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Mopeds and Scooters for Sale

Mopeds and Scooters for Sale

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When buying a moped or scooter, you can find a great selection of bikes to pick from at Direct Bikes. We have numerous models of mopeds and scooters for sale, so check out our range today. What, though, is the difference between a moped and a scooter?

We get this question asked quite a lot, and we want to help you understand the primary difference.

As you might be aware, scooters and mopeds can be interchangeable terms. Most of the time, a moped is anything listed at or under 50cc in engine power. A scooter can be anything from a 50cc engine to 750cc engine. At Direct Bikes, our scooters come in both 50cc and 125cc engine sizes.

However, for the most part, you can use both terms more or less interchangeably. That should help you to know what you are looking for when it comes to buyingone of our mopeds and scooters for sale.

With so many choices to look at, though, we want to try and break down some of the most important factors in buying a scooter. Let’s take a look, then, and work out what you should have your eye on when it comes to buying a modern moped or scooter model.

If you are new to riding,then you should take a read through this guide. It should help you to pick out a model that feels totally suited to you personally.

Are you legally permitted on the road?

So, the first thing to look at is whether or not you can actually go on the road with your scooter. Some new riders make the mistake of going on the road whilst driving a scooter without actually having the correct license. For example, owning a car driving license is not enough to give you the right to go on the road with a bike.

To go on the road with a moped or scooter, you need to have your provisional or full bike driving license. Once you have achieved that license, you are then permitted to go and take on your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). This takes you around one full day and will give you all the help that you need to learn how to drive a scooter safely and professionally.

It’s for that reason that many people are looking to buy a scooter and head out onto the road with it as soon as they can. If you are the owner of a CBT, then you can take it on the road – that is not a problem. However, you cannot go on motorways, or have a passenger.

How fast do you wish to go?

At Direct Bikes, we help people get into riding as well as help experienced riders find their ideal moped or scooter. However, the main thing to think about when looking through our stock is your intended and desired top speed.

Above, we mentioned briefly above the engine power you are permitted to drive. While you can go up to 125cc on the right CBT and the right license, you cannot go any higher than this. For the most part, though, drivers of a moped and scooter style of vehicle will be happy with either 50cc or 125cc.

For a 50cc model, you can normally hit speeds of around 28-30mph. All of our models are capable of a top speed of 30mph; you are merely limited based on your age and license. This is more than fast enough for scooting around locally and going to the store etc. – you often cannot go much faster than 30mph in pedestrian areas anyway.

That is a big reason why so many people will look to go and look at mopeds and scooters for sale. They want something fast yet affordable that they can drive around town. However, if you go up to the 125cc range then you are likely to notice that you can hit speeds as high as 60mph.

That is a big jump in speed levels, so you should think about that before you go any further. How fast are you happy to drive at?

If you would like more of an idea about what the changes from 50-125cc is, come and speak to us today. The Direct Bikes team can give you a closer look at all of our mopeds and scooters for sale. Then, we can help you to pick out the model suited to your experience and your intentions.

Where will you drive to?

Another factor that you should look into is where you actually intend to drive. This is very important to work out, as 50cc and 125cc scooters are often aimed at different kinds of driving. 50cc mopeds are often suited to driving in a town or city environment. Given their top speed, they aren’t the most suitable option for motorway riding.

While it is legal, you will be quite slow compared to the rest of the motorway traffic. As such, we recommend that if you intend on using your moped and scooter for leaving town then you should consider one of our new 125cc mopeds and scooters for sale.

Mopeds and scooters come for sale in various sizes and styles, so buy one suited to the lifestyle that you intend to lead. If you are thinking of heading out of town, then go for a 125cc model. If you are looking for a 50cc engine, then you should be aware that you will find leaving town on motorways quite tough. As ever, come and ask us about anything that you need to know about any of our models – it would be our pleasure to assist!

What can you afford to drive?

At Direct Bikes, we pride ourselves on selling models which are not only affordable to buy, but affordable to run. Running costs are a major part of being a rider, and we take that part of riding seriously.

We look to sell top quality bikes, scooters and mopeds that come without the hefty price tag. This is true for the running of a model as much as the cost of purchase.

Buying from Direct Bikes means buying a scooter that is going to be about as cheap as it gets to run. Even with one of our 125cc models, though, you could be pulling in as much as 100 miles per gallon of petrol – if not more!

Not sure if you have the upfront budget to buy a scooter outright? Don’t worry. WE provide you with access to reliable, affordable scooter finance.We want to help you get on the roads as soon as we can. With the right license and the right payment plan, you can get your scooter readied and delivered within just three working days. Want it faster? Let us know; we also offer next day delivery.

For a simpler, easier experience when it comes to buying a scooter, then, come and see us at Direct Bikes. We’ve got a fantastic collection of bikes for you to pick from, and models that suit every lifestyle. From inner city riding to cross country trips, we’ll have something for you here!

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