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New 125cc Motorcycles

New 125cc Motorcycles

When it comes to buying a motorcycle at 125cc in power, you have so many options. In fact, you have so many options that choosing can feel almost impossible. If you are sick of looking at brands, engine sizes, storage capacities etc. then you should whittle your search down to one thing. And, for us, that one thing is this – is it new or is it used?

Used and new; it’s the most common battle in the world of retail. Should you buy if off the shelf of the official store? Or from a third party vendor? It’s a hard decision. To help you make sure you can ride off at 60mph to the sunset, though, we’ve got a rough guide for you to follow here. Using the information in this guide, you should find it much easier to buy one of the 125cc motorcycles you have been looking at.

This is why we recommend that you look to get a model that suits you from a personal perspective. Let’s start, then, by taking a look at why used models might not be the best option for you today.

Used 125cc motorcycles

The first thing that you will most likely notice should you choose to buy a used bike is the price. Yes, you are going to pay more for a new bike – that much is almost obvious. However, where things go wrong for many buyers is they see cost as uniform. You see, buying an old used Vespa from the glory days of scootering will cost more than a brand new scooter from 2019.

125cc motorcycles are no different. If you choose to buy, it will usually only be cheaper if you choose to buy the exact same model as you were looking at brand new. Otherwise, the price can become very hard indeed to decipher. You will, though, find that paying for your used bike is often a bit tougher.

Why? Because most used bike vendors will only take the full price upfront. When buying a new bike, you can get finance. It’s important that you take this into account, as many people simply do not. If you are looking to make a purchase you can be happy with, then you should definitely look at going new. Used can come with too many issues.

For example, buying new often requires a lot more baseline topic knowledge. Why? Because if you choose to buy used, some kind of problem is likely to exist. If you cannot understand what is being told to you, though, you might not understand how important that problem is. The seller could be telling you the bike is practically undriveable. But, if they use enough jargon then you are very much unlikely to enjoy the experience. It could mean buying something that is downright not suited to you and your needs.

Buying a used motorcycle

As you can imagine, then, buying used is going to cause you a lot of trial and error. Buying used also means investing a lot of time and money into buying a motorcycle that you know someone else has driven. This could mean that come your next MOT, you might just find that your bike no longer passes.

This costs you a lot of time, money, and resources to solve. You should not have to spend so much of your own personal capital solving such issues. Without good bike knowledge, though, you could be sold something semi-broken without even knowing it. So, with that in mind, why should you go new?

New 125cc motorcycles

Like buying any other kind of automobile equipment, buying new 125cc motorcycles costs you more. However, we would have to say that generally you will get more bang for your buck if you choose to buy new. The main reason why you tend to get more for your money is that new 125cc motorcycles will cost you more today, but can be bought on finance.

As mentioned previously, most used vendors won’t consider finance. They want everything upfront. Given that you could be easily into the four figures realm for buying a bike, that can be hard to round up. With new 125cc motorcycles, you can much more effectively get your hands on a suitable bike.

New bikes, though, tend to be a better bet long-term due to their efficiency. You will find that they use even less than a used model in terms of fuel. In general, you could get anything up to 100 miles per gallon from a new 125cc motorcycle. That is brilliant value for money and is sure to go a long way to helping you enjoy the driving experience.

One thing that you will find when it comes to a new 125cc motorcycle is that you will get to enjoy the whole experience easier. They tend to feel fresher and will come without any kind of mechanical issue. If your main aim is to buy a bike that is not going to give you any grief in terms of maintenance troubles, then you should buy new.

Buying new will also mean that you get something that you know is under warranty. This means you have a full year of using the bike before you have to worry about that warranty running out.

Are you sure what you want?

The main thing that you need to be is 100% sure of what you are looking to buy. Buying used is always the cheaper option, but you often pay for that ‘saving’ in the long-term. If you would like to avoid having to pay in excess for your bike, then you should absolutely look to make the right choice and buy new.

Buying new might cost you more today, but you will save more in the long-term – guaranteed. That is why we believe that if you wish to improve performance, you should look at buying a new 125cc motorcycle. Whatever extra you pay today, you will benefit from the saving in the weeks, months, and years to come.