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What Do I Need To Ride a 50cc Moped?

What Do I Need To Ride a 50cc Moped?

For anyone thinking about getting a 50cc moped, you will find all manner of choices to pick from. At Direct Bikes, we have numerous 50cc mopeds for you to take a look at. We have numerous models of various sizes for you to look at and pick through, each model offering you the ideal choice to start with. However, before you go ahead and buy any kind of 50cc moped from our store, might we recommend that you make sure you can start riding?

For example, have you asked yourself the question ‘what do I need to ride a 50cc moped?’

Because without the right tools to ride with, you cannot go any further. You need to make sure that you can tap into all of the legal obligations that you must meet. To help you make sure you know what you are going to need, we’re going to break down everything for you below. This should give you the opportunity to pick up your ideal 50cc moped and start riding it today.

With quite a few things to pick up on the list, make sure you get all of them!

What do I need to ride a 50cc moped?

You need to be the right age

To start off with, you need to be at least the age of sixteen to ride a 50cc moped legally. However, at age sixteen you will be able to ride up to anything with a top speed of 25km/h with just a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) package.

To get your CBT, you need to go and sit a practical and theoretical test. Once you have this test passed, you can make sure that you can get your CBT. You will also need to get either a full driving license of a provisional driving license.

With a full driving license, though, you would be able to go higher than a 50cc moped. With a provisional license, you are going to be capped. You can go to a 50cc engine at age 16, and a 125cc moped at age 17.

You also need the right license

As mentioned above, you will need to get a license to allow you to ride. For someone without a full driving license, you could go and get a CBT license. Valid for two years, this lets you drive at a limited speed and in limited locations across the UK. You also cannot take a passenger with you.

Keep that in mind as you think about what kind of moped to buy. For a 50cc moped from Direct Bikes, though, you will need at least your provisional license and your CBT license. You can find out more about the UK Governments bike categories and what you need to ride each category here.

At Direct Bikes, we recommend that you give us a call if you need any help or information at all about choosing your moped. Not sure if you have all the right credentials? Call us today. We can take a look at what you need to start riding a 50cc moped from Direct Bikes starting from today.



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