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Brand new scooters for only £899

When you want to buy a quality scooter, you can find a rich range of options on sale at Direct Bikes. We’re known across the UK for selling some of the most popular scooters in the UK, covering various engine sizes. If you want to make buying scooters easier, Direct Bikes is here to help.

We sell a fine collection of scooters and mopeds. With 50cc mopeds for only £999 and 125cc scooters for just £1,099, we make riding as accessible and as affordable as it should be. We look to help you make sure that you can spend less, not more, and still get an absolutely tremendous deal back. If you are looking for an easy way to make an investment in a scooter that you know you’ll love riding, shop with Direct Bikes.

What about electric scooters?

With so many different scooters to pick from today, you have quite the selection to pick from at Direct Bikes. We know that choosing from petrol-only rides can be something you might wish to deviate from. If that is the case, then take a look at our range of high-end electric scooters?

We sell a range of quality electric rides, including our Go Electric scooter. This is one of the only road-legal UK scooters you’ll find that rides with an electric engine. So long as you can pass your DVSA test, you could enjoy riding this impressive 60V electric scooter anywhere you wish!

Pick from the best range of scooters for UK riders of all ages

At Direct Bikes, we love to celebrate the diversity of the UK riding scene. We see many different riders out there, all with different aims and objectives. The scooter industry is huge, too, covering everything from kids scooters to those looking for a stunt scooter. At Direct Bikes, though, we look to focus on motor scooters aimed at adults.

While we don’t sell kids scooters or stunt scooters, we look to appeal to as many people as we can, giving you access to various kinds of scooters of all sizes. Whether you are looking for something simple for work, or something more retro-inspired, you’ll find it at Direct Bikes. And with a growing collection of questions answered through our article database, you can find out everything you need to know about our scooters.

Got any questions?

Then do not hesitate to let us know. At Direct Bikes, we run a comprehensive support system. If you have any questions or queries about any of our vehicles, let us know. We can go through every piece of information that you need, from choosing scooter insurance to picking out the best scooters for new riders.

Whatever information you need, you can find it on-site or through our helpful support team. Whatever kind of scooters you have in mind, you’ll be able to easily afford them through our modern, secure online shopping system!