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Best 50cc Scooters

Best 50cc Scooters

  1. Save £400.00 50cc Milan Scooter
    colors2 Colours
    50cc Milan Scooter
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"


  2. Save £300.00 50cc Panther Scooter
    colors4 Colours
    50cc Panther Scooter
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"


  3. Save £300.00 50cc Ninja Scooter
    colors3 Colours
    50cc Ninja Scooter
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"


  4. Save £300.00 50cc Tommy Scooter
    colors4 Colours
    50cc Tommy Scooter
    "Free Top Box And Screen Worth £109.99"


  5. Save £300.00 50cc Viper Scooter
    colors1 Colour
    50cc Viper Scooter
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"



When you want to buy a scooter, it always pays to buy the best that you can. At Direct Bikes, we make sure that you can get the best 50cc scooters. These are all scooters which are designed to give you an easy time when it comes to enjoying riding. At the same time, though, our scooters are not toys. They are high-end, reputable scooters which make your ideal riding companion.

Whether this is your first riding vehicle, or you are an expert in riding, you’ll find that our scooter range is well worth your time investigating. What, though, makes our rides the best 50cc scooters you can find today?

Consistent top speeds

The first thing that we look out for when making our 50c scooters is the top speed. With a top speed of 30mph, you can enjoy driving with a real sense of comfort and confidence. 30mph is more than fast enough to handle just about any inner city drive that you need to do.

With the fact that you can easily retain your top speed without issue, you can glide around the city without losing pace in the traffic. You can keep up with the other traffic on the road with ease, and even enjoy some overtaking when possible. Our 50cc mopeds are designed to ensure that they can easily move in-between the various lanes. They are nimble, agile scooters that don’t scrimp on the top speed. If you want to move nice and fast, then, this is the ideal choice for you to go for.

Fully automatic transmission

One thing you will notice about most of our 50cc scooters is they are a fully Twist and Go transmission. This means that they are fully 100% automatic. Instead of worrying about having to shift gears when you go over a certain speed limit, you can just keep on riding.

This is what you should be looking for if you are on the lookout for a new moped. It’s designed to give you an easy way to learn how to ride without having to mess around with gears. For most drivers, handling and changing gears can feel like a major inconvenience. This helps to bring an end to that, meaning that you can enjoy a much more consistent driving experience.

No more stalling or stopping because you forgot to shift the gears up/down!

Lockable storage

Another big part of buying the best 50cc scooters is making sure you have enough storage. You will notice that with every Direct Bikes scooter that you have fully lockable storage points. Therefore, you can easily get all of your items – like your helmet and/or your leathers – stored under the seat.

Many mopeds simply do not have the storage space that you need. This simple solution, though, will make sure that you can spend far less time trying to handle storage. This means that instead you can just enjoy being able to put everything in the deep seating spots that we have left on the moped. Now you should have no problems at all in making sure that everything you need to fit in the one place can be put down with ease.

With the fact that storage is also lockable, you can make sure that you get to enjoy a simpler experience overall.

Economic fuel usage

When you are riding a moped today, you want to know that you won’t be short on value for money. That’s something that you can quickly and easily spot if you choose to use our bikes today. With the economic fuel usage that our best 50cc scooters provide, you can easily drive for much longer. Indeed, you could expect to see mileage in and above the 100mpg mark for each scooter!

That’s a brilliant level of mileage and should stay strong even if you spend a lot of time driving around in the city. If you are used to a care leaving your wallet empty due to the cost of petrol, you will love owning a scooter. With one of our 50cc mopeds, you can enjoy the whole experience without having to shell out so much.

For a simple yet cost-effective scooter, then, be sure to take a look at our mopeds.

Great starting prices

Speaking price, did you know that our 50cc scooters cost only £999?

That’s right; £999 for a brand new scooter. This kind of outstanding value is the kind of excellent cost-effective solution that you simply would not have expected. If you go to buy a new scooter, you often expect to be spending far in excess of £1,000.

With our mopeds, though, you can get everything – including delivery – for barely over that figure. You can get everything dealt with and arranged quickly, easily, and effectively. The end result is riding a tremendously enjoyable scooter with plenty of room for you onboard.

It’s even got space for a second passenger, should you so choose. This is why so many people choose to buy their scooters from Direct Bikes. They know they are getting an exceptional deal at a very fair price indeed!

All the information that you need

What makes our 50cc range of rides the best 50cc scooters that you can buy today, then?

For one, you can find out every detail that you need about our scooters on our website. All that you need to do is go to the Direct Bikes website, and check out our scooters. There, you can find out every detail that you could realistically need about any of the vehicles that we sell.

You can find out some very useful information, including statistics on size and the mileage of the vehicle. That’s why we recommend that if you do wish to get a scooter that you take a look at our 50cc scooters today. All the information is there so that you can make a simple, informed choice about which scooter would be best suited to you.

This is just what you need if you are looking for a simple, easy way to pick up and buy a brand new scooter. So, why not take a look at our collection of scooters and make a choice based on what we have on offer?

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