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125cc Moped

125cc Moped

  1. 125cc Moped Spyder
  2. 125cc Moped Milan
  3. 125cc Moped Python
  4. 125cc Moped Scorpion
  5. 125cc Moped Tommy
  6. 125cc Moped Cruiser

Buying a 125cc Moped today is an affordable, easy way to make sure you can get around the UK safely. Capable of hitting speeds as high as 60mph, they make the ideal choice for you if you want to try out two-wheel riding for the first time. On top of that, you will find they are incredibly easy to use because they are such user-friendly rides. And at, we look to give you access to the best 125cc scooters whether you are a veteran or a first-time rider. If you are thinking of joining the riding club, then you should take a look at our various models available below.

Buying the right 125cc Moped

To make sure you buy the best 125cc Moped model, we have put together a range of quality models with a similar build quality underneath. Each model contains a 125cc engine which is capped with a maximum speed of 60mph. This is a good starting speed that, presuming you have the right license, would be capable of handling itself on motorways and faster-speed roads.

Having a 125cc moped with a lower top speed will allow you to get used to driving at the pace of the road, ensuring you can pick up speed or drop down speed simply by using the acceleration on the scooter itself. This helps you to build confidence, get to grips with the road, and avoid going too fast or too slow for the situation.

Each of our 125cc scooters are twist and go developed, too, which means they use an automatic geartbox. Changing gears can be a toughie to get right, but our 125cc scooter range ensures you can navigate around this challenge much easier.

In terms of looks, we’ve got a fine range of 125cc scooter models to pick from. Take a look at each model and pick the look that suits you most: each model comes with the same top speed.

Who is a 125cc Moped for?

Typically, you will find that a 125cc Moped is suitable for anyone who holds the right driving license. You will need to pass the correct course, and you will also need to be of the correct age. They make a brilliant choice for anyone who is trying to make their first moped purchase easier to device upon. So long as you are above the age of 17 and you have gained the correct driving license, you can take your 125cc scooter onto the roads of the UK.

If you have the provisional driving license needed, you might be capped in terms of top speed and how many (or any) passengers that you are allowed.

Buying a 125cc Moped

To buy a 125cc scooter, you can take a look at our fine range of high-end 125cc scooter range and order online. We deliver locally, too, so you don’t have to worry about pick-up. Just tell us where in the UK you are, and we can arrange for your scooter to be brought direct to your doorstep.

With 360-degree photo views of each scooter online and detailed pages including all of the main specs, you can easily pick up all of the information that you need on any 125cc scooter before committing to a purchase. If you are thinking of buying a 125cc scooter, take a look at our range of products today and see what we have in stock for you.