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What Roads Can a 50cc Moped Go On?

What Roads Can a 50cc Moped Go On?

For anyone looking to buy a new moped, one option that you might come across is that of a 50cc moped. At Direct Bikes, we have numerous kinds of 50cc moped for sale. Take a look at our collection, and you can easily pick out something ideally suited to you. Depending on where you wish to go with your scooter, though, you have to make sure you buy the right kind of moped. For example, do you know what roads can a 50cc moped go on?

If you don’t, then read on. This will help you to work out if you are buying a moped for the right reasons.

Getting the right license

First off, make sure you are legally permitted to drive a 50cc moped. To do that, you need to:

  1. Be at least the age of sixteen and hold a provisional driving license.
  2. Go through your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and complete it.
  3. Pass your practical and theoretical tests associated to your CBT.

Once you go through with these three steps, you can legally start riding your new moped anywhere you wish. Where, though, can you take it?

What roads can a 50cc moped go on?

You will be happy to know that with a 50cc moped you can drive almost anywhere. The basic rule is to check out your journey. If anywhere appears to have a minimum speed of above 30mph, you are in a safe place. However, should the road be above a minimum speed of 30mph, find a different route. Why?

Because all 50cc mopeds have a top speed of 30 miles per hour. As such, you would have to exceed what you are capable of to drive safely. This is why, for example, you are not going to be permitted to ride on a motorway. Even with a full driving license, you would not be able to use a 50cc moped on the motorway.

It’s simply too dangerous – for you and for other drivers. When looking at our various 50cc mopeds for sale at Direct Bikes, then, be sure to keep this in mind. If your primary journeys are going to mean hitting the motorway, you need to go and get your full driving license. Once you hold that driving license, you can then go ahead and start driving on the motorway with a higher class of scooter.

For example, a 125cc scooter from Direct Bikes is ideal for motorway riding. A top speed of 60mph is more suited to the speeds that you would be expected to do if you were to ride on the motorway. Keep this in mind, and you can find riding your vehicle to be a much easier experience overall.

Just remember, then, that your 50cc moped should be limited to roads with a maximum speed of 30mph. Anything requiring you to exceed 30mph just to go on the road should be avoided. Need any more help? Then just ask us at Direct Bikes. We’ll be happy to help you fully understand what riding a 50cc moped will mean for you!



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