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What Is The Best Moped In 125cc?

What Is The Best Moped In 125cc?

For anyone who intends to buy a moped today, you have numerous engine sizes to pick from. At Direct Bikes, one of our most popular engine sizes includes our 125cc scooters. With one of our scooters, you can quickly and easily buy a high-end 125cc moped for a very fair price indeed. However, with so many prices seen online, you might wonder what is the best moped in 125cc?

Should you settle for something in the mid-tier price range? Or pay the full price instead?

Our aim is quite simple: to help you avoid having to make a choice on this matter. At Direct Bikes, all of our 125cc mopeds start at just £1,699. That’s a tremendous price for someone who is looking to buy a quality moped with a 125cc engine. And best of all? Our vehicles are 100% brand new. Where, though, should you start in our collection if you wish to buy the right moped?

After all, we have numerous options for you to take a look at. What is the best moped in 125cc engine sizes on our site, though? Here are just some of our recent additions.

What is the best moped in 125cc?

The Lynx

Our most popular choice for those who want something very minimalistic is the 125cc Lynx. The Lynx is a fantastic pick for anyone who is looking to enjoy spending time with a moped that’s fast, fun, and frenetic.It’s got a top speed of 60mph, and more than enough seating space to keep you and one another well comfortable as you ride around the place.

The Milan

Another good choice from our store would be the 125cc Milan. The Milan is an exceptional choice for anyone who is looking for a high quality, reliable moped to drive around with. It’s not only the ideal place for you to start if you are looking for a quality moped, but it’s also great for those who want a bike with a more retro look and feel. It’s got that classic Italian theme to it, hence the name!

The Spyder

Sleek and stylish in the extreme, our 125cc Spyder is a great pick for most young riders. IT’s got a lot of space for you to settle into the seat, while the key features – the handlebars etc. – are all very easy to reach from any height.

For those who want to find a tremendous vehicle to come and invest in, come and take a look at the Spyder. For new riders especially, it’s an absolutely fantastic 125cc moped.

The Tommy

What about if you want something a bit more retro? Then look at our 125cc Tommy. The Tommy offers some of the largest space we have on the back of a scooter, as well as offering you that vintage screen design on the front of your moped. For those who are looking for a brand new moped that rides well and should be easily handled by any experience level, take a look at our 125cc Tommy.

Take a look through all of the various models we have above, and you can find something suited to you personally. What, then, do you think is the right choice for you?

Need a hand choosing? Just let us know. The Direct Bikes team will be more than happy to take a look at all of our available 125cc mopeds with you.


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