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Automatic 125 Motorbike

Automatic 125 Motorbike

  1. Automatic 125 Motorbike
    colours4 Colours
    125cc Eagle Motorcycle
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"


  2. 125cc Daytona Motorcycle
    colours2 Colours
    125cc Daytona Motorcycle
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"


  3. 125cc Sports RS Motorcycle
    colours2 Colours
    125cc Sports RS Motorcycle
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"


  4. 125cc Storm Motorcycle
    colours2 Colours
    125cc Storm Motorcycle


  5. 125cc Enduro S Motorcycle
    colours3 Colours
    125cc Enduro S Motorcycle


  6. 125cc Nevada Motorbikes
    colours1 Colour
    125cc Nevada Motorbikes
    "Free Side Box And Screen Worth £89.99"


When it comes to buying a motorbike today, one thing you should always focus on is the transmission. For many riders, the concept of handling the changing and editing of gears as they ride is deeply frustrating. If you would like to avoid that issue, then we recommend that you take a look at getting an automatic 125 motorbike instead. At Direct Bikes, we sell a fin range of different motorbikes in this style. This should help you to quickly and easily make the changes that you need starting from today. Who wants to ride on a transmission that they don’t enjoy?

For anyone considering buying a motorbike, you need to make sure you get the right transmission. That’s why so many riders choose to go down the route of getting an automatic 125cc motorbike. They feel simply safer and more comfortable riding a bike of this particular style. With automatic transmission bikes, you aren’t going to need to focus on riding with a gearbox.

Instead, you can just hit the various changes that you need in speed by pulling on the accelerator. You can then pick up the pace quickly and easily, helping you to move forward.

What is an automatic 125 motorbike?

As the name suggests, this is a 125cc motorbike. CC stands for Cubic Centimetres, and it’s a vital part of bike classification. Powered using a 125cc engine, you are going to be capable of hitting speeds of up to and including 60 miles per hour. Can you see why that might be beneficial to you if you are looking to drive quickly and swiftly?

At 60mph with an automatic transmission, you can really pick up speed without anything like the same issues and challenges. It’s why so many new riders will go down the route of enjoying riding with an automatic transmission instead.

For most riders, it simply feels easier to ride without having to change gears. With the constant need to fluctuate from one speed to the next, the automatic nature can actually make your life a little bit easier. You will have one less thing to worry about and focus on, meaning that you can drive so much swifter than before.

That’s why we recommend that if you do wish to get a motorbike that you think about going down the automatic route. For most riders, it simply removes another thing to consider.

How old do I need to be ride an automatic 125?

To ride a motorbike at the 125cc range, you need to be the age of seventeen or above. At Direct Bikes, we can sell you an automatic 125 motorbike so long as you have the three following attributes:

  • You can provide evidence that you are the age of seventeen or above.
  • You have already completed your Compulsory Basic Training.


  • Provisional (or full) driving licenses have been provided to you.

Each 125cc motorbike that we sell at Direct Bikes is fully suited to those who are on a CBT license. While you might not have full control over the vehicle (you are limited to a top speed of 28/30mph), you will be able to drive with relative comfort. It’s going to be a good choice if you are looking for a high end motorbike that you know can be driven from a young age.

We always recommend that younger drivers challenge themselves to find the best bike that they can for their own personal interests. With so many useful motorbikes for sale that don’t use a manual transmission, we can make finding your ideal motorbike a much easier purchase than before.

Take the stress out of buying your next automatic motorbike

If you are shopping with Direct Bikes, then you will be happy to know just how affordable a Direct Bikes vehicle is. If you buy an automatic 125 motorbike from us, then you will be buying a great vehicle. Starting at only £1,099, too, we have some of the most affordable motorbikes on the market for you to choose from today.

One thing that you will find when buying a motorbike from Direct Bike is that you are making a wise investment. You will be buying from a reputable company that understands the importance of selling you a long-term solution. That’s why every motorbike that you buy from Direct Bikes is 100% new. We don’t sell used bikes; this means that you can avoid having to worry about previous ownership issues when you buy from us. Instead, you just get a much more robust, simplistic buying experience.

That’s why so many people choose to buy form Direct Bikes. You can quickly and easily make the purchase through our website, ensuring that you get a simply sublime experience. With rapid delivery, too, we don’t keep you waiting long.

Delivery? Why do you deliver bikes?

At Direct Bikes, we don’t want anyone having to travel to come and pick up what they just bought from us. Instead, we use our in-house transport team to help bring the bike to you instead. You don’t have to worry about a thing when you buy with Direct Bikes. Instead of buying a vehicle that you need to come and collect, we send it right to you.

During your purchase, you will be asked where and when you would like to have that new bike delivered. We will then work around the clock to get the bike readied, prepared, and sent out to you in a short space of time. This will ensure that your bike arrives in pristine condition in just a few days after you have made the purchase.

If you want to make sure that you can get your bike in a timely manner, then, make a purchase through Direct Bikes. We’ll remove the whole challenge in buying a motorbike, ensuring that you can get something much quicker, simpler, and smoother than you would normally be able to.

That’s why so many riders invest their time and money with us. They know they are getting a tremendous deal on an automatic 125 motorbike. Delivered right to your door and provided with 1-year warranty, we really do make buying a bike feel super-simple.

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