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Moped for Sale

Moped for Sale

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When you go to buy any kind of vehicle in the United Kingdom, you have to weigh up every option. At Direct Bikes, we look to help you make the choice by giving you both quality and quantity. We have many high end bike options which are ready to be driven as and when you please. We stock a whole host of bikes, mopeds, and scooters. This helps you to buy something easy to ride, simple to enjoy, and fully road legal.

Direct Bikes has built a reputation as a leading name in the scooter industry. We know how important it is to get a moped for sale that is both of good value and of high standard. With all of our vehicles manufactured in China to the highest standard, we know that our vehicles can match that level.

Every bike goes through a thorough quality assurance test before we accept it as part of our line. We look to ensure that everything from the top speed to the handling is just right. We also evaluate the frame on the strictest terms. That’s why when you look at a moped for sale at Direct Bikes that you can trust the end result.

As a leading name in the UK scooter industry, we know what people expect of their vehicles. That’s why we always look to give you access to a moped that feels suited to your needs. Simply tell us what you want, and we can match you with the right moped.

What speeds do you provide?

At Direct Bikes, we deal in two major speeds levels: 50cc, and 125cc. Our 50cc mopeds are among the most popular in the UK. With a top speed of 30mph, all models ensure that you can easily drive around without delay. They allow you to easily glide through traffic, even in tight cities and packed residential zones.

You can quickly and easily move at a speed that feels consistent, as opposed to the stop-start journey you get with a car. With one of our various models of moped for sale, you can drive fast and drive with confidence. We look to take out the stress, pressure, and uncertainty of riding a moped.

By giving you brand new models that are capable of high speeds, we make sure you can drive without uncertainty. Indeed, we also provide a wide range of 125cc mopeds. These are high quality models with a higher top speed, capable of doing 60 miles per hour. This allows you to ride a model that feels good but also gives you the right kind of top speed.

With rapid acceleration, too, you can easily extend your driving horizons to be outside of your city. Our 50cc mopeds are mostly aimed at those who wish to drive in the city or in a town. With a 125cc engine, though, you can drive much faster and go much further thanks to the increased top speed making motorway driving etc. much easier.

What transmissions do you offer?

Our mopeds are varied, and this means that we have mopeds for sale with both Manual and Automatic transmission. This allows you to easily pick what you feel is most suited to you. Almost all of our 50cc mopeds are going to be Automatic. They use what is known as a Twist & Go system. This allows the bike to be driven simply by using the handlebars.

Twist the handlebar towards you, and the bike will pick up speed. Let go of the handlebars a little, and it will slow down. This means you no longer have to worry about having to skip from gear to gear: you can do it on your own instead. If you find this aspect of driving to be the most confusing, the variety should help you find a scooter that’s easy to learn.

Whether you prefer Manual or Automatic, we’ll have something suitable for you.

What does a moped cost from Direct Bikes?

At Direct Bikes, our models start from a very generous £959. This allows you to pick up brand new scooters which are going to be ready to drive on the road upon delivery. So long as you have the right license and you have insurance (plus tax) for your moped, you are good to start riding.

We can help you to manage every aspect of your purchase. Just let us know what kind of moped you are looking to buy, and we can help you to make the right choice. With our excellent prices allied to a very friendly finance system, we can make sure that you get to spend less and get more value in return.

It’s our aim to make sure you can buy a quality moped and know you’ve got excellent value for money.

How do I pay for my moped?

So, our system is very simple – instead of having to come down to a showroom, everything can be done online. If you need help at all with ordering, you can call us today or you can contact us via our online support system.

To buy a moped for sale from Direct Bikes, you need to go to the moped that you would like to buy. On that page, you can click ‘Add to Cart’. This will then ensure that the moped that you want is added to your checkout. Go through the checkout and make your payment using our SSL-secured payment processor.

This means that the payment is private and authorised by the relevant financial bodies. As soon as we receive payment, we’ll process your order and arrange for rapid delivery of your moped. With a finance program allowing for up to sixty months to pay, you have ample to arrange the full cost of purchase.

Delivery is handled within three working days of your payment being received. Need your vehicle faster? Then we can arrange next day delivery from receipt of purchase. Let us know which particular moped for sale has caught your eye, and we can help you to arrange every part of the purchase. We look forward to getting you a top quality moped that you can start riding as soon as it arrives!


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