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Road Scooters For Sale

Road Scooters For Sale

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For anyone looking at the numerous forms of road scooters for sale, you would be shocked at the variety. Road scooters come in all shapes and sizes, making it hard to pick out what is right for you. Should you need a hand with buying a road scooter, then you need to know what constitutes a road scooter first.

At Direct Bikes, we sell a whole host of different road scooters. To help you make sure you make the right purchase, we’ve made selecting a road scooter as easily as we can through our online dealership.

What are road scooters?

Typically, a road scooter can be anything with an engine exceed 49 Cubic Centimetres (cc). The smallest legal engine size that one could ride with would be a 49 or 50cc engine. If you are driving something with an engine smaller than this, then there is a good chance that you cannot take it on the road.

For example, at Direct Bikes we sell a range of electric scooters. Out of each available model, only our Go Electric Scooter would be a suitable choice for road-readiness. This has an engine that is strong enough to handle being on the roads of the UK. With a top speed that makes it suitable for the road, it’s easy to see why so many people look at getting road scooters for sale like this.Should you wish to go down the petrol route, though, you have two primary options.

50cc road scooters on sale

First off, we recommend that you take a look at our fine collection of 50cc scooters for sale. The main reason is that 50cc is the smallest (alongside our 49cc range) engine you can get and go on the road with it. At 50c, you will be capable of hitting a top speed of around 30 miles per hour. That should be more than fast enough for just about anyone who is looking for a high-end 50cc road scooter.

This would be the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy getting a road scooter ready to ride ASAP. They are easy to handle and should only require basic training for you to get to grips with. To ride one of our 50cc road scooters, you need to be able to ride with a provisional licence as well as your Compulsory Basic Training. Available from age 16.

125cc road scooters on sale

Our other option would be to take a look a buying a 125cc scooter. Such scooters are a fine choice for just about anyone who wants to make road riding a much easier experience. With a road scooter, you can enjoy driving around easier and without the limits that you might find with the above 50cc range.

The main difference comes in their top speed. With a 125cc moped, you can easily reach speeds of around 60 miles per hour. Fully automatic in some cases, too, this can mean 0-60mph only by pulling back on the handlebars. That’s a big reason why we always recommend that you take a look at our 125cc road scooters.

For most riders, they make the ideal step up from what they might be riding at this particular moment in time.

What age do I need to be to ride on the road?

To start riding, you must be at least the age of 16. You cannot legally ride a scooter before the age of 16. However, please note that you need to take some kind of testing before you can start riding. First and foremost, you need to go and complete your CBT. Once you have your CBT finished, you are in a position where you could start riding a road scooter as soon as you get a license.

To start off with, the only license that you need is going to come from a provisional license. You could then apply for a full driving license. We recommend that if you do wish to get into riding one of our road scooters for sale that you go for a full license ASAP.

What, though, would be the correct licenses to go for if you want to ride a road scooter?

Your AM driving license

The first driving license that we recommend you invest time researching is your AM driving license. An AM license is all about making sure that you can enjoy a much simpler, easier driving experience. Available from age 16, this would apply to any 50cc road scooters for sale that you buy.

It would allow you to ride without having to wear your L plates, for one. It would also give you the chance to drive at a top speed of 28/30mph. On top of this, you can start riding with a pillion passenger on the back.

Your A1 driving license

Next up is your A1, which is what you need to ride a road scooter at 125cc in full. It’s the ideal choice for you to pick up if you are looking for a high-end, reputable scooter license. You could start riding at a top speed of 60mph, and it would also allow you to start riding around on motorways. You could even take a passenger on the back with you if you chose to do so.

It’s all down to these various factors that many people get an A 1 license. By removing more or less any limit that could be imposed on you by riding a normal road scooter, your A1 is the ideal starting place for most riders. To pass either your AM or A1, you need to go through a practical and a theoretical test.

This is going to test your skills, but it will give you the proof that you need to show you can handle riding in full. Should you wish to get any of the best road scooters for sale in the UK, then, be sure to look at Direct Bikes. Combined with the right license, this could soon make riding around as an adult a distinct possibility for you!

So, what range of moped will you start off with?

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