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Off Road Scooters

Off Road Scooters

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At Direct Bikes, we sell numerous scooter models to suit all kinds of riders. From 50cc mopeds to 125cc scooters, we sell numerous models to make sure you can find a ride that you enjoy. However, our stock now also extends to a rich range of off road scooters. For those who are looking to find something they can ride around their own private premises, we recommend that you take a look at our new and improved off-road rides!

For those who want to pick up a scooter they can use privately, then our growing list of electric scooters make a fine choice.

We can help you out with a huge amount of assistance in making a good call regarding buying an off road scooter. We know that you might wish to ride something a little different, which is why so many people tap into our off the road scooters. If you want to buy one, though, we want to make sure that you 100% know what you are buying.

That is why we have broken down a simple collection of details about riding our off road vehicles around the United Kingdom. Let’s take a look at their legality. Once you understand this, you can easily make a purchase through our store at Direct Bikes with total confidence!

Can I ride off road scooters in public?

This is quite a complex issue, but the short answer is no. All of our electric and off the road scooters are not built to be driven on the road. They are known as a PLEV vehicle, which stands for Personal Light Electric Vehicle. If you were to ride a PLEV around the UK roads, you would be stopped and likely be cautioned by the traffic police.

Why? Because no PLEV is allowed on the roads of the United Kingdom. They are not allowed to drive on the roads for one simple reason: they lack the power. The low power that comes from an electric scooter means that it cannot be used on the roads of the UK. You simply cannot build up enough top speed to ride safely, nor do you have enough protection.

Please be aware that this is not something that you should try and argue against. Any officer of the law who finds you riding an off road scooter in a public venue has the right to take your vehicle off of you. At Direct Bikes, we’re happy to advise you on any road-worthy electric scooters we have.

The Go Electric Scooter

For anyone interested in buying a top quality scooter that you can ride on the road, ourGo Electric Scooter is your perfect pick. These are highly impressive devices that are fully road legal. Powered without the need to use gears, this is a fully automatic device. It allows for you to use the handlebar accelerator to hit a top speed of 27 miles per hour.

This gives you a top range of around 37 miles, too, so you can get a fair distance with the charge that is provided. With the cheap cost of energy renewal, you can either recharge this quickly at a charging station or do so at home. Charging from 0% to 100% only takes a few hours. Charge it in the afternoon, and you could easily use your Go Electric Scooter in the evening.

Another great benefit of riding a Go Electric Scooter from a financial perspective is the cost of ownership. Starting at just £899 plus delivery, this is among the most affordable options that we have at Direct Bikes. And while you do need to pass a DVSA test, you don’t have to pay any road tax for this. Why not buy one today? It’s so simple and could be on its way to you within a few short working days!

Can I ride my scooter on a pavement?

No, you cannot. You are not allowed to use our non-road legal electric scooters in any kind of public venue or location. With the Go Electric Scooter, it’s a road legal vehicle so it follows the Highway Code. With the other off road scooters that we sell, though, you are not allowed to drive them on the public pavements of the UK.

It would mean that you are driving on the same pavement space as pedestrians. People cannot be expected to get out the way of your fast moving vehicle, so you have to make sure you don’t drive on a pavement. In truth, the only place that you can drive off road scooters in the United Kingdom at the moment is by going to a private location.

If you own private land, then you are permitted to ride your scooter there. You could also ride it around your local land, such as your garden. In terms of driving it in a public place, though, this is not permitted on current regulations.

Why should I buy an off road scooter?

At Direct Bikes, we sell various off road models that you could consider buying. While you cannot drive any of our models other than the Go Electric Scooter on a path, you do get some great benefits. If you are mostly driving around private land, buying an electric/off road scooter makes sense because:

  • They cost so little to buy. While our 50cc and 125cc mopeds/scooters are brilliantly priced, you will pay far less for an off-road model with prices starting at just £399!
  • They make so little noise. While this means you need to be wary that people/vehicles can see you coming, this means that you can drive around later in the evening.
  • You are exempt from road tax for any of the off road scooters that we sell. This is purely because they are not road legal, or because they have no emissions issues.
  • Insurance is very cheap, too, as is your running costs. You can easily pick up a full battery recharge for a few pounds, or you can recharge it at home in a few hours.

If you could see the value in owning an off road scooter, then you should definitely look to buy one today. Direct Bikes has many models that you can look at, including the road legal electric scooter, the Go. Take a look at each of our models, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Buying a scooter today has never been simpler. Simply hit ‘Add to Cart’ and follow our secure payment processors instructions. Upon completion, you only need to tell us where you want your vehicle delivered. The Direct Bikes team will then get your off road vehicle delivered as soon as possible, ready to be driven upon insurance.

If you need more information at all about any of our models, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can tell you everything you need to know about our electric scooters, and how suitable they will be to your proposed purpose.

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