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What Is The Best Moped To Buy?

What Is The Best Moped To Buy?

Are you thinking about buying a moped? At Direct Bikes, we want to simplify the decision. Buying a scooter or moped is a hard thing to get right, but it does not have to be. If you look through our selection at Direct Bikes, you can find the process getting much easier to deal with.

Whether you want something fast or simple, or something sporty and sleek, you have many various options to look at. So, what’s the best moped to buy? What do you think would make the most sense for you starting today?

What’s the best moped to buy?

The Ninja

Our 50cc Ninja is a very popular scooter for anyone who wants to buy something fresh and exiting. It’s got a very modern look and comes with a sublime body design that is very easy to customise. If you want to throw a bit of bespoke charm into your moped, then take a look at our Ninja.

It’s definitely a popular choice for those who like to have plenty of thrills when riding around!

The Scooter

Classic and very popular indeed, our 50cc Scooter is definitely a fine starting place. It’s a quick and easy to use scooter, and it has plenty of room for your feet to sit at. It’s going to give you enough space for comfortable riding, even if you are typically taller than average height.

For help in picking out a quality scooter, then, be sure to look at this 50cc solution. It’s the ideal choice for those who want simplicity for a very fair price.

The Tommy

If your aim is to buy a scooter with a thicker and stronger size, go for the 50cc Tommy. The Tommy is a very popular vehicle with all of our clients; a great vehicle with impressive top speed and handling.

With a great body for long distance rides, too, you should never feel like you cannot get comfortable on the Tommy. It’s a great choice of scooter moped for those who want an old-school look paired with modern sensibility.

The Milan

At 125cc, the 125cc Milan is a fine choice for just about anyone. It’s a good pick for those who like a more retro look especially. Take a look at the Milan, and you can soon find out why so many riders like to settle for something a bit more classically designed. If you want to find something that manages to tape into that old-school look without having old-school functionality, take a look at the Milan.

The Spyder

Make no mistake, the 125cc Spyder is one of the best scooters in the UK for those who want a very modern ride. It’s got a very modern looking design with a robust and secure framework keeping you safe as you ride. It’s a good choice for those who would like to find a scooter that has plenty of storage space, too!

With our scooters starting out a just £999 for a brand new 50cc moped, you can buy something for a tremendous price today. Take a look at the Direct Bikes collection, and you’ll soon find a very reliable, affordable scooter to pick up today.


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