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Motorbikes for Sale Cheap

Motorbikes for Sale Cheap

For anyone who enjoys the thrill of riding a bike, buying a motorbike is a worthwhile investment of your time. While they might feel a bit overly ambitious at first, motorbikes are often easy to get to grips with. For anyone who is serious about driving such a vehicle, buying a bike is very much a good idea. After you have tried out a bike, you might decide that you want to look into the various motorbikes for sale cheap. Not sure what to do when you want to find value? Consider the following.

Do you know what you want?

The first thing to do is work out what kind of bike you actually want. It’s very easy to just say that you want a bike; what kind of bike do you want?

For most people who are just starting out, going for a 125cc motorbike makes a lot of sense. Fast and ferocious without being too dangerous, they make a brilliant beginner bike for many reasons. They usually feel good to control, and give you more than enough time to get used to how they handle and how they cope with bends.

What are you looking to spend?

Now that you know what kind of bike you are looking for, what are you going to spend?

We’d suggest being realistic when it comes to buying a bike. For example, you should be looking at a minimum of around £1,000. Going to around £2,500, though, is still considered quite affordable. This is for new bikes, by the way. You could go and buy a used bike for a fraction of that cost – but buying used comes with its own problems. We personally cannot recommend that you invest your hard-earned money into going for a used bike.

Why not?

Used bikes might be cheap, but they can come with more problems than you realise. That isn’t to say that those selling used bikes are unscrupulous. They might just not realise how close something to breaking when they sell it. but since it’s you who will pay for the cost and the risk of any damage, should you trust buying used?

Presuming your budget can stretch to the £1,000 minimum, then you should avoid the risk. Buying new is a great idea, and can leave you with an excellent opportunity to spend well.

Why should I buy new?

New bikes are the most common choice for a lot of people, and with good reason. When you buy a new bike, you are buying something that arrives in fine working condition. Buy used, and you are taking a gamble at how well everything ‘under the hood’ is working.

With a new bike, it arrives with warranty, a guarantee, and the promise of passing an MOT. This makes getting things like road insurance and taxes so much easier, too. Keep that in mind, and buying new can soon become the obvious choice.

Buying new makes a lot of sense because you have so many choices to go for. It’s quite easy for you to look around and find quality bikes that are in your budget. So long as you are willing to look around, you can even find brilliant deals on bikes more suited to racing. However, if you are looking for something a touch more user-friendly, then you should look to buy a scooter.

These should give you enough oompht to help you get around, whilst being slow enough that you always feel in total control. For most bike riders, that’s the happy-medium they are looking for.

Know what your value is

Another thing to look into, though, is the value of your own bike purchase. You know what your budget and your bike preference is. Now, you need to know what kind of value you are looking for. By value, we mean looking at things like the extras which came packaged with your bike.

Buying a bike means buying something that you can feel nice and safe driving. To do that, you need to know the bike comes with good safety features. Make sure that any 125cc motorbikes you look at are safe to drive. Read reviews, and look closely at the specs. Compare those specs with the bikes you have already driven, or know that people own.

This will help you to build up a fair comparison in the mind about what qualities a certain model has. Many times, you are paying a premium for nothing more than the badge and the brand name. With firms like Direct Bikes, you are buying the motorbike that you see because it matches your needs. By avoiding brand models, the purchase comes down to quality rather than brand popularity and marketing success.

How much does it cost to run?

Just because you pay little for the actual model of bike does not mean it will not cost you in the long run. A short upfront cost often comes with the promise if longer costs down the line. This could come due to a poor service history, a lack of maintenance, or high fuel usage. If you buy a 125cc motorbike, you ware wanting to get something akin to 100 miles per gallon out of a single drive.

If you are getting anything other than 85% of that, you are probably going to be missing out on good value. When you choose to buy motorbikes for sale cheap, you need to make sure cheap does not mean cheaply made. It should be a robust, solid, fuel efficient model that does not cost you so much to run. If you have paid little for the bike but find that you are dealing with high running costs, that should set off some alarm bells.

So, why not have a think about how much you can afford to spend on scooter running costs?

If you do that, then you should be much more likely to come away with a solution that you can be happy with. Take the time to look at a scooter, and you can pick out a model that does a quite spectacular job. Just remember to always keep your price in mind – and stick to that price!