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Scooters at unbeatable prices

Here at Direct Bikes, we love scooters for all the benefits they provide, the fact that they look great, how easy they are to ride – even for complete novices - how affordable they are to buy, and for the many ways they make everyday life a lot more fun. Whether you want to use one for the daily commute, to buzz around town at the weekends, to take long carefree rides on country roads, or to go on excursions to the coast, scooters are the perfect means of getting there and back – on your own, or with company! One of the greenest modes of transport, offering excellent all-round performance, and incredibly cheap to run, it's hardly surprising that scooters are more popular than ever in the UK today.

As suppliers of the country's leading scooter brand, we have a terrific range of beautifully designed, unbeatably priced scooters in a choice of 50cc or 125cc engine sizes, making them ideal to ride in both a mixed urban environment and on open roads. We've sold thousands of scooters to satisfied customers around the country and have streamlined our ordering process so that you can choose your scooter in the style and colour you want, add any extra features, and have the scooter delivered to your door within three working days – or even sooner, if you choose our next day delivery service! There's never been a better time to invest in a new scooter, and there's no better place to find your new set of wheels at prices we're confident you'll love, than right here at Direct Bikes.

Why buy a scooter?

There are a number of reasons buying a scooter makes a lot of sense. Here are just a few of the main ones:

  • Scooters are cheap to buy and offer great value for money, especially if you order one online from Direct Bikes!
  • Scooters under 150cc cost around 50% less in road tax than a car each year
  • Scooters less than three years old don't require a MOT certificate
  • In terms of fuel economy, the average scooter gets around 70 miles per gallon (some even more than that), compared to the average of just over 50 mpg for a small car.
  • Not only is parking a scooter simple, finding a space is pretty stress-free and in many cities you won't have to pay for parking. Chances are you'll also be able to park closer to your destination, and you won't have to pay a congestion charge
  • With low running costs, a scooter will be considerably cheaper for commuting compared to the price of travelling by car, bus or train
  • Getting from A to B in a scooter is one of the most efficient ways to get about – saving you time, and possibly money
  • Riding a scooter will make you happy! Apart from the buzz of scooting about, you won't have to suffer long commutes on overcrowded public transport
  • Scooters take up less room and are easier to store than a car
  • You can ride a 50cc scooter aged 16, and a 125cc bike at 17, although certain restrictions apply (see below)

Find the scooter that's right for you

All of our 50cc scooters are equipped with high performance four stroke engines that deliver excellent fuel economy, and with all the power you need - including a top speed of 30 mph - for zipping about town and getting to and from work or college. The ideal choice if you're new to scootering, 50cc models are easy to ride and light to handle. Fully automatic with a twist-and- go accelerator and an electronic push-start button, you'll be riding your new scooter with confidence in next to no time. All of our 50cc scooters also come with a lockable under seat storage compartment, with plenty of room for keeping your personal items or your lunchtime baguette, safely tucked away.

Sporty, classic or retro?

We have eight different 50cc scooters to choose from, so you can find the model that not only suits your budget and typical usage, but also aligns perfectly with your own personal style. Our Sports model, with its sleek lines lightweight, balanced body, and great ticket price, is one of our most popular models and comes in a choice of seven exciting colours. The Ninja is another popular choice, especially with younger riders, thanks to its race-inspired and edgier design, while our Retro model appeals to riders looking for that classic 70s scooter look. Five other models complete the range: the Scorpion, Spyder, Viper, Tommy, and Milan, each one with distinctive looks and features, and all available in a choice of colours, as well as two-tone combinations on certain models.

Looking for a bit more power?

If you're looking for a scooter that packs a bit more of a punch without having to spend a fortune, one of our 125cc models with a four stroke engine could be just the ticket. Capable of a top speed of 60 mph, you'll have all the acceleration you need to safely negotiate downtown traffic whether you've got something important to deliver, or just want to get to work on time. That extra power also makes for a more comfortable cruising speed if you're heading for the open roads in your leisure time, as well as riding with a passenger on the back. With the same auto twist-and-go control as our 50cc scooters, and similarly lightweight, handling is every bit as easy to master on the 125cc models. And even with the added engine capacity, these scooters are still extremely fuel efficient while being kinder to the environment in terms of low carbon emissions.

Stylish, streamlined and practical

There are eight, great-value scooters in our 125cc range and as before, each one is available in a choice of colours and some in two-tone combinations. The Spyder is a streamlined model that looks stunning in pure black or white, whereas the Milan oozes Italian styling and is available in black, silver or red, and all three colour choices are offset with a classic brown seat. As the name suggests, the Tommy is a popular choice with riders looking for something a bit more retro and with bags of street cred. Other choices in the 125cc series include the Cobra, Scorpion, Cruiser, Classic, and Viper. All 125cc models have a lockable under-seat storage compartment to keep your items safe while on the move, or parked up while popping in to the shops.

Choose your colour

With so many models to choose from, deciding which scooter to buy can be tricky, so take your time and make sure you use our neat 360 degree tool to look at the scooter from all angles first, as well as zooming in for a closer inspection. Once you've selected your colour and checked for any special offers, such as free top boxes and windscreens (available on some models, but can also be ordered separately), you're ready to proceed to check out and complete your purchase.

Great prices, quality guaranteed

Our scooters are supplied by us direct to the customer so there is no middle man to pay, meaning we can pass on all savings to you and keep our prices really low. Unbeatable prices are only one of the reasons we're the UK's number one scooter brand. Our scooters are loved by celebrities and ordinary scooter riders around the country because they look great, are easy to ride, cheap to run and maintain, and are made to the highest standard using quality materials. Every model we sell comes with a 12 month guarantee, with the option of extending it for added peace of mind. We also supply parts and accessories for all our models, which can be ordered over the phone or online.

How to order your scooter today

Ordering your new scooter online couldn't be simpler. Once you've selected the model and colour, you can choose the delivery option that suits you best. Standard delivery takes up to three working days from the moment your order is processed, and is delivered to your door by our driver. But if you really can't wait that long, you can opt for next day delivery by paying the additional charge. Your scooter is delivered fully assembled apart from the wing mirrors (which are easy to fit), as well as the battery and any other accessories. In a few minutes, and after topping up the tank, you'll be ready to hit the road and start to enjoy the thrill of riding your new scooter! Please note that delivery charges to Scotland, the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland, Eire, Channel Islands, and Isle of Wight all incur a higher delivery charge.

So, when did scooters become cool?

Maybe the question should be: "When were scooters ever not cool?" Because not long after they were first mass produced in Italy in the 1940s in post-war Europe as a cheap mode of transport, scooters were quickly recognised for their sleek looks and sex appeal. When Hollywood star of the day Gregory Peck was filmed riding a scooter with Audrey Hepburn on the back in the 1952 movie, Roman Holiday, scooters' fashionable reputation soared. Embraced by mods and rockers in the UK from the 1950s onwards, scooters were also considered cool in the ‘swinging sixties' and have never lost their appeal or gone out of fashion since then. Here at Direct Bikes, our range of 50cc and 125cc models continue the tradition by offering stylishly designed and beautifully engineered scooters that will appeal to all types of riders and across all age groups – and also at highly competitive prices!

Age restrictions on scooters

To ride a 50cc scooter in the UK, you should be at least 16 years of age, have a provisional licence and have completed compulsory basic training (CBT) before you are allowed to ride on public roads. You have to ride with ‘L' plates and complete your full motorcycle test within two years or repeat CBT, which comprises learning key riding skills, road craft and safety training. You aren't allowed to ride on motorways or take passengers until you've got a full UK motorcycle licence.
The minimum age to ride a 125cc scooter is 17, and you also require a full driving licence and need to have completed CBT. You have to display ‘L' plates until you pass the UK motorcycle test, and can't take passengers or ride on motorways until you do so.

Staying safe on your scooter

It goes without saying that riding your scooter safely and showing respect to other road users and pedestrians is very important. If you're new to scootering, it will take some time before you start to feel more confident out on the road, but even if you're an experienced rider, there are key skills you need to stay safe. Here are some of our top tips for all scooter riders:

  • Be seen by wearing high visibility clothing to make sure you're more visible by other road users
  • Be aware of other vehicles and always try and position yourself on the road so that drivers can see you in their rear-view mirror
  • Remember to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front so you've got plenty of time to stop and get a better view of the road ahead. This will also help you to be seen more easily by the driver in front
  • Don't forget to check the road behind you before making a manoeuvre by using your mirrors and having a quick glance over your shoulder
  • Stay alert at all times and expect the unexpected, especially when riding in traffic

Welcome to the scootering community

Whether you're downsizing from a car, investing in your first bike, or moving up to a bigger model, buying a scooter is a great decision on so many levels. Scooters are our business but we're also scooter fans ourselves, so feel free to get in touch if you need any more information, or some help deciding which model to buy. We look forward to welcoming you to the scootering community!

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