 is pretty easy. For young drivers, then, they make a brilliant education if you wish to become more robust at scooter management.

Once you are beyond the age of 17, though, you could go and sit your full driving test. This will allow you to start driving more ambitious kinds of vehicles, such as the 125cc range. Speaking of 125cc scooters, they are what we would classify as ‘adult’ scooters!

What, though, is an adult scooter to most drivers out there?

What is an adult scooter?

It’s not a scooter that has reached a certain age in life, anyway!

Adult scooters are typically the term used for 125cc plus scooters. These are very common among adults who are looking to find a bit more oomph in their moped use. If you have grown used to hitting high speeds in a moped, then you should absolutely look to get an adult scooter. The 50cc edition might simply not have enough juice to give you the thrill that you were hoping for. If that is the case, then what should you do?

You should step it up and try out a 125cc model. For example, the 125cc Cruiser scooter is the perfect choice for someone who wants an ambitious and powerful bike. The fact it adds 150% of the power of a 50cc model and still retains Twist and Go driving performance makes it very impressive. It even starts up just by hitting a single electric push button to get it going – not bad, huh?

Most 125cc models are going to be just as easy to get to grips with as a 50cc model. However, we would have to say that it would be beneficial to try out a 50cc model first. Once you feel like you can cruise around at 30mph without losing confidence, then you could consider stepping it up a notch.

One thing to note about the Cruiser, for example, is that it has a top speed of 60mph. So, you will be able to go twice as fast as using a ‘kids’ scooter.

What do I need to drive the best scooters for adults?

To drive a 125cc level scooter, you would have to make sure that you have qualified for your CBT. The CBT is what you need if you wish to be able to show that you have understood learner laws for motorcycle.

This would be the level that you can go to – anything higher than 125cc is not going to be permissible on a CBT alone. You will also need to make sure that you then go and get the proper insurance and tax to cover the vehicle. Be sure to keep that in mind and try to factor it into the full cost of buying your bike.

A CBT exam would take you one full day to pass the test, and you would then be allowed to go on the roads. However, with a CBT, you cannot have a passenger on the back of your vehicle. To do that, you would have to go and take your full driving test. The same goes for driving on a motorway; if you buy a 125cc model, make sure you consider going for the full test.

In a city, you are very rarely going to have the opportunity to take your 125cc to its full 60mph. That is why the best scooters for adults are best enjoyed with a full driving license. It might take you a bit longer to get it, but you will start to enjoy your driving like never before. You’ll have more opportunity to take your vehicle to the limit.

Also, the main reason why 125cc models are known as ‘adult’ bikes is because you cannot drive one under the age of 17. Anyone aged 16 can drive a 50cc moped, but not a 125cc – regardless of how skilled you are. So long as you passed your CBT when you were 16, though, it’ll be valid right through until you are 18.

So long as you have your own provisional driving license, you can take your CBT test. Keep that in mind, then, if you’re an adult with your eye on a scooter. So long as you buy the right scooter (50cc is often too little for an adult), you’ll really enjoy this.

Just make sure that you are fully prepared to get your 125cc scooter. If you’re an adult, it’s going to be much more fun to drive than a 50cc equivalent.

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