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Motorcycles 125cc

Motorcycles 125cc

  1. Motorcycles 125cc
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    125cc Thunderblade Motorcycle


    £85 /month* klarna
  2. 125cc Assassin Motorcycle
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    125cc Assassin Motorcycle


    £111 /month* klarna

When shopping with Direct Bikes, we always look to give you all of the information and advice that you could possibly need. With easy purchases managed through our secure website, you can make sure that you get more for less.

However, when looking at our various motorcycles you should know that all of our models run with a 125cc engine. We’ll explain what this means below, but it’s important to evaluate any bike closely. Prior to purchase, you should definitely look into the specifications of any model that catches your eye.

If you need any help at all in choosing a bike from Direct Bikes, contact us today. After all, anyone thinking about buying a motorbike has a lot of things to think about when they make their decision.

The main thing that you want to know when you buy a bike, though, is how safe it is to drive. After all, what is the point in buying a bike if you do not feel safe in the driver’s seat? At Direct Bikes, we take care of that. All of our bikes are built with a ‘safety first’ mentality, meaning that we know you can feel completely safe when you settle into the seat.

The first thing that we think you should evaluate when looking at our motorcycles is the engine power. For example, most people will be happy to buy motorcycles 125cc and below. The reason why is quite simple – they are safe to drive and have a more gradual learning curve.

How fast can a 125cc bike go?

All Direct Bikes models are capable of reaching an impressive top speed of 60 miles per hour at least. Some models can go slightly faster, such as the 125cc Sports RS,

The reason why most will be happy to get a 125cc bike comes down to their impressive driving style. Buy a 125cc bike, and you buy something that can easily hit speeds of 60-70mph. For those who are not used to driving, that kind of speed can be more than enough to give you total comfort as you drive. You can zip through the open roads of the UK, and you can also easily slow down and drive in residential zones with ease.

Also add in the fact that 60/70mph is usually fast enough for just about any kind of legal driving you can do in the UK, and it’s more than fast enough for you to use if you are going on the roads. How, though, can one go about riding a bike they buy from Direct Bikes? What do you need?

First, you need to get a provisional driving license

Do you have a provisional motorcycle driving license? If not, you need to get one. Even if you have a car driving license, you will need to get your provisional biking license. To do that, you need to go to your local post office and ask for the provisional driving license form for motorcycles. You can also find this online, via the DVLA.

They will provide you with the form that you need. This form can take some time to fill out, so we recommend doing so in a comfortable location. You can then fill out the form and take your time adding in all of the details that you are asked for.

Before you send it away, though, get some photographic ID. Your provisional will need some kind of ID on it, and this is why you should look to get a photo. You can normally take a photo in the Post Office. Then, you need to send it away along with your fee for the DVLA – this is normally around £34, but we recommend checking with the Post Office prior to sending it away.

This will give you a clear idea of how much you are expected to pay. What now?

You need to pass your CBT

To ride one of our motorcycles 125cc, though, you need to show you can handle yourself on the roads. To do that, you need to either get your full driving license, or pair up your provisional with training. So, the next step on the path here is to go and pass your CBT examination. Your CBT is the Compulsory Basic Training. If you wish to learn how to drive motorcycles 125cc and below, you MUST take this exam. Note that you are not allowed to take your CBT until you have passed the age of 16.

Once you are allowed to take your CBT, you need to turn up and sit down to take the examination on. This will be both theoretical and practical, so we recommend reading into a guide on how to pass your CBT so that you know what to research prior to turning up.

If you do this, then you should be able to pass your CBT without too much issue. Yes, it might take you a full day – maybe even two – but you will get there. By passing your CBT, you then have a two-year window whereby you can step in and take part in driving on the roads. This will allow you to take the vehicle on some roads, but not all. For example, you cannot take your bike onto the motorway. You also cannot have a passenger on the back of your bike.

Can I drive my 125cc bike on the road?

Yes, you can – every 125cc motorcycle sold by Direct Bikes is 100% road legal. So long as you have it insured and road taxed, and you have the right credentials, you can drive.

Once you have your provisional and you have passed your CBT, you are fully legitimately allowed on the roads on the United Kingdom. Given that your bike can likely hit speeds as high as 70mph, you can find that getting through traffic and motorways soon becomes so much easier.

Should you need any help at all in getting into riding, come and speak to us at Direct Bikes about our motorcycles 125cc. We can show your vast collection of bikes, making sure that you can pick up a bike model that feels totally right for you. Simply let us know your budget, and we can pick out a bike model that is going to feel so easy for you to ride around on. With prices starting at just £1,099 for motorbikes, too, we make getting into riding affordable and easy!

Let us know what you are looking for, and our experts can help to pair you up with a bike of repute. Don’t make buying a bike more complex than it has to be; come to Direct Bikes, and we’ll make it easy!

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