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Moped Scooters

Moped Scooters

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For anyone looking at moped scooters online, Direct Bikes has a fine selection of vehicles for you to pick from. With vehicles ranging from 50cc to 125cc, we can give you access to top quality mopeds and scooters for a great starting price. Not sure about what model to buy, though? Then let us help you make a simple decision!

What, though, are you looking to buy? Are you looking to buy a moped? Or are you looking to buy a scooter?

The main decision often stems from the fact that both terms seem to be used interchangeably. In one single description, a vehicle could go from being a moped to a scooter. It can be quite tough to get your head around that particular prospect. So, is there a difference? Or are moped scooters the same thing? Let’s take a look.

When you hear the two terms together from now on, you will hopefully recognise what the issue is. This should give you some kind of idea about what to differentiate when it comes to either side of the debate.

What are moped scooters?

So, before we break down the difference, we wanted to touch on quickly what they both are. Both mopeds and scooters are going to be cost-effective transport solutions. They are suitable for new riders first and foremost, and they are usually the ‘easy’ version of driving a motorbike. They are both cost-effective models to buy and to ride. They can give you a chance to enjoy riding around with speed and with comfort.

What, though, are the major differences separating both models here?

If you were to buy one of our models at Direct Bikes, what would you be choosing?

What is a moped?

A moped, then, is actually the term that was first used for either mopeds or scooters. The term comes from a mixture of the word “motor” and “pedal”. Because in their infancy, a moped was literally just a motor powered pedal bike. They started out in this form andwere the kind of old-school riding technology used by kids back in the day.

However, the moped itself is quite a different thing to what they old-school moped riders had. For one, there are no pedals in sight anymore. However, you can’t exactly call it a ‘mo’ can you?

That’s why despite being far more similar to a scooter than a vintage moped, the modern moped kept its name. Mopeds tend to be smaller in size and in power capacity compared to a scooter. For one, most people would refer to anything with an engine of 50 Cubic Centimetres (CC) as a moped. 50cc is the engine type most commonly associated with the driving and handling of a moped today. It’s important to keep this in mind, as it does often pass by a lot of people who buy into the moped industry.

Mopeds are most commonly associated with their top speed, then. This tends to cap out at 30mph; a speed all of our 50cc models are capable of riding at. As you might imagine, this is why many daredevils and speed freaks would look to step up and go for something a touch more powerful. For drives around a town/city/village, though, you could easily find 50cc to be suitable.

So, make sure you can make a good choice, and an informed choice. With Direct Bikes, we look to give you all the information so that your decision can be much easier to make.

Buy a moped, and you can buy something with enough power to get you from A to B. However, if you are looking to drive a large distance, then you might find that a moped is not the right choice for you. You need a scooter instead!

What is a scooter?

As we mentioned before, people would consider moped scooters to be the same thing, For the most part, though, a scooter is something in the 125cc plus range in terms of power. While you also do get electric scooters, they are by no means as common as you would think. They are also often not legal for driving on the roads for various reasons. A scooter, though, in terms of a petrol scooter, is much like a moped.

They tend to be faster, larger, and generally wider. They are very much the right choice for anyone who is looking to step it up a notch if they find that a normal moped is too slow. They are quite cheap to run and to insure, though not as cheap as a moped. Our 125cc mopeds start at just £1,099, making sure you can buy brand new mopeds and scooters without the huge expense.

They are also more likely to be a practical travel choice for those who need to drive on motorways. With speeds of around 60mph capable, they can handle the pace needed to safely go on the motorway.

Please note that both mopeds and scooters can be driven with a provisional bike riding license and Compulsory Basic Training. You are, though, limited to where you can go and what you an bring with you (no motorway driving, no passengers). You also must keep your L plates on.

Making the right choice of moped scooter for you

One thing that we recommend you keep an eye on, though, is buying the right kind of model for you. We look to give you all of the help that you need to make a choice, with details and specifications for every model listed on our website. This makes buying easier, and you can buy directly through our website, too!

The main thing to think about is where you will be driving said vehicle. If you think that most of your driving will be done in tight and high traffic areas, then a moped should do the trick. Given that you often cannot go much faster than 30mph in a city, mopeds are often a better choice for city-dwellers.

For one, you will spend less on petrol costs with a 50cc engine than you would with 125cc. With a 50cc model, you are often going to be limited to the pace that you could drive around with in a city anyway. So, keep that in mind as you go about working out what you would like to drive.

Making the choice is tough because you have so much to think about. The main deciding factor for us would be this: are you thinking of leaving your city via motorway?

If so, then get a 125cc scooter. Moped scooters at 50cc lack the pace to be able to make the kind of progress you would have intended. As such, you cannot go on the motorway with a 50cc engine of any kind. You need to step it up if you want to head out on the motorway instead.

Take a look at every moped that we sell, and you can then make a choice from our varied collection. Should you need any help at all in making that purchase, though, we are just a call away. Don’t hesitate to call – we would love to help you make the right choice!

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