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Motor Scooter

  1. Motor Scooter
  2. Motor Scooter Panther
  3. Motor Scooter Retro
  4. Motor Scooter Tommy
  5. Motor Scooter Milan
  6. Motor Scooter Scorpion
  7. Motor Scooter Spyder
  8. Motor Scooter Spyder 125cc
  9. Motor Scooter Milan 125cc
  10. Motor Scooter Python
  11. Motor Scooter Scorpion 125cc
  12. Motor Scooter Tommy 125cc
  13. Motor Scooter Cruiser

What is a motor scooter?

It's unlikely that the term motor scooter really needs any explanation, as it's just that: a scooter with a motor! Some people consider a motor scooter to be what kids ride, but it's also a general term applied to twist-and-go mopeds. A motor scooter is a blanket term applied to anything smaller than a proper motorbike.

Our motor scooters come in a wide range of styles, and several engine sizes. You can pick a motor scooter from either 50cc or 125cc. Which you choose will depend on several things, including your age and experience, but more on that later. While looks don't really make a difference to how the scooter runs, it's still a very important decision.

You'll find plenty of choice when it comes to looks. If you're thinking of a sportier motor scooter for sale, you can pick from something like the Ninja or the Viper. However, if you want a more retro look, then you can pick from something like the Milan or Tommy. All of these models come in 50cc or 125cc, so there's nothing stopping you from picking the motor scooter for sale you like.

Who can ride a motor scooter?

One of the best things about a motor scooter is that you don't need a full motorbike licence to ride one. You only need to have passed your CBT, which is simply a day's training to familiarize you with riding. After sitting this, you're free, but under certain restrictions.

For example, if you're aged 16, you can only ride a 50cc moped bike You need to be 17 or over to ride a 125cc. However, a 50cc motor scooter for sale is ideal for getting used to the road before moving onto a more powerful model. Once you've caught the bug of a motor scooter uk you'll never want to try anything else!

What's more, we've also got you covered for all the accessories and insurance you need for your motor scooter uk. Here at Direct Bikes, we know insurance is confusing for most people, even if you're experienced at it. That's why we offer a helping hand in finding the best motor scooter uk insurance that's completely tailored to your needs. Think this will be useful for you? Simply fill out in the information during purchase and we'll do the rest.

Buying your motor scooter

Buy motor scooter uk with Direct Bikes has never been easier. All you need to do is select your favourite model and engine size and go from there. We offer delivery of all scooters across the UK, so we've got you covered for that too. Also, we offer some very appealing finance packages, meaning there's nothing stopping you from getting a new scooter! What are you waiting for? Browse our wide range of scooters today!