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Petrol Scooter

Petrol Scooter

Looking for a powerful and reliable way to travel in the UK? A petrol scooter from Direct Bikes may be just what you need. Fun, easy to maintain, and cost-effective, petrol scooters are becoming the UK’s favorite way to travel. With restrictions on petrol and electric scooters easing across the UK, now is a great time to take advantage of a new petrol scooter!

Browse our full catalog of top UK petrol scooters - including 50cc and 125cc - from the bike brands you know and trust.

4 Benefits Of A Petrol Scooter

Are you looking for a cost-effective, safe, and fun way to get around the UK? Discover why petrol scooters are becoming the UK’s favorite way to travel for work, fun, and everything in between!

Petrol Scooters Are A Great Investment!

Looking for a cost-efficient mode of transportation? Far cheaper than an average automobile, a petrol scooter from Direct Bikes is a great way to find a reliable and fun method of transportation that won’t break your budget.

Petrol Scooters Are Built To Last

Worried about your petrol scooter breaking down? Never fear.

The latest 50cc and 125cc petrol scooters are designed and manufactured to give you a safe and reliable ride no matter your style or use. Petrol Scooters are easy to maintain and update - perfect for those who want to bring a little customization to their new scooter!

Petrol Scooters Are Fuel-Efficient

If you are looking for a way to beat the high costs of UK petrol, a Petrol scooter is the way to go. Offering high mileage between fill-ups, a petrol scooter has the power to get you where you need to go, while keeping you from feeling the pinch at the pump.

Petrol Scooters Offer Years Of Enjoyment

Not only do petrol scooters give you a cost-efficient and reliable ride, but they are one of the most fun ways to get around the UK!

Petrol scooters are easy to learn and even easier to maintain - offering you years of fun rides. At Direct Bikes, we proudly offer the highest-quality petrol scooters that will guarantee a return on your investment!

Premier Petrol Scooters From Direct Bikes - The UK’s Top Petrol Scooter Brand

Perfect for the work commuter, weekend warriors, and all members of the family, UK petrol scooters are quickly becoming a national pastime! If you want to learn more about the benefits of a petrol scooter, look no further than Direct Bikes - the UK’s top petrol scooter retailer.

Direct Bikes is the UK's No.1 petrol scooter retailer, proudly offering 50cc and 125cc petrol scooters at prices that can’t be beat. Every petrol scooter comes with a 1 year warranty that can be extended up to 3 years. With competitive pricing, the latest brands, and financing, you will love your new UK petrol scooter from Direct Bikes!

Want to learn more? Order online or give us a call on 0345 6520680.

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