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Moped MOT

Moped MOT

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For anyone thinking about buying a moped today, one thing that might confuse you is MOT. MOTs are a major part of owning a vehicle. It’s how the government knows that you have a vehicle that has been signed by independent experts. They can give you an MOT that is going to show that your vehicle is something that can be ridden on the road without issue. However, the problem with getting a moped MOT is that you might not be sure when you need one.

At Direct Bikes, we make sure that you always know what you need when you buy from us. Let’s look at your MOT obligations below.

When do I need my first moped MOT?

If you buy from Direct Bikes, then you are buying a brand scooter. This means that you can be safe in the knowledge that, if it had to go for an MOT today, it would pass. However, the UK regulations are this: if you buy a brand new moped, and you register it, it does not need an MOT for three full years.

However, once you pass that point and you have your bike at the 3-year mark, then it must be MOT’d every year. A failure to do that can lead to some financial penalties and a real headache. So, make sure you look to get that MOT booked in every year. With a Direct Bikes ride, though, your first three years will mean you don’t need to get an MOT.

What happens if I don’t get an MOT?

If you fail to get an MOT and you get spotted by the police (and you will), it can lead to some serious issues. The first and most obvious issue is that you are very likely to be fined. This fine can be as large as £1,000. It will also mean that any insurance claims that you have are invalidated, which could hurt your future chances of getting new insurance for your ride.

This is going to be quite expensive if it comes to future pay-outs or accidents that take place. So, you should always book in for your MOT after the three years are up. The risk of not having your moped MOT carried out is simply not worth avoiding your MOT. It’s not a hard or expensive task, especially if you take care of your moped for the long-term.

What does my moped MT actually cover?

Going ‘under the hood’ for a moped is like going under surgical care for a human being. Your MOT will cover just about every aspect of your vehicle. Today, MOTs are forensic in what they look for. Everything from a slightly funny light to an ever so slightly uncomfortable section of the bike will be noted to you.

MOTs are there to make sure that your vehicle can be passed 100% roadworthy. It means that you can meet the standards needed for your ride to be out on the roads of the UK. That’s why you should make sure that you always get your MOT. It means that you can show that any issues with your vehicle were not there last time it was checked over.

Don’t dismiss going for an MOT; it’s a very important part of running your business.

What does my MOT not cover?

Please note, though, that some things are not covered as part of your MOT. Despite being extremely thorough, your scooter MOT is not eternal. It means that, at the time of passing, your vehicle was roadworthy. If you were then to smash or break something on the bike and not fix it, you would still be in for some issues with the law if you don’t get it repaired.

Your MOT merely means that at the day of your MOT it was in a good enough condition to leave the garage and drive. Also, please note that an MOT will not look at the engine, clutch, or gearbox. So, don’t be shocked if you keep passing MOTs but then issues arise in these particular areas. Since they are not checked, they are not part of the wider evaluation that goes on when looking at your moped.

How much do I pay for my MOT?

Typically, your MOT is going to cost you around £29.65 to go and get carried out. However, please note that this is only the cost of the MOT. If something comes back that has to be repaired, then the garage will likely want to bill you for getting it fixed. At that stage, it’s entirely up to you. You could have it fixed or get a second opinion from another garage.

You should always look to get your MOT booked in ahead of time, though. Don’t take the risk of leaving your vehicle on the road for too close to your MOT date. Get it booked in, and you can make sure that you can avoid as much expense as is possible. Be thorough and organised with your MOT, and the whole process can become a little easier to work with.

Buy a moped without the need for an MOT for three years

When you buy a bike with Direct Bikes, then, you will be happy to know that it can go without an MOT for a whole three years. Since our bikes are brand new and are first registered when you buy from us, it’s going to be MOT-free for a three-year period. However, as we mentioned before, once that three-year period is over you have to prepare for the next step. You need an annual MOT at that point.

It’s a tough thing to remember to do, but it’s essential. Buy from Direct Bikes, though, and you know that you have at least three years peace of mind from having to book in for an MOT. For a headache-free three years of ownership, then, take a look at our stock today. With the quality of our models, you can make buying and owning a vehicle much easier, cheaper, and simpler!

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