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Moped Scooter

Moped Scooter

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For anyone looking to buy a moped scooter, we have plenty of options for you to consider here at Direct Bikes.We know that buying a scooter can seem confusing at first, but it really does not have to be!

If you want to take away the pressure that comes with buying a moped scooter, then you need only contact Direct Bikes. With our vast experience and our technical knowhow, we can direct you to buy the ideal bike that you want to start riding. This can make sure that you get on the road as soon as possible, joining the many moped/scooter riders in Britain!

Can you drive a scooter?

But wait! Before you go and hit ‘Add to Cart’ on a Direct Bikes scooter, can you even drive one yet? That matters, obviously!

We make buying a scooter extremely easy, but if you do not have a full driving license then you could be in trouble. Want to find out if you enjoy riding a scooter without spending hundreds of pounds on lessons, though?

That’s easy: go for your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT).

  • Your CBT gives you access to the help that you need to learn the fundamental steps to becoming a better driver.
  • Your CBT is valid for two years and allows you to drive anywhere outside of motorways.
  • You also cannot take a passenger onboard until you get your full driving license.
  • To pass boss theory and practical tests will be necessary.
  • The tests will take you around one full day/afternoon.
  • It should give you all the skills you need to start driving a scooter.

It will take out much of the guess work involved in buying a scooter, too, as you’ll know exactly what you like.Most of the time, you will be taught on a 50cc engine. Once you get your CBT, though, you can step it up to a 125cc model. At Direct Bikes, we sell both 50cc and 125cc mopeds and scooters. This helps you to find something in the right range for you.

What, though, is the right option for you today?

50cc scooters from Direct Bikes

At Direct Bikes, our 50cc scooters are typically going to be 30mph in speed. This makes them ideal for getting around locally and town. They allow you to zip through traffic without any of the usual difficulty. This can cut off valuable hours per week in your commute to and from work.

They are very easy to learn how to ride, too, as almost all of our models use Automatic transmission. This means using a ‘Twist & Go’ transmission. You simply pull on the handlebars, and your bike will pick up speed. Loosen your grip, and it will slow down accordingly.

On top of that, 50cc scooters can be some of the most affordable vehicles to run on the road today.Our vehicles provide stupendous miles to the gallon, so you can drive with relative ease when you hop on one of these – all without spending too much. With mileage in excess of 100mpg, this provides top quality value for money.

At Direct Bikes, though, we always recommend that you keep your options open with regards to what to buy. When you buy a moped or scooter from us, you should think about the long-term purchase. Don’t just think about today – will you still be using that 50cc scooter in a years’ time?

At 30mph or so, you are limited to how fast you can go. If you feel like you might need to move up to riding on motorways etc. you might need more top speed. That’s why so many people choose instead to invest in our 125cc scooters instead.

125cc scooters

The next option that we recommend you take the time to look at would be a 125cc scooter. 125cc models are very popular with a lot of people as they can give you far more driving power. Just like our 50cc models, too, they tend to be available with Automatic transmission. While we do have some 125cc scooters which are Manual, many are Automatic. This gives you great choice and selection.

You get around 60mph on most scooters fitted with this strength of engine. This means you can zoom along and handle going on things like motorways and open roads. That’s why our 125cc scooters are often among our most popular options at Direct Bikes.

We recommend that you get some training and some understanding of driving before you go on a 125cc model, though. A scooter you can drive comfortably is one that you can drive safely. So, if this is your first ever vehicle then 125cc can be a touch daunting. This, though, is purely going to come down to personal choice.

Speak to us if you would like to know what riding a 125cc scooter can be like. If most/all of your experience comes from 50cc rides, it can feel quite a jump. So, take the time to look at our moped scooter options, and pick based on both immediate and long-term usage.

Affording a moped scooter with Direct Bikes

At Direct Bikes, we’re proud to help our customers make riding not only fun, but affordable. That’s why we offer great deals, with our cheapest moped starting at just £959. Our cheapest 125cc model start at just £1,099, too, giving you access to great value for money.

If you go to buy a scooter and it is slightly out of your budget, you should look into ourscooter finance. With a finance deal, you can pick up a moped even if you are not in a great financial position. We can give you as much as £5,000 in a finance plan and can give you as long as 60 months to make the repayments. We also don’t hold your credit rating against you; simply choose from Bad to Excellent, and we’ll give you the full rundown of your costs.

Take a look at every option we have for you, and you should be sure to find a moped scooter that you like to drive. Come and take a look at our various mopeds, and you our selection of scooters. With detailed information about every model and rapid delivery within just three days, we make sure you aren’t waiting long to get on the roads.

To buy a brand new scooter without breaking the bank, then, come and check out our wares at Direct Bikes!


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