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Electric Moped

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    GTS-e Sports


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Introducing Our Range of Electric Mopeds

Are you looking to buy an electric moped? If you are we are here to help. Our range of electric mopeds are the perfect combination of speed and style, and offer a great alternative to petrol scooters. We currently offer three of the most in-demand electric mopeds in the UK. You can choose between the Milan-e, GTS-e, and GTS-e Sports.

Are you not sure which model is right for you? Read on for our highlights of the best electric mopeds for beginners and moped enthusiasts alike.

GTS-e Sports Electric Moped

Get ready to hit the road with our GTS-e Sports electric moped. With its modern design and contemporary detailing, this electric moped will take you to the next gear. It’s ideal for all types of moped drivers with its BOSCH electric motor that can accelerate instantly to a top speed of 28mph.

Designed for everyday use, this electric moped has easy-to-use controls and a handy USB socket for charging your phone on the go. The Bluetooth, remote-control alarm, and LED lights also create an enjoyable driver experience to keep you connected on the go.

Do you want to ride your electric moped with friends? The lightweight GTS-e Sports is fully Euro 5-compliant and capable of carrying an extra passenger. This electric moped is designed with frequent travel in mind with its 10-inch wheels, telescopic suspension, and disk brakes.

What makes this model one of the best electric mopeds on the market is its energy efficiency. You can travel up to 90 miles with a single charge. The 4-hour charge time makes it ideal for commuting or using as your main vehicle. The under-seat storage is the right size to hold all your essentials.

This electric moped has been designed with comfort in mind with its onboard FOC controller that creates a smooth acceleration experience. As a fully automatic electric moped, you just push start, twist, and go.

Milan-e Electric Moped

Keep it classic with our Milan E electric moped. Designed for city living and exploring the open roads, this model is one of our most versatile electric mopeds. The BOSCH electric motor makes it ideal for all types of riders, achieving a top speed of 28mph with its instant acceleration.

Whether you’re exploring the countryside or zipping through the city, this electric moped has got your back. It’s designed to travel 90 miles with a single charge of only 4 hours. Its quick-charging facility makes it ideal for long-distance travel or your next road trip.

With its easy-to-use design, every aspect of this electric moped has been made with your riding experience in mind. The lightweight frame allows for fast performance, while the LED lights, digital display, and remote-control alarm create an engaging user interface.

The Milan-e has 10-inch wheels, telescopic suspension, and features an electric push-button start to get you on the road right away. The BOSCH electric motor and sleek design make it ideal for carrying an extra passenger for your next journey.

GTS-e Electric Moped

Are you looking for your first electric moped? Look no further than the streetwise GTS-e electric moped. Its minimalistic lines and easy-to-use interface make it ideal for your next city adventure.

The GTS-e electric moped features a BOSH electric motor with a top speed of 28mph. As a lightweight frame, it’s ideal for first-time moped users looking to build their confidence on the road. This model is one of the latest Euro-5 compliant electric mopeds and is fully automatic with its telescopic suspension and smooth acceleration.

At under £2,000, the GTS-e is one of the most affordable electric mopeds in our line-up. With its 48V26Ah lithium battery and 1.44kw Bosch motor, this model deserves a spot on your consideration list. This electric moped has everything you need to hit the road.

FAQs about Electric Mopeds

Got a question about electric mopeds? Our team is here to help! We’re answering three of the most common questions about driving an electric moped in the UK.

Do you need a licence for an electric moped?

You’ll need to have at least your provisional licence to be able to ride an electric moped in the UK. You’ll also need to complete ‘Compulsory Basic Training’ (CBT) before you can take your electric moped on the road.

How fast are electric mopeds?

The top speed for an electric moped will vary between models. Most electric mopeds have a top speed between 59 to 75mph. You’ll want to consider your driving style and where you’ll be driving when choosing the right moped for you.

Are electric mopeds legal in the UK?

An electric moped is classed as a motor vehicle, meaning that it is legal in the UK. Your electric moped does not need to be taxed, you will need to have a number plate, and hold insurance to be road-worthy. You’ll also need to have a working light on your electric moped for it to be legal.

Advantages of using an Electric Moped

Are you thinking of switching your car for an electric moped? There are dozens of advantages to jumping on an electric moped, whether you live in the countryside or the city. The electric moped gives you the freedom to explore the world without the constraints of a traditional vehicle.

An electric moped is a silent vehicle that is ideal for travelling day or night. An Electric Moped is more eco-friendly due to their lithium-ion batteries than petrol vehicles. You can drive for several hours on a small amount of electricity.

Most electric mopeds, including the ones on our website, can carry both a driver and passenger. It’s ideal if you’re travelling solo or occasionally riding with friends or family.

While some vehicles can be confusing to operate, an electric moped is designed for easy use. You just need to push a button to get started. Almost anyone can step onto an electric moped and get riding right away.

The popularity of electric mopeds also comes from their sleek design. Many still reflect the style of the popular Vespa but with a contemporary and minimalistic look. As a stylish mode of transport, an electric moped is one of the best ways to travel through your town or city.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using an electric moped is its low running cost. After investing in your moped, the related costs are relatively low. While the cost of running a car continues to rise, an electric moped is a more sustainable, affordable, and eco-friendly alternative.

These advantages are ones that everyone can benefit from, whether it’s reducing your carbon footprint or travel costs. Our range of electric mopeds are an affordable way to travel and go electric.

Get on the road with our Electric Mopeds

Are you ready to start your journey with an electric moped? You’re just a few clicks away from becoming the proud owner of a GTS-e Sports, Milan-e, or GTS-e. Our interactive user face makes it easy to order your electric moped online with lightning-fast delivery.

Your new electric moped can be delivered to your door within three working days. In a rush? You can select express next working day delivery at checkout.