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Mopeds for Sale in Portsmouth

Mopeds for Sale in Portsmouth

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Do you live in the Portsmouth area? Then you will know just how useful a moped could be. Many people around Pompey drive around on a scooter or a moped. The busy roads and the crowded streets often make getting a parking spot for your vehicle tough work. So, too, does the consistently busy traffic. If you would like to avoid getting needlessly caught up in traffic, then the various mopeds for sale in Portsmouth that we sell at Direct Bikes are just what you should be looking at!

With our rich collection of mopeds to pick from, you can make getting around Pompey a much easier experience moving forward. To help you make a choice you’ll be happy with, we’ve broken down the key considerations as you look through our various mopeds for sale.

How experienced are you at driving?

At Direct Bikes, our aim is to make sure you buy a moped that you can ride with 100% confidence. So, the first thing we always focus on is your driving experience. If you are new to driving, then we recommend you rent and try out a 50cc model. Even beginner drivers can soon master the 50cc, making it ideal for getting to grips with being a rider.

In terms of speed, a 50cc model from Direct Bikes can often go to a top speed of 30 miles per hour. One of our 125cc engine mopeds, though, could make your moped go at speeds as fast as 60mph. So, when looking atour mopeds for sale in Portsmouth, always make sure you take into account how fast you are going to be going.

Pompey is a busy place, so going around at anything over 30mph can actually be a challenge – especially if you are in the middle of the city!

How much will you be driving?

Another factor to take into account is how often you will be driving in the first place. Many drivers only use their vehicle for a short time per day, but they do use it every day. If you intend on using your moped to get you to and from work, then factor in where you work.

If you need to leave Portsmouth as part of your commute, then going for a 125cc model makes a lot of sense. They are more suited to long distance driving thanks to their large size and higher top speed. Should you drive around much then you might want to go for something like our 125cc Python. This is one of our most popular models and is suited to those who are taking on longer distance journeys and commutes daily.

Can you afford the running cost?

At Direct Bikes, every single model of scooter/bike that we sell comes with excellent mileage. We want you to be able to afford both the model and the cost of petrol. So, you’ll be happy to know that our scooters offer tremendous value for money in both purchase cost and running cost.

Our 125cc scooters can often produce as much as 100 miles per gallon, if not more. Be sure to check out the specifications for all of our mopeds and scooters through our website. With 100mpg minimum mileage, you can often do a good bit of traveling before having to go and fill up again.

Our 50cc models can be even cheaper again, making them perfect for a lot of people trying to make their driving more affordable. Since they are aimed at inner-city driving, they offer tremendous quality in terms of the mileage costs.

The newness of your model will determine mileage, too. If you buy a new model, it will be even more modern and thus more likely to retain solid fuel efficiency. At Direct Bikes, we only have 100% brand new mopeds for sale in Portsmouth. So, you know you are buying brand new here!

What about long-term value?

Direct Bikes takes great pride in the fact that all of ourmopeds for sale in Portsmouthare built to last for the long-term.This is why we always recommend that you look to buy new directly from our team. You know you are buying a safe, modern, efficient, and affordable model from trusted UK-wide experts.

Making a wise investment

The first thing to note when you are buying our scooter is that you want to buy something you can actually afford.

This is why looking at ourscooter finance is so important. We make it easy for you to make sure you can afford your purchase, with a whopping £5,000 available, repayable over as long as 60 months!

You will find it much easier to make an informed choice on the kind of scooter that you wish to buy if you get finance. It will give you more options and more leeway, allowing you to pick up a model that you can be truly happy with. We are more than happy to run through our finance program with you. If you would like to use our finance system, then check it out on our store and you can apply today for a rapid return quote.

However, buying a scooter is not the only cost you have to think about. You also need to factor in the running cost and the cost of scooter insurance. Click the link, and we can show you the best places to look for scooter and moped insurance. Without insurance and road tax, your scooter cannot be on the road.

Take the time to look closely at what you are buying, and it should help you to make a decision that you can be happy with. Finding the best mopeds for sale in Portsmouth means making sure it’s a feasible investment first and foremost. We can help you out in any way that you wish, though, so just contact us. Tell us our aims and your budget, and we can make sure that you leave our website with a top quality scooter that is 100% suited to your needs.

With delivery in just three working days (next day delivery available) from payment being processed, too, your vehicle arrives fast. If you want to make sure you aren’t waiting around and you can get on the roads of the UK quick-snap, check out our vast collection today!

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