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Scooters Cheap

Scooters Cheap

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When it comes to buying any kind of vehicle, one of the most fundamental things you need to have is trust. Trust in who you are buying from, and what you are buying. That is why when a lot of people see scooters cheap, their natural reaction is to think what the catch is.

Should you really trust the idea of buying scooters cheap? Or should you pay full price?

When you buy from ourselves, though, there is no catch!

At Direct Bikes, we look to give you an excellent in-between option. We provide top quality scooters cheap, whilst making sure you aren’t skipping out on value. Every model has gone through strict and continuous quality assurance. Very model is manufactured in China, using only the best developers and materials. This gives us complete confidence that if you are looking for a cheap scooter, you won’t find a better deal in the UK!

Get the best deal that you can

The Direct Bikes team always wants to make sure that you feel like you have got a good deal with your purchase. Therefore, every model is fully and clearly described on our site; so that you never need to take a leap of faith. From the size of the scooter to the kind of engine it has, we look to describe everything for you.

That’s important as it will help you to define the bike that we sell that most suits your needs. However, we always look to give you more information should you require it. If you wish to buy scooters cheap from Direct Bikes, you should let us know what information you require. Our team can then prepare all the details that you need to make a choice you will be happy with.

What scooter is the best choice for me?

We sell both 50cc and 125cc scooters here. This gives you the level of selection that you need to confidently make a purchase and feel happy about what you have bought. With every bike fully described and easy to purchase, the only question you have to answer is ‘what scooters suit me most’?

The speed is the most common talking point and deciding factor when buying a scooter.

While 50cc scooters are excellent for local driving, their speed cap of around 30mph makes them mostly suited to city rides and local driving. If you are looking to buy purely for going on the motorway, then you should always look to buy 125cc scooters or above. Our 125cc scooters are the best choice for those who want to hit higher top speeds more suited to longer distance rides.

If you buy a 125cc model from Direct Bikes, you can hit speeds of 60mph with the models that we sell. That is a huge boost and it is going to make sure you can get more done with less time. It’s a big reason why we think you should always look to investigate what you need a scooter for.

Before you make any commitments to paying for your scooter, look closely at how suited it is to what you need a scooter for. Think about where you would be driving your scooter, and our team can help you to pick out a scooter. Once you know what model you like, buying it could not be any easier. All that you need to do is hit ‘Add to Cart’ on the respective scooters page.

Once you do that, you only have to make your payment and choose your preferred delivery option. We’ll then have the bike readied to be delivered to you as quickly as is possible. Usually, our deliveries are handled within three working days of payment.

Buying new versus buying used

At Direct Bikes, every model that we sell is a 100% brand new scooter. This means buying a model that you can be 100% sure is the right choice of scooter for you, as it’s never been driven before. You can use our detailed on-page descriptions to know exactly what you are buying. Or, you can contact us to find out more information about the bike relative to the kind of rider you are.

If you choose to buy into a used scooter, you might pay less if you buy from elsewhere. However, you often get what you pay for when you buy used. Some of the issues you could expect if you choose to buy used include:

  • Buying a scooter that has structural damage and may need to be repaired before use.
  • Investing in a scooter model that is no longer road legal or is not suited to long drives.
  • Expensive fuel economy due to a lack of efficiency, perhaps caused by issues with the scooter.
  • A loss of value over time, with no warranty or guarantee of safety provided.
  • An inability to use the scooter without making sure it passes its MOT beforehand.
  • A lack of security due to having no kind of warranty attached to it.

Direct Bikes, though, ensures that you are buying a bike that is both brand new and affordable. We sell many scooters cheap, with prices starting at just £959 for a brand new 50cc scooter. Our 125cc range start at only £1,099, too, giving you tremendous value for money!

If you are looking to make sure you can spend more time having fun as you drive your scooter, you want to buy something worthwhile. That is why we recommend you only buy new scooters direct from our store. New scooters avoid all the above. Instead, they arrive ready for you to drive with no previous ownership: no problems, no stress. They also arrive with a guarantee they will be road suitable from the moment that it arrives!

So long as you go and get insurance and road tax, which we can help you with, you can start driving a new scooter right away. Let us help you make sure that your first scooter purchase is going to be the easiest, simplest, safest purchase you ever make!

We want to help you enjoy being a rider, not endure it. For help in finding quality scooters without the high price, come and take a look at our scooters for sale today.

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