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50cc Moped Scooter

50cc Moped Scooter

When you want to buy a scooter, the most important thing that you can do is get the right style. With so many different kinds of scooter to pick from though that can be easier said than done. Worried that you might choose a scooter that is not quite up to the standard that you would have wanted? Then read on. We’re going to break down the most important kind of scooter out there for most beginner drivers. This is, of course, known as the 50cc moped scooter.

The 50cc is the most popular choice of model for those who are just starting out on their journey to driving a scooter. Easy to get the hang of and powerful enough to give you a thrill, they make tremendous starting points. That is why we recommend that anyone who is new to driving, or wants to avoid taking risk by going too fast, can pick up a 50cc moped scooter.

They take out much of the fear and the worry of driving a scooter on the roads. They are safe, stable, and reliable. Let’s take a look at some information about a typical 50cc moped scooter.

How can I ride a 50cc moped scooter?

So, the first question that you probably have is how can you actually ride one of these?

You’ll be happy to know that getting on the saddle of a 50cc is so, so easy. To do this, you need just a few things:

  • A 50cc moped scooter that you have bought or rented.
  • Road tax and insurance to cover the riding of your scooter.
  • A Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) certificate.

Should you hold all of these documents, then you can get on top of the scooter and start driving. Your CBT license usually only takes a day to get, and teaches you enough of the basics to ensure you can head out on the road with your L plates on. For many beginners, this is the perfect way to start learning more about how to actually drive a scooter in the first place.

You will only be allowed to drive a 50cc moped, though, if you are under the age of 17. You can apply for your CBT as soon as you hit the age of 16, but you cannot go above a 50cc moped until you have reached the age of 17.

What kind of speed can a 50cc engine provide?

For the most part, you will find that you are going to be capped to a 28mph speed if you are under the age of 17. This is only marginally slower than the normal top speed of most 50cc scooter mopeds, though. Keep that in mind, as it might help you to make a more informed decision about how you drive.

A 50cc engine is a good quality starting point for people who want to get driving and to understand how it feels. Given that a 125cc moped could reach as high as 60mph – over double what you can do at 16 – it makes sense to have a limit

Typically, anyone who chooses to drive around with a vehicle like a 50cc moped will be doing so for speed limiting. It will make them feel safe, and it will be a good way to help you get around locally without taking risks. If you are not fussed about being able to go higher than 30mph, then this is more than good enough for you.

Just remember that prior to age 17, you are legally capped to just 28mph in speed.

Conditions for owning a 50cc

However, one thing that we want to point out is that there is a special restriction in place today. If you happened to have passed your full driving test prior to the 1st February, 2001, you don’t need a CBT!

This means that you could go out, buy a 50cc moped scooter, and start driving it today. What’s better is that you would not even have to add on the L plates; you could simply start driving as soon as you are ready.

However, if you wanted to step it up and go from 50cc to 125cc, then it’s time to think carefully. You would need to get your L plates on, and you would be forbidden from having a passenger onboard.

CBT training, though, is essential for anyone who wishes to master the art of driving. You will find it much easier if you happen to hop on after doing a quick CBT course. Given that it should only take up one afternoon for you, it’s training that we absolutely recommend that you take into account.

Only through CBT training can beginner both have legality to drive and master the basics of driving.

Should I buy a 50cc moped scooter?

Nobody can answer that for you – it’s an entirely personal question. We recommend that you take everything we have mentioned into your focus, and take a look at what kind of moped scooter you could buy. With so many choices out there, you might simply find that 50cc is not enough.

Should you choose to go for a 50cc scooter, though, you will find it makes a very wise investment. Easy to drive and to utilise for your own needs, they are very effective mopeds. With a speed of 30mph, they are great for driving around small towns and larger cities. Given that going over 30mph in a city is a rather big risk anyway, it’s likely that you’ll be driving safely around the place anyway!

For those who are already experience drivers, 50cc moped scooters might lack the power you desire. However, if you buy a 50cc moped scooter as your first vehicle, it will feel rapid. You should keep that in mind, as many people simply overlook 50cc as ‘not being powerful enough’. While you might get to grips with a 50cc moped scooter easily, mastering a 125cc model is a whole new ball game!

Keep that in mind, and you might find it a bit easier to buy a 50cc moped scooter. It’s good to avoid taking needless risks, so make an informed choice and benefit from said choice today. 50cc mopeds are a brilliant way to get you active and passionate about driving. So, why not use that to your advantage?