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New Scooters

New Scooters

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Are you on the lookout to buy a scooter for the first time? Then you will realise just how daunting a process this is – though not at Direct Bikes.

At Direct Bikes, we lookto remove all of the difficulty from the process, making the selection and then purchase of a new scooter much easier. If you would like to buy a scooter, then we fully recommend that you look at ournew scooters first and foremost. Instead of settling for a second-hand model, you can buy one of our new mopeds instead!

With the help of Direct Bikes, you can easily locate brand new scooters to buy that are suited to the kind of lifestyle you lead. However, why should you always look to buy a new scooter?

Get value for money

The first reason is that you are paying a lot of money in the first place. If you buy a used scooter, you could spend a lot of time and money trying to get it road-worthy again. This could mean a few unhappy trips to the mechanic as they try and fix up your model. If you want to avoid that, you should look to buy new scooters.

With scooters starting at just £959 on Direct Bikes, you can get much more value for money. For the price that you pay, you are getting a new scooter as opposed to something used. That can give you a real sense of appreciation of just how good the model that you are buying it. Thanks to Direct Bikes, you have a good selection to pick from – and every model you can choose from is 100% brand new.

Avoid jargon and terminology

When buying a scooter, the sales staff at Direct Bikes can break down all of the jargon and terminology into layman’s terms. This makes it easier for you to understand what you are buying, and why each feature is (or is not) important to you. That is why we always recommend that you try to avoid buying used. It will mean having to understand various forms of scooter jargon and terminology.

If you don’t understand the terminology that is at play, it could mean buying a bike with a problem you never understood. When buying new scooters, then, be sure to look at buying from a vendor like Direct Bikes. Whatever it is that you cannot understand, you’ll be able to get a thorough response from the team. This means you can buy in confidence, not in hope!

Pass your first service and MOT

Everyone who owns a vehicle will have to send their vehicle for an annual MOT and service. If you do this, it will mean having to solve any problems that come back to you from the results. However, if you buy a new scooter then you are far less likely to get any issues within your first service and MOT session.

Yes, problems can pop up due to wear and tear. However, if you are to buy used you might not even pass that first service and MOT session. Keep that in mind, as you might find it a bit easier to pick out a model that passes. Make sure you take the time to look a bit closer at any used models you are considering, as they often have some problems under the hood. With our brand new scooter models, no such hidden issues exist.

Your scooter will be 100% road ready as soon as we deliver it to your front door. Does that not sound like an investment worth making?

Enjoy greater efficiency

The upfront cost is one thing – but what about your day to day running costs?

It’s a fact that new mopeds will provide you with greater fuel efficiency. The reason why is quite simple, too. With a new scooter, you are getting a model that is going to be totally insulated from any structural damage. Buy a used model, and something could have damaged or weakened the fuel tank. Wear and tear can even cause this, meaning you lose needless amounts of petrol due to damage to the tank.

With a new scooter from Direct Bikes, you have no real reason to expect that this could be a problem. Instead, you will find that it gives you exactly the miles per gallon that was suggested to you when making the purchase. That is why buying new mopeds often helps you to save money: your running costs will be significantly reduced.

Pick from more variety

Another good reason to choose to buy new scooters is the variety. When buying new from our store, you tend to have much more choice. You can look closely at what you are going to buy, and you can decide based on the information available. When you choose to buy a used model, though, you are often stuck with a ‘take it or leave it’ selection.

That can be annoying, as it can often mean investing in a model that is not 100% suitable. By choosing to buy new, you make sure that you are getting more time to make your choice. You can be more selective, as you other options to look at.

With Direct Bikes, you often have several models to pick from based on any given reason for buying a scooter. This makes it easy for you to pick out a model that you know does the job you had in mind. Our aim is to make buying a scooter simple, not complex!

Get long-term support

Lastly, if you choose to go and buy a new scooter or moped then it will come with additional support. Direct Bikes offer long-term support as well as 1-year unlimited mileage warranty on all scooters. This means that you can get a much easier to manage your bike as the years go past. If a problem comes up, you can turn to Direct Bikes and get bespoke assistance in finding a solution.

Buy used, though, and you are often left on your own to solve any issues that might pop up. That can be very annoying, and it can be mean spending a lot of money trying to find a solution and hire repairs. With our new mopeds and scooters, though, you know that your hardware arrives in the right kind of condition that you would have expected. So, don’t settle for anything less.

If you are going to buy a bike, make sure you get the support and the information that you need to make your purchase in good faith. With Direct Bikes, you can make sure that you buy with 100% confidence in what you are getting. So, let us help you avoid the large expense with one of our new scooters today!

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