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125cc Motorcycles on Finance

125cc Motorcycles on Finance

  1. 125cc Motorcycles on Finance Eagle
  2. 125cc Motorcycles on Finance Daytona
  3. 125cc Motorcycles on Finance Storm
  4. 125cc Motorcycles on Finance Sports RS
  5. 125cc Motorcycles on Finance Sports S1
  6. 125cc Motorcycles on Finance Enduro
  7. 125cc Motorcycles on Finance Neveda

When you want to drive a bike, one of the most common models you will go for is a 125cc motorcycle. At Direct Bikes, we sell many unique motorbikes that you could easily pick up and start driving as soon as you are ready.

Among the most popular size possible for newbies, our 125cc motorcycles are a great starting point. With minimum speeds of 60mph, too, they do a good job of teaching you about speed and power. It’s why we recommend that you take a look at getting a 125cc bike if you want to get introduced to bike riding. Buying from us really couldn’t any easier, too!

You simply need to choose a model that you like and hit ‘Add to Cart’. You can then make your payment through us and get your bike delivered within just three working days of your payment.

While an experienced rider might find a 125cc a touch limiting, newbies absolutely will not. The speed at which you can climb from 0 to 60mph can be quite staggering. You’ll be going much faster than you could with, say, a 50cc scooter or moped from our store!

That’s why we recommend that you take a 125cc motorcycles for your own use. However, how are you going to pay for it? Bikes are expensive, right?

At Direct Bikes, we look to make sure that you can buy a brilliant quality bike without spending too much at once, We offer a comprehensive finance program that can be just what you need to get your bike price down to a far more affordable level.

If you are looking for help with buying a 125cc, though, you can get assistance today. At Direct Bikes, we can give you access to125cc motorcycles on finance. Does that sound good for you?

The benefits of buying your 125cc motorbike on finance

  • The first benefit that you are likely to notice is just how flexible finance tends to be. If you have a decent credit rating (though you can often get finance even with a Bad credit rating), you’ll find payments very affordable.
  • You’ll often manage to get a very affordable, reliable payment scheme that won’t see you paying for too long. With Direct Bikes, you could stretch the terms of payment for much longer than just 12 months. You could even choose 60 months if desired!
  • The amount that you can borrow is quite fair, too. Direct Bikes offers finance to cover bike purchases up to the cost of £5,000. This allows for a simpler means of making sure you can get more than one bike on finance, should you need it.
  • If you are trying to improve how you go about using your money for buying accessories, finance can be very useful. With fair repayment terms and solid rates, you can cover the cost of your purchase with very little stress.
  • This helps you to get the bike that you want, for a price that you can afford. The result is making sure that you can get your bike for an affordable monthly fee. Instead of paying large cash sums up front, you can pay in instalments.

Now that you can see why there’s such a benefit to utilising finance, let’s take a look at buying a bike. Our prices are fair and affordable so that you can buy a 100% brand new bike and get riding on it ASAP. Why, though, should you look to buy one of our 125cc motorcycles on finance?

Great for getting around in

One reason why many people invest in buying a 125cc is they use it for getting to and from work. Instead of driving a gas guzzling car, why not jump on a smaller bike that can get you from A to B with ease?

Our bikes are more than fast enough for zipping around urban and rural areas. The upright riding position also helps you to keep a solid riding posture. With other bikes, you might find it easier to get into bad habits regarding posture. With a 125cc, you can drive around towns and cities etc. without discomfort.

Plenty of variety

Another nice reason to look at our 125cc bikes is the sheer number of bikes to pick from. Take a look at our varied range of 125cc bikes, and you have a huge collection of bikes to pick from. For example, the 125cc Eagle is popular for people looking to drive a solid, robust, all-purpose bike. It’s got a simple, easy to love style that makes it suitable for universal bike driving.

By the same token, the 125cc Storm is a more robust little model that you could use for more ambitious driving. It offers a solid, rapid, reliable bike that is great for those looking for a long-distance riding partner. For those who want to have a bike they can throw around, this is for you!

Others will choose to head for the 125cc Enduro S. This sleek, stylish vehicle is available for those who are looking to buy something a bit more aesthetically pleasing. It’s got a bit more speed than the norm, too, with speeds as high as 68mph.

That makes it a fine choice for those who want a bike that can produce plenty of extra power. You won’t get left behind so easily with this!As you can see, then, you are not limited for options when buying a 125cc bike from our store!

125ccs are rewarding to drive

The main benefit of having a 125cc bike is they are so fun to drive. In cities and open roads in particular, 60mph is more than fast enough. You would often struggle to drive at 60mph on anything more than long road stretches and/or motorways. So, if your main issue with driving a 125cc bike is that it might not be particularly fast, think again.

The only time you would notice that other vehicles are passing youis on a motorway. At 60mph, you can drive almost anywhere in a timely manner whilst feeling in control. That’s why you should absolutely take a look at our 125cc bikes today – you’ll get a brilliant bike with a very fair finance deal!

Spend less, save more

With the fact you are buying your 125cc on finance, you can spend less and get more savings. These are not only easy bikes to afford on finance, but they are great for fuel economy. You could get as much as 70-100mph per gallon when driving on wide stretches of road. While you might be driving in cities most of the time, they still retain a solid fuel economy.

As you can see, then, the benefits of buying 125cc motorbikes on finance makes it easy for you to become a rider. So long as you look to buy a bike that suits your size of body, you’ll get a great purchase. And with our 125cc motorcycles on finance, you don’t need to eat into your savings to have some fun!


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