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Scooter for Sale

Scooter for Sale

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Thinking about picking up a scooter for sale? We’re here to help you. At Direct Bikes, we always recommend that you take a bit of extra time to look at just what you are about to be buying. Buying based on the price alone, for example, is not a good idea. That’s why at Direct Bikes we look to keep our prices fair. This means that you can pick a bike out from Direct Bikes based not only on the price, but on how suitable it is for you.

For example, we currently have a 50cc scooter for sale for just £949. This scooter would offer any driver who is looking for something to drive around their city with a great riding option. It’s made to give you a sturdy yet safe driving experience. The scooter has been built to ensure that it has a great level of speed, with a top speed of 30mph and excellent zero to thirty acceleration. So, you can fly up to top speed when it comes to riding around on a scooter!

This helps you to get a model that feels easy to drive, simple to enjoy, and very much suited to the kind of rider that you are. It’s a big reason why many people will look to buy a scooter from Direct Bikes. The models that we have on sale suit all different kinds of rider.

Making a choice on a scooter for sale

At Direct Bikes, we always look to take out as much difficulty from the purchase as we possibly can. The first thing that you should look to deal with when it comes to buying a scooter is the speed. Top speed is everything in a vehicle; buying something that is fast enough to suit your needs is very, very important. That’s why we recommend that you look to split your search into two forms: 50cc models, and 125cc models.

As mentioned above, we have 50cc scooters for sale that are very fast. However, all 50cc scooters are going to be limited to a top speed of 30 miles per hour. If you choose to buy a bike at 50cc, then, you should expect the top speed to be in line with this. However, you will also notice that most scooters for sale in the 50cc range will come with a very particular riding style.

For example, most of our models are going to be using a 100% automatic transmission. This means that you do not have to learn about changing gears, which is something that many new scooter riders can struggle with. You can enjoy the experience of riding a scooter without having to worry about trying to manage gears. If you would like to make sure that you can ride swiftly and smoothly, then you should make sure you feel comfortable with the transmission.

If you step up to one of our brand new125cc scooters, though, you are likely to deal with a more mixed balance of transmission styles. Many 125cc models are still using a fully automatic transmission, but some of them are manual instead. Please keep that in mind, as it can go a big way to making sure you can pick up a model that feels easy to drive.

The transmission type should always play a big role in helping you decide what is most suited to you as a driver. That’s a big reason why we think that you should look to spend more time deciding on the engine speed – it will most likely determine your transmission option. Should you need any help at all in making this choice, you need only give us a call for more information.

Making the right pick

One thing that you will find with buying a scooter for sale is that you have to also think about its functions. For example, many people will look to buy a scooter based on the fact that it has a lot of storage speed. If you are looking to buy a scooter that you could use for delivery driving or even for commuting to and from work, then look at our models with a lot of storage space.

However, please note that every scooter purchased from Direct Bikes comes with a free top box. Worth £49.99 to buy individually, this is a great deal for giving you even more storage space.

This is likely to give you the help that you need to make the right choice based on storage alone. A scooter could be the best model in the world, but if it does not have the right storage for your needs then how much use can it be to you moving forward?Keep that in mind when you are deciding between potential models.

What about fuel consumption?

With Direct Bikes, almost every model that you can buy will be able to give you a fuel consumption of at least 100 miles per gallon. That is very rare, especially if you go higher up the ladder and have a faster bike. If you are looking for something that can give you a top speed in the 30-60mph range, then a 50cc or 125cc scooter should be more than good enough for you.

All of our bikes are built to give you a mileage of at least 100mpg. This should help you to save significantly when it comes to the cost of fuel.

Fuel consumption, though, has to be something that you take very seriously. We recommend that you always buy a model based on how affordable it will be to drive. Take the time to look closely at this, and you can find that it goes a long way to giving you another deciding factor. If you cannot choose, then pick the one with the best mileage options!

Still can’t make a choice?

Then you should look to contact the team at Direct Bikes. We have a wide reaching customer support platform that allows you to get plenty of information and answers about what bikes would suit you. Simply tell us what scooterswe have for sale have caught your eye, and what kind of scooter you think would suit you best. Our support team will get back to you with a full answer ASAP.

We can then take a look and make sure that you buy a scooter that actually ticks all of your chosen boxes. Keep this in mind, and it can make it much easier for you to a buy a scooter for sale that you know can do the job that you wanted. So, what model will you go for first and foremost?

What can you see yourself driving around the roads of the United Kingdom? Let us know, and we’ll make it so!

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