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125 Road Bikes

125 Road Bikes

  1. 125 Road Bikes
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    125cc Thunderblade Motorcycle


    £85 /month* klarna
  2. 125cc Assassin Motorcycle
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    125cc Assassin Motorcycle


    £111 /month* klarna

For anyone who wants to hit the road on a bike, you can find plenty of top quality models waiting for you at Direct Bikes. We sell plenty of bike models, starting with our 50cc mopeds.Should you feel confident that you have mastered the art of driving a 50cc scooter or moped, though, you might want to take it up a notch. To do that, you should take a look at our125 road bikes.

125cc vehicles are often the ideal choice for people who are looking to become better drivers but want to find a happy medium between 50cc and 250cc. At Direct Bikes, we’ve plenty of options for you to look into – so take a look at our models today and you’ll find something perfectly suitable.

At 125cc, you are driving a vehicle with double the top speed of a 50cc moped. That is why it is recommended that you look at the various 125cc road bikes that we have on Direct Bikes. We have many models to pick from, with the 125cc Nevada being among our favourite models for buyers. It’s sleek, stylish, and sophisticated; just what you should be looking for if you choose to ride one of the many 125 bikes we have in store.

We have many options, but if you are looking to make an informed purchase you are in the right place.

Why should I buy a 125cc bike?

Why should you take a look at one of the 125 road bikes that we sell at Direct Bikes?

When should I buy a 125 road bike?

The most common time that we would suggest making such a purchase would be once you have driven a 50cc bike for at least a year or two. However, some drivers will feel confident enough to step up to 125cc right away; it’s down to personal choice.

If you choose to wait and ride a 50cc model from Direct Bikes first, though, you’ll find it easier to grasp the basics of riding. This will give you enough time to master the art of driving with a 50cc bike, getting you in the mood for riding a 125cc road bike instead.

Take our popular option, the 125cc Eagle. This is one of the most effective bikes that you can buy if you are looking for an easy introduction to 125cc riding. It’s got enough power to give you a real taste of what it’s like on the road. By the same token, though, the 125cc Eagle feels safe enough for newbies to master. That makes it one of our most popular beginner’s bikes on Direct Bikes!

Do I need insurance for a 125 road bike?

Yes, you will need to get insurance to ride this bike. Given that it has to be road legal, you will have to make sure that you have everything you would have to drive a bike legally. This means that you should be looking to get yourself a license for driving a 125cc road bike. You should then look to invest your time into getting the right kind of bike for your own personal needs. We can help you to choose the right bike and can ensure it’s delivered within just three working days.

We have many models to pick from, so take a look at our 125 road bikes today if you want ideas and inspiration. All of our models are brand new, meaning you know you are buying a road-ready bike. So long as you get it insured and taxed, it’ll be good to go upon arrival!

Take all of this into account, and you should find it a bit easier to make an investment that you will be happy with. We can give you any information that you need about any of our bikes. Simply call us today, and we can take a look at every aspect of bike selection that you might feel you need help with.

Just remember that, as this is entirely road legal, you have to follow the rules set out by the DVLA.

Are 125 road bikes a big step up for a newbie?

They can be – it’s all down to personal experience and personality, really. At Direct Bikes, we see many drivers make a 125cc road bike their first step onto the roads of the UK.

We do recommend that you look to try out a 50cc model first if you are unsure about anything. However, it’s entirely up to you. Please feel free to speak to our team about the kind of road bikes we sell. Every model comes with detailed specifications on its page, too, so you can learn more about the bike onsite. If you need more information, though, just give us a call!

If you want to enjoy top quality riding at speeds of 60mph and above, though, go for one of our road bikes. They rev up the speeds much faster, and they tend to become much more effective with regards to their road performance. That can help you to get from A to B much quicker than you usually can with things like public transport!

Feel like you are ready to drive a 125 road bike, though? Then take a look at our growing collection today. From the 125cc S1 to the ever-popular 125cc Nevada, we have numerous options for you to look through and pick from. With information and advice on demand, too, we’re just a call away to get you the ideal bike!

So, what will be your first 125cc road bike?

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