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What age Can You Ride a Moped?

What age Can You Ride a Moped?

For anyone thinking of buying a moped, it’s very likely that you’ll have a few questions swirling around your head. For example, are you sure that you are of the legal age to start riding around on a moped?

Let’s take a look. At Direct Bikes, we help many people to make the right choice when it comes to choosing a moped. We go through all of the details they need to help them make an informed choice. The first and most important factor, though, is going to be the age. So, what age can you ride a moped?

According to the UK Government, you will have to be the age of sixteen before you could legally ride a moped. Moped entitlements today come in two forms: Q, and AM. Before you can start riding, though, you will need to go and pass a few tests. First off, you should go to your local post office and/or the DVLA website. You can then apply to get the form to fill in to apply for your provisional driving license. Simply fill in all of the details that you need to (including getting your photo ID), and you can apply ASAP.

Once you get your provisional, you should then apply to go and sit your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) exam. This is an examination that will see you have to pass both practical and theoretical examinations. Once passed, you would then be legally allowed to ride on the roads of the UK for a full two years. However, please note that riding with a CBT and a provisional alone will mean you cannot go on the motorway, or take a passenger.

If you get to the 2-year time limit on your CBT, you either need to sit your senior test or you will have to re-sit your CBT. Re-sitting your CBT would enable you to have the same rights simply provided again. Going for the full exam, though, would give you full driving rights.

What age can you ride a moped on the motorway?

So long as you have your full license, which you can obtain aged seventeen and above, you can ride on a motorway. However, please be aware that if you intend to do so then you will need to ride a 125cc scooter.

These provide you with a top speed of around 60 miles per hour, which is going to be fast enough for larger journeys. On something smaller, such as a 50cc moped, you might lack the speed needed. As such, a 50cc moped is not going to permitted to drive on the motorways and A roads of the UK. Please keep that in mind as you make your choice about what moped to ride.

Take a look at all of our mopeds and scooters at Direct Bikes, and you can soon pick one out to start riding. With regards to your age, though, you need only be sixteen to first start riding a moped.


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