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Retro Mopeds For Sale

Retro Mopeds For Sale

  1. Retro Mopeds For Sale
  2. Retro Mopeds For Sale Panther
  3. Retro Mopeds For Sale Retro
  4. Retro Mopeds For Sale Tommy
  5. Retro Mopeds For Sale Milan
  6. Retro Mopeds For Sale Scorpion
  7. Retro Mopeds For Sale Spyder
  8. Retro Mopeds For Sale Spyder 125cc
  9. Retro Mopeds For Sale Milan 125cc
  10. Retro Mopeds For Sale Python
  11. Retro Mopeds For Sale Scorpion 125cc
  12. Retro Mopeds For Sale Tommy 125cc
  13. Retro Mopeds For Sale Cruiser

At Direct Bikes, we are proud to sell a fine range of retro mopeds for sale. Every rider can enjoy a bit of the old-school and the retro so long as they choose the right kind of moped. To pick out your chosen moped, you just need to work out which model you would like to go for first. Take a look at our collection of high-end mopeds, and that choice should be a much easier decision to make than you first expected.

So, which retro mopeds for sale can we offer you today if you shop with Direct Bikes?

50cc and 125cc retro mopeds

One thing you will find with our store is that we sell all kinds of scooter. We don’t only sell 50cc scooters, either; we sell 125cc scooter models as well. The major difference is that with a 50cc moped, you are doing around 30mph in top speed. By contrast, with a 125cc moped you can reach a very impressive top speed of 60mph.

It all just comes down to what kind of driver you are, and what kind of driving you would like to do. That’s why we always recommend that you take a look at our numerous retro mopeds. With so many great choices to pick from, you should find it very easy to choose. What, though, should you take a look at if you are on the lookout for something a bit more old-school than our modern options?

50cc Retro

One of the best places to start for most retro riders is the 50cc Retro. This is one of our most popular retro rides and gives you that classic look. From the cream seats to the large handles, this is a proper old-school looking scooter.

You should feel very much like you are going back to the good old days of early scooter riding with one of these. It’s built in the image of the old-school 70s models that were once seen everywhere in the UK. Easily customisable with your own decals and spoilers, too, you could make sure that you are riding the perfect scooter to suit the old-school.

This is easily one of our most popular scooters, especially for afternoon and evening cruises around the local area. If you want a retro scooter without retro features, this makes a very wise decision indeed.

50cc Milan

Similar to the 50cc Retro, the 50cc Milan comes in a stunning range of black, red, and silver. This has that vintage seating space for you to plop down into so that you can start riding with complete and total comfort. If you are looking to make sure that you buy the perfect scooter, then you should absolutely consider the Milan.

We see many of our customers cruising around shopping centres, tourist resorts, and beaches with this scooter. It has been designed to give you a simple, easy, and methodical way to travel around the UK and enjoy your trips. Using a solid little 4-stroke motor, too, this has more than enough pulling power to get you and one other around any location you visit.

With excellent city mileage, too, this isn’t likely to run out of gas anywhere that you go. So, why not consider getting yourself a cool little Milan?

125cc Milan

Thinking about stepping it up and going with something stronger? Then look at our 125cc Milan instead. This is the ideal alternative to the above. If you are looking for a scooter that that retro look and feel but no limits, then go for the 125cc edition.

This has a top speed of 60mph and should be very easy for you to ride. Just remember that to legally ride a 125cc moped you need to be able to show that you are the age of 17 and above. You also need to get your CBT and (at least) a provisional riding license. With this being one of our most popular retro mopeds for sale, though, it would make a very wise purchase choice for most young riders looking to be ambitious.

If you want to ride a moped that you know can pick up the speed without much issue, be sure to look at this fantastic retro moped.

125cc Tommy

Our other most popular retro mopeds for sale in the 125cc range includes the 125cc Tommy. The Tommy is a very popular choice of moped for most riders; a suitable and satisfying solution for riding around with ease. It’s a good choice for those who want that classic glass-shield style moped; a fine throwback to the original era of scooters.

These have a rich, old-school look and style to them, with a very impressive seating position that offers great comfort over longer distances. If you are riding with a passenger on the back, then the Tommy could arguably give you the most space of anything that we sell in the 125cc range. For the large and comfortable back seating that is suitable for both people, you can easily enjoy riding without anything like the discomfort that you might find with a smaller moped model.

What do your retro mopeds for sale cost?

Typically, we charge only £999 for our range of retro 50cc mopeds. That’s tremendous value for money and should ensure that you can make some valuable savings along the way. If you are looking for an easy way to get some good savings, though, our 125cc scooters are equally as affordable.

Indeed, our 125cc retro scooters cost only £1,099. This makes us one of the most affordable places in the UK to buy from if you are looking for a particular kind of retro scooter. Buy from our store, and you can get a tremendous deal without having to spend an excess. That’s why so many people choose to make their investment with Direct Bikes.

With tremendous starting prices and mileage in the 100mpg plus range, every Direct Bikes scooter makes riding affordable. For modern built but retro looking scooters sold at retro prices, then, check out Direct Bikes today. You’ll be sure to find your ideal old-school scooter with ease!

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