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Scooters For Adults

Scooters For Adults

For an adult, the idea of having to buy a car can be draining. Cars are large, expensive to buy, and even more expensive to run. They often take up lots of space, too; space that can be hard to find if you live in a busy city. If you are someone who wants to own a vehicle, have you ever thought about buying a scooter?

Aren’t scooters for kids?

No, of course not! Scooters are available for someone aged 16 and above to drive, yes. That is true. However, scooters are most certainly not for kids; they come in all shapes and sizes to suit anyone. Many people enjoy riding a scooter over a car as it offers you more freedom. So long as you don’t need the passenger space, buying a scooter for adults is actually quite easy. The only thing that you need to know when you are going to buy a scooter is how fast you want to go.

This can then give you a good idea of what CC (cubic centimetre) of engine you should be looking for. So, what sizes are best for an adult?

Buying a 50cc scooter as an adult

Seen as the ‘kids’ scooter by most, a 50cc scooter is the smallest engine you are likely to find. Most 50cc scooters come with a general speed cap of around 28mph. With that in mind, you are almost certain to get around your local area with enough pace. Try and go on a motorway with a 50cc engine, though, and you might find it a touch tougher!

That is one reason why some see 50cc scooters as a poor purchase for adults. If you are not needing to go on a motorway, though, 50ccs are fine. We also have to stress that it is legal to go on the motorway with a 50cc engine. It’s just that you might find it hard to go fast enough to satisfy the numerous other cars zooming around the road alongside you.

That is why we always recommend that buying a 50cc scooter as an adult is best for those who are staying in their local town/city/village. If you wish to go any faster than 30mph, then you should probably look to step it up to a new level of speed altogether – such as 125cc.

125cc scooters for adults

A 125cc scooter is perfect for just about any kind of adult. Not only are they larger in size, they are faster in speed. Most 125cc scooters can easily reach speeds as impressive as 60mph – some even higher. They tend to be a brilliant happy medium for a totally new driver and someone looking for a bit more “oompht” in their driving capacity.

With the speeds you can go at, 125cc scooters will still handle remarkably well. This will ensure that you can pick things up and fly along nice and quick to where you need to go. All without having to worry about going too fast and/or putting other drivers at risk. You would be shocked at just how fast a 125cc scooter can go from 0-60, too!

Many drivers will choose to go for a 125cc scooter as they know it can give them the speed they need without excess. They also tend to be quite affordable and have brilliant mileage ratings. Most 125c scooters should be capable of getting you around 100 miles per gallon, which is astounding fuel economy for the most part. That’s why so many people choose to drive these!

Picking the right model for you

So, with the above queries to think about, you should really look at what model you would like to buy first. We recommend that to make your decision, you go through the following questions in your mind:

  • How fast would I like to go? Do I need to go any faster than 30 miles per hour?
  • How much do I want to spend on my model? Do I want to spend over £1,000?
  • Where will I drive my model? Will I be using it for local commutes or further afield?
  • How tall am I? Will a 50cc model be big enough for me to fit on as an adult?
  • What kind of extra features do I need?
  • What kind of fuel economy can I expect from my model?

Take the time to go through all of the above, and you should be far more clued up about where you are going. It’s a big reason why we always think you should look to get a scooter that suits you on all of the above. You might find that you fall into the 50cc range, you might wish to go a bit higher up. The main thin is making sure you can make a happy purchase!

Should I ever go above 125cc?

To be fair, scooters can be as high as 750cc in power in some cases. The main challenge you should take into mind there, though, is how much that is going to cost you. For adults, going above 125cc is only really needed if you see yourself as a more race-minded person. 125cc scooters can get you from A to B on great fuel economy and at fast speeds. If you go above 125cc, from 250cc to 750cc you will see a big, big jump in the price and the running cost.

If you are looking for affordable scooters for adults in the £1,000-2,500 range, be sure to take a look at 125cc engines. You’ll soon shock yourself at just how fast they can be, and how suited they are to your lifestyle. Take the time to look at the scooters open to you, though, and you’ll know exactly what to do next.

Just be sure never to make a rash decision and buy something on impulse. This is a significant expense, so making sure you can make an informed decision is very important. Take the time to review various scooters for adults, and you’ll make a better decision. And trust us; buying the right scooter is better than buying the cheapest scooter!