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Mopeds for Sale

Mopeds for Sale

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When you are on the lookout for mopeds for sale, you have so many choices in terms of what model to pick from. At Direct Bikes, we look to give you as much specific information as we can about all of our models. The hope is that, armed with information, you’ll be able to push on and buy the right moped.

Many mopeds are hard to pick out of a line-up because, at first glance, they are all so similar. But just as two cars could look similar yet perform wildly differently, mopeds are the same. If you are looking for a good reason to invest in buying a moped, then you should absolutely take a look at the available mopeds that we have for sale. This will help you to make an informed choice based on the kind of moped that you want to drive. Should you need any help in picking or choosing a moped, you need only let us know what you are looing for. Our in-house experts can then hunt down exactly what you need and put it into action for you.

If you would like some help in making an informed choice regarding buying a moped, you can get plenty of helpful information here. We’re going to break down the most important things that you should take into account when buying a moped. Hopefully, this can help you to stop making an investment that you are broadly not going to be happy with. By keeping the below points in mind, you might just pick out the ideal scooter for yourself personally. So, where do you start if you wish to buy a good quality scooter or moped?

Work out your ideal budget

The first thing that you need to do is work out what you would realistically want to spend on a moped. Many new mopeds for sale can cost you anything from around £800 way beyond the £2,000 mark. At Direct Bikes, though, we can make sure that you pick up a scooter for a much more affordable price. For those looking to get a great deal on their scooter, you can buy a model from Direct Bikes starting at just £959. Our 125cc models, meanwhile, start at just £1,099 – that’s outstanding value for money!

This is a big reason why we recommend that you plan out budgetary limits as much as anything else. It will help you to make your purchase in good knowledge that you are buying something you can afford to pick up. With our budget-friendly bikes, you can easily pick up something for a fantastic price; you just need to know where to look.

Don’t forget about added costs

However, it would be a mistake if you think of only the price to buy your chosen model of scooter. Many mopeds for sale will come with extra costs attached – in fact, they all will. Why? Because you have to get road tax. While road tax is often very cheap for a moped, you will find that you cannot avoid this payment. It must be made. So, you should get used to the idea of having to go and pay tax. However, we can help you to make sure that you can easily get your vehicle taxed, and we can give assistance in finding insurance also.

You should take the time to look closely at your choice of vehicles, and make sure you can get the one with the cheapest road tax. You should always look to try and pick a vehicle based on this particular merit, as it will help you get something cheap. Also take into account that you will need to pay for delivery of the bike. Our bike deliveries, though, are UK-wide and come in at a great, friendly price. This means you don’t need to come &pick up your vehicle; just let us know your location, and we’ll be there to deliver!

On top of this, you need to pay for moped insurance. This can be quite expensive, and you should do some shopping around to find a good insurance provider. If you cannot find a provider you are happy with, ask the vendor who sold you the moped.

Taking into account running costs

Another factor that should come into mind when looking at any mopeds for sale is the running cost. Typically, a moped in the 50cc to 125cc range can produce an efficiency level far higher than you would have assumed. Most of the time, they can give you as much as 100 miles per gallon of petrol. So, keep that in mind and it should go some way to helping you get a bit more value for your money. Every Direct Bikes moped for sale comes with a mileage of at least 100mpg.

On top of that, you will find that the various moped bikes for sale will help you pick something based purely on the cost of running. Keep in mind that too that while electric scooters are fast and effective, though they are not road legal. They might save you less in running costs, but you are vastly limited as to where you could actually use one!

Keep that in mind as many people have made the investment in an electric scooter, only to find out that they are limited as to where they can drive it. Running costs, though, are a major part of buying a scooter, so please keep that in mind moving forward.

Consider your driving experience

Next up, take the time to look closely at what kind of driving experience that you have. If you are someone who lacks driving experience, then it is highly recommended that you look to drive a model in the 50cc range. Typically, our50cc scooters are true mopeds in that they are going to keep you driving along at a safe and simple cruising speed. Typically, they can be speeds of 30mph. That’s very useful if you are looking to move around quickly. If you are looking for something with more raw power, you might need to look at going for a 125cc scooter instead.

If you do need extra top speed, then our125cc scooters make better choices for those with genuine driving expertise. This will help you to pick up the pace easier on the road, and it will allow you to hit speeds of around 60mph. This is more suited to those who will be using any mopeds for sale that they buy on a professional basis. If you need to go on a motorway for example, stepping it up to 125cc is recommended. A 50cc moped is simply not fast enough to handle the motorway, so it is not permitted.

Either way, though, you should keep all of the above in mind. It might just help you to make a decision that you can be happy with moving forward into the future. This should go a long way to making sure you can pick up a brand new moped for sale directly from our store. Should you need any help whatsoever, though, do not be afraid to reach out and speak to us about it. We will be more than happy to assist you!

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