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Mopeds For Sale UK 125cc

Mopeds For Sale UK 125cc

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For anyone living in the United Kingdom today, the days of having to travel by car are gone. Previously, the idea was that if you wanted any kind of storage space you had to travel via car. Now, though, with the modern range of 125cc scooters from Direct Bikes, you can travel on two wheels instead of four!

As keen travellers ourselves, we know how important it is to pick up a good quality moped. Mopeds that can give you a safe, reliable driving experience. Mopeds that come with a solid top speed and no shortage of consistency in running cost and running style. This is what many of us are looking for when we want to buy a car, after all. And with one of our various mopeds for sale UK 125cc, you can pick up just what you were looking for from our store.

All for a great price and no shortage of useful, reliable information to go on. That’s why we recommend that if you want one of the best mopeds for sale that you think about going down the 125cc route. It’s the ideal choice for just about any rider today!

What is a 125cc moped to a new rider?

New to riding? Then all of this talk of CC might have you somewhat confused. CC is known otherwise as Cubic Centimetres. It’s the cubic size of the engine that is within your little moped. At 125cc, it’s a relatively large engine – though small enough to help the moped retain a small, sleek profile.

Our 125cc mopeds for sale UK 125cc make a lot of sense for most riders today. For many riders, they make what is an obvious starting point to their riding journey. For a new rider, though, they might seem a little powerful. Is that the case?

How powerful is a 125cc moped?

Your mopeds today are extremely powerful and reliable pieces of hardware. They are strong, they are fast, and they accelerate at excellent speeds. One thing you will notice about our various mopeds for sale UK 125cc is they have a top speed of 60 miles per hour. For most riders, that is more than fast enough to do just about anything that you had in mind today.

It’s by far and away the ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a moped that can make a consistently reliable top speed a reality. Instead of having to go with a moped that can be quite inconsistent, Direct Bikes vehicles can pick up a reliable, easy top speed.

That’s one reason why we always recommend that you look at getting a 125cc moped for quicker speeds.

Is 60mph good enough for riding on the motorway?

Yes, 100%! You could easily handle motorway riding with a 125cc moped. With one of our mopeds in this range, you could easily handle driving on the motorway safely as well. You won’t just get be able to fit in and no more; you should be fast enough to more than hold your own. At 60mph, you are going to be gong more than fast enough to handle the motorway.

On top of that, with one of our mopeds you are driving at a speed that allows you to always feel in control. There is no real benefit to going above 60mph on a moped, anyway. Our vehicles are built to help easily withstand driving at that kind of speed for a prolonged period of time. That’s why we know they make the perfect solution for riding on the motorway with!

Can I enjoy riding a 125cc at 16?

No, you cannot. The earliest age that you are able to start riding a 125cc moped for sale in the UK is age 17. As soon as you are 17, any provisional driving license and Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) combination is suitable. This would mean that you could start riding as soon as you reach the age of 17. If you would like to ride from age 16, then might we recommend that you instead look at our 50cc mopeds for sale?

Capable of a top speed of 30mph, they are much more suited to being in the control of a 16-year-old. For those who wish to ride the full 125cc, though, you will need more than your average CBT and provisional license combination. You would need to go and get a full driving license, such as your A1 driving license.

What is my A1 driving license?

Your A1 is the first ‘full’ driving license available to you after your AM moped license. Where your AM would allow you to ride a 50cc without restriction (minus motorways), an A1 is for 125cc mopeds. It’s a suitable choice for anyone who wishes to ride at the full top speed of 60mph. Also, you would now be allowed to drive with a pillion passenger and go on the motorway with your new moped.

That’s why so many people who we speak to have decided to for their A1. To do this, you would need to already have your CBT license and you also need to pass other tests. You will be expected to pass a theoretical test, as well as a full practical test.

If you can do this, then you would be given the chance to start riding around on a 125cc moped in full.

Fancy buying mopeds for sale UK 125cc?

Then take a look at our collection at Direct Bikes.

With such a fine range of bikes to pick from, you should have no problem at all in locating your ideal 125cc moped. All that we need to know when you are looking around for a moped is what model would suit you the most.

If you think that it would be good to own a 125cc moped, take a look at our collection. With everything available to order online in a few simple clicks, we make it nice and easy for you to order a brand new moped without anything like the normal associated difficulty. So, which moped will you cast your gaze on first?

With so many quality mopeds to pick from, we’ll make sure you buy something 100% right for you!

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