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Moped Scooter

Moped Scooter

For anyone looking to buy a moped scooter, the sheer variety of options can be quite daunting. Look at one scooter, and it might seem like the dream ride for you. Look a little closer, though, and you might find it's not quite as good as it sounded when you first looked at it. What can you do if you find this to be the case? It's quite simple. By using the following ideas, you should find it easy to buy a moped scooter that you can easily start driving as soon as it arrives.

First off, work what you want to pay

The most important part of buying a scooter is making sure that you can actually afford to buy it in the first place. Take the time to work out what kind of budget you have to play with. Unless you want to buy a second hand option, most scooter products you look at will be in the range of £1,000 and up.

It also depends on the engine size, but we can talk about that more in a moment. We think you should take a quick look at the moped scooter options that you are considering, and then look at their price. By working out what you are willing to spend, you might just find it a bit easier to buy a moped you are happy with. We'd suggest anything under £1,000, though, might make it a stretch.

Can you drive a scooter?

But wait! Before you go and sign up for a scooter, can you even drive one yet? That matters, obviously. It can be quite easy to go and buy a scooter, but if you do not have a full driving license then you could be in trouble. Want to find out if you enjoy riding a scooter without spending hundreds of pounds on lessons, though?

That's easy: go for your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). This will take you around one full day/afternoon, and it should give you all the skills you need to start driving a scooter. It will take out much of the guess work involved in buying a scooter, too, as you'll know exactly what you like.

Most of the time, you will be taught on a 50cc engine. Once you get your CBT, though, you can step it up to a 125cc model.

50cc scooters

50cc scooters are typically going to be around 28-30mph in speed. For getting around locally and town that is going to be very suitable. They provide stupendous miles to the gallon, as well, so you can drive with relative ease when you hop on one of these - all without spending too much.

However, if you have quickly got the hang of scooter driving you might find that a 50cc model is just a touch too basic for you. When you buy a model, think about the long-term purchase. Don't just think about today - will you still be using that 50cc scooter in a years time?

At 30mph or so, you are limited to how fast you can go. It obviously makes it hard for you to go on things like motorways, too. If you think you have more ambitions than sticking to local areas, keep on reading.

125cc scooters

The next option that we recommend you take the time to look at would be a 125cc scooter. 125cc models are very popular with a lot of people as they can give you far more driving power. You get around 60mph on most moped scooters fitted with this strength of engine. This means you can zoom along and handle going on things like motorways and open roads.

We recommend that you get some training and some understanding of driving before you go on a 125cc model, though. A moped scooter you can drive comfortably is one that you can drive safely. So, if this is your first ever vehicle then 125cc can be a touch daunting.

Our suggestion? Rent a 50cc for a weekend or so. If you feel like you are already pushing it to the limit without much challenge, then you might want to step it up a notch.

What will you use it for?

Another factor that comes into buying a scooter is making sure you buy one suited to you. First off, what will you use it for?

If your aim is for small trips to the store and back, or journeys avoiding motorways, then go for a 50cc model. You will find this is great for local and small scale domestic travel. However, the speed limits means you should probably avoid going on a motorway with it. You are legal to do so if you have your full driving license, but it can feel extremely uncomfortably if you are not used to going on a motorway with one.

So, keep that in mind, and it might make your purchase easier. If you are going to be using it for work, commutes across towns, or anything involved motorway travel, then you need to get a 125cc engine - at least. We recommend that you look at buying something that is suited to your skill level as much as your budget. Also take into account the size of yourself - you want to buy something that you can sit on comfortably. Don't buy something that leaves you feeling cramped!

Affording a moped scooter

If you go to buy a scooter and it is slightly out of your budget, you should look into scooter finance. With a finance deal, you can pick up a moped scooter even if you are not in a great financial position. Yes, it means making monthly payments - but it should also mean picking up your moped scooter in a quick, timely manner.

So, be sure to look at getting a moped scooter and you should really feel the difference. There's something so enjoyable about driving a moped, that affording it should be the part you are most willing to stretch for. If you buy a moped scooter using finance, then you know you aren't making one large lump-sum payment. Whatever options suits you best, though, be sure to look at getting a moped!