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Brand New Mopeds For Sale

Brand New Mopeds For Sale

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For anyone considering looking into buying a moped, at Direct Bikes we recommend you avoid buying used. Why should you have to buy used? When you can get brand new mopeds for sale for only £999, you don’t have to go down the second hand route. We’re a UK-wide scooter dealership that excels in selling people amazing deals on brand new scooters, all for easily affordable prices.

It’s what we do, and it’s what we pride ourselves on at Direct Bikes. We know that people need to get quality when it comes to buying a moped, which is why we never look to withhold information. Every single detail that you could need about buying a Direct Bikes moped can be found on our website. We want to be open and transparent with you, so that you know 100% what is arriving when you buy from our store.

If you would like to take a look at some quality mopeds, then, you can find all manner of tremendous deals waiting for you through our store. With so much to choose from, you might struggle to make a choice based on what you see at first, though. So, what matters when buying a moped?

Making sure you pick the right speed is essential

First off, make sure you buy a moped that you can actually ride!

With so many brand new mopeds for sale, we know that it can seem quite daunting. However, it does not have to be whatsoever. If you look to buy one of our brand new mopeds, then you can do so by breaking it down into the engine size. For example, we have a fine range of 50cc mopeds as well as a range of 125cc mopeds. This will ensure that you can pick out something with a bit more power, and something more suited to how you intend to ride.

If you take a look at our mopeds, then you can find some exceptional deals without having to go too far. We can make sure that you get to pick up a high quality, reliable scooter for a great price. With the range that we have, too, you can easily find something more suited to the way that you would like to ride.

We have everything from smaller street fighter style mopeds to race-inspired mopeds, as well as some extra vintage looking models.

Are 50cc mopeds right for me?

Our most common moped range is our 50cc range. We have a great selection for you to look through, making sure you can buy a moped without anything like the usual confusion that you might find. With a moped from our store, you can quickly and easily enjoy something a bit more simplistic. For one, most of our 50cc range are fully automatic. This means no gear boxes, and no gear changes!

The positive of this is that you get to enjoy a much simpler, easier experience. If you choose to buy a 50cc moped, then you can find that you get something super simple to control. After all, you are legally permitted to ride with a 50cc moped from the age of 16. So, these are aimed at those who are new to riding and don’t know much about what it all entails.

50cc mopeds are most suited to those who are new to riding, or those who tend to do most of their riding in smaller spaces. We recommend that you come and take a look at getting a 50cc moped if you are looking to buy something a bit more simplistic.

What about 125cc mopeds?

A 125cc moped, meanwhile, is something that you need to be a bit more experienced for. As such, they are not legally permitted to riders under the age of 17. Like your 50cc range, you would also need to go and sit your Compulsory Basic Training and get a provisional driving license.

If you hold these credentials, though, you could soon start riding on your 125cc mope without much stress or effort. These mopeds are extremely easy to use, and they can give you a much improved top speed of around 60mph. It’s what you should be looking for if you are going to get a moped that is easy to use and effective on larger distances and journeys which need more speed.

A 125cc moped is a good choice for just about anyone who needs to go above the 30mph mark. With a top speed of 60mph, these are much faster and therefore can feel far more enjoyable for a rider to use on larger distance drives. If you are thinking about buying a moped, then you can find some rather exceptional deals here. What do you think would be most suitable, then?

How much are Direct Bikes brand new mopeds for sale?

If you choose to buy from us, then you can get a brilliant deal. Our prices start at only £999 for a 50cc moped, and only £1,099 for a 125cc moped.

These are some of the best prices that you can find for a new moped. In fact, many people find that our prices for a new moped are akin to what you would pay for a used moped in most other venues. Rest assured, though, that all of our mopeds are 100% brand new. They come without any previous ownership, and they are totally suitable for you to start riding today.

That’s why we recommend that if you do want to buy a moped that you take a look at our store. With our brilliant prices and our fine range of mopeds to pick from, you really should have no problem at all in picking out your ideal moped for sale. For help in making sure you can enjoy a quality moped riding experience, then, be sure to shop with us.

You can find all the information and the advice that you need through our store. So, why not come and take a look at our brand new mopeds for sale? You’ll be sure to find something extremely suitable without much difficulty at all. With all the information you need online, it’s a simple case of selecting the moped you like the most!


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