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Scooter 125cc

Scooter 125cc

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For anyone with the intention to picking up a scooter today, it’s important that you buy a scooter with a large enough engine to suit your needs. At Direct Bikes, we sell scooters with both 50cc and 125cc engines. Engine sizing is often seen as among the most important parts of riding a scooter today. If you would like to make sure that you can buy a scooter that is good for any kind of legal driving, then you should look at a scooter 125cc.

For many riders, these are the best models to go for. They offer you a happy medium between high top speed and a very easy model to master and to maintain in good condition. With so many models to pick from on our store, though, we look to make sure you can buy with total clarity. Let’s take a look at what matters when buying a 125cc moped from our site.

What top speed can I do with a 125cc scooter?

The most common top speed that a 125cc scooter can give you is going to be in the 60 miles per hour range. Some will be slightly faster, while others slightly slower. For the most part, though, you can expect that a 125cc scooter is going to give you a top speed of around 60mph.

Compared to a smaller scooter, like a 50cc scooter, that is going to be close to double the top speed. For comparison, a 50cc scooter should give you around 30mph of top speed. That can be enough for driving around your local city, but is it really enough if you are looking to drive somewhere else?

That’s why so many people are choosing to buy a scooter 125 from our store. It helps you to learn how to drive, but it’s also fast enough that you don’t really need to upgrade.

When can I drive a 125cc scooter?

Once you reach the age of seventeen, you will be permitted to go and get your permit to drive a 125cc scooter. This means going to get your provisional driving license, and then either passing your full driving test or passing your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT).

While going for your full test will likely take months of riding lessons and then the full test itself, your CBT takes a day. If you can pass both theory and practical examinations on your CBT, you will get a 2-year license. This lasts you for two years and at the end of that 2-year stretch, you can either renew or go for your main test.

Either way, you’ll have the chance to drive a 125cc scooter as soon as you reach the age of seventeen. Does that excite you? It should!

What should I buy in terms of a scooter 125cc?

You have many options when it comes to buying a scooter of this particular speed level. We recommend that if you do want to a buy a scooter 125 cubic centimetres in engine strength, then you look out for the following:

  • First off, look at the price of your 125cc scooter. A good, brand new scooter with 125cc engine power would cost you around £1,099 if you were shopping with Direct Bikes.
  • Next, work out the price that you would be paying for petrol. Check out the fuel consumption of the model and compare that to your average weekly distance covered.
  • 125cc scooters should be giving you around 100 miles per gallon when it comes to getting a good fuel economy, for instance.
  • However, seeing 100mpg plus isn’t uncommon.All our bikes can give you a mileage of at least 100mpg.
  • What will you use your 125cc scooter for? Some people will use it for things like ferrying friends around. Others use it for getting to work, or even for work such as in delivery driving.
  • Keep that in mind, and it should make it a bit easier for you to know what you are doing. If you take the time to look at the various scooters on the market, you might get an idea of what you want.
  • Always take into account what you do recreationally, and what you do professionally. This helps you to then invest in a scooter 125cc that allows you to focus on both.

You don’t have to choose when you go to buy a scooter. You don’t need to either pick one that is fast, or one that has lots of storage space. Take a look at each model on the Direct Bikes website, and you will be sure to find a 125cc scooter that would suit you ideally.

Where will you drive?

The most important factor to consider is where you will drive any given 125 scooter. If you buy a scooter, then you naturally want to take it on any road in the UK. So long as you have your full driving license, you can legally go on the roads of the UK as well as any motorways you must travel.

Keep that in mind, as it can help you to pick out a model suited to your own driving needs. If you are intending on going to a larger city, you will need a faster engine. A scooter 125cc in power should give you a top speed more than capable of handling the motorway. Go on a motorway with an engine not capable of reaching 60mph, though, and you would be too slow for motorway riding. Try and keep that in mind moving forward.

Where will you buy from?

With so many scooter 125cc models out there to choose from, we recommend evaluating all of our scooters. To do that, you need only take a look at our 125cc scooters on the Direct Bikes website. For example, the hugely popular 125cc Lynx is a tremendous choice for those who want something with plenty of top speed.

You should look to buy from a trusted vendor such as ourselves every time. This means buying a scooter that you know you can care for, and that you know has the right warranty provided. You don’t want to buy a used bike that you need to keep on repairing and working on, do you?

Thanks to the tremendous scooters & mopeds on sale at Direct Bikes, though, you have no need to settle for anything other than the scooter you actually want.So, what will you go for first? What do you think is likely to be the best 125cc scooter for you? The Lynx? Or the Scorpion?

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