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Scooter Dealers London

Scooter Dealers London

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Are you based in the English capital of London? Do you find getting around the capital to be challenging?

Then you are not the only one. As scooter dealers in London, we speak to many customers who find transport a nightmare. At Direct Bikes, we long have noticed just how crammed and busy the streets are. If you were to use four-wheeled transport like a car, though, you are held hostage to traffic. This can mean adding on valuable hours per week to your journeys, and also lots of money onto your petrol costs. At Direct Bikes, then, we are used to seeing just how much life in London costs you. That’s why we recommend you take a look at our scooter dealership.

Why is a scooter suitable for life in London?

As any Londoner will know, getting around the city is an exercise in patience. It costs you a lot of money to get a train or a bus, and it often means being stuck in needless traffic. If you find that you are spending a needless amount of time on public transport or in your car, you should get a scooter.

With a scooter, those long and arduous journeys stuck waiting around can become a thing of the past. Instead, you can easily glide through traffic and find a safe spot in the middle of traffic much further up the queue. This means less time spent hanging around in traffic, trying to get yourself moving to the next destination.

You’ll also spend less on petrol

As London scooter dealers, one very common reason we hear for getting into riding is the cost of petrol. Today, mileage in a car is simply not going to be high enough to be worthwhile. City miles per gallon rates are often very poor, even in a good and eco-friendly car. With one of our scooters, though, that dose not have to be the case.

For example, you could buy one of our 125cc scooters or go for one of our 50cc mopeds. They are a good choice for just about anyone who wants to drive around the city of London. With both 50cc and 125cc models giving you a whopping 100mpg plus in terms of mileage, you’ll go much further per fill-up of your petrol tank than you ever could if you were to drive around with a car.

You’ll spend more in general

How much do you think that you spend per year when it comes to things like transport costs?

It’s a lot, right?

We know that many Londoners can spend thousands of pounds per year on public transport. With Direct Bikes, though, you are going to be spending a fraction of that cost on a new scooter. With one of our new models, our prices start at a fantastic £999. For a 125cc scooter, that rises to only £1,099.

So, you could pick up something a top speed of 30/60mph without much more than a thousand pounds. This should give you all the help that you need to spend less, not more, when buying a vehicle. That’s why we recommend that if you do intend to buy a scooter that you do so through our dealership. You’ll get a brilliant sale and a great price to boot!

However, should you find that this is too much for you still, fear not. At Direct Bikes, we offer an in-house scooter finance application. You can apply for up to £5,000 in credit to be used in-store to be borrowed. We offer options up to £5,000 and repayment dates as far as 60 months from now. Also, we can adjust based on your previous credit history.

So, if you worry about your credit history, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Just let us show you what you need, and we can arrange a deal. Submit your credit application, and we’ll be in touch ASAP with a full answer. Getting your own scooter from our dealership just became even easier!

Scooters cost very little to insure and tax

As scooter dealers in London, we often speak with people who would like to own a moped but don’t understand insurance. Especially if this is your first ride, buying insurance can seem quite daunting. In a bid to help you with that, we recommend that you look at our scooter insurance guides on-site.

We can point you in the direction of an aggregator that can help you to look through the best deals. This should help you to find insurance for your scooter without anything like the stress or expense you expected.

At the same time, though, we also can show you how to get your scooter taxed. Taxation for a 50/125cc scooter is only £19, and you could do all of this through the DVLA. It really is that simple and easy to get your scooter bought, paid for, and selected.

Where do I pick up from your scooter dealers in London?

Nowhere: at Direct Bikes we deliver to you. When you buy through our online scooter dealership, everything is handled online. You can do through the process easily andmake the right choice regarding what scooter is right for you. When you have added your scooter to the cart, you just need to go to the checkout and make your payment.

Select the scooter that you would like, and you can add it to your cart and complete payment. Prior to finishing the payment, you will be asked where in the UK you are based. Although we are scooter dealers in London, Direct Bikes is happy to deliver to anywhere in the UK. Just tell us where you are, and we can arrange delivery to you in one to three working days. Then, you just need to sit back, relax, and wait for your delivery!

Sound like the solution that you need? Then be sure to check us out today. We can give you all the details and the information that you need to make sure you can buy your ideal scooter today. Need a hand? Then contact us; we can help you out today.

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