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Moped Dealers

Moped Dealers

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Trying to find reliable moped dealers that you could buy a brand new scooter from? Then welcome to Direct Bikes!

For years, we’ve acted as the go-to place for people from all across the UK to get into scooter riding. They see us as the ideal place to buy from for a whole variety of reasons. Rest assured that if you are looking for a good deal on a fairly priced scooter, then you are in the right place. Why, though, should you make a purchase with us? What can we offer you that you can’t get elsewhere?

Outstanding value for your money

At Direct Bikes, we care about making sure our customers get a great deal when it comes to buying a moped. That’s why as moped dealers we look to give you the best prices and the fairest rates. All that you need to know is what kind of scooter you would like to buy. With our scooters and mopeds starting at only £999, we can make it very affordable indeed to buy a brand new vehicle. So, why settle for second best when with Direct Bikes you have no need to settle?

Buy from us, and you can get a brand new bike at a used price. We make sure that you don’t have to pay a high price to pick up a brilliant quality moped direct from our store. So, why not take a look and see if we have something you would be interested in riding?

Pick from a varied and diverse selection

Another reason why we think you should choose us as your go-to moped dealers is our selection. We have a fine range of 50cc mopeds and 125cc scooters that you can pick from. Just take a look at our various mopeds in this collection, and you can pick out something suited to you. From smaller mopeds to something a bit more suited to street riding, we have something for every profile of rider.

Moped riding is a very specific pursuit, and it’s something that we know a lot of people have specific ideas about. If you would like to get a quality moped, then take a look at our selection. With enough variety to make sure you can find a ride for you; you can get a brilliant purchase and save yourself plenty of time and money along the way.

Brilliant deals on rides that last

When you buy a scooter from Direct Bikes, you are buying a scooter that arrives in ample condition. One thing you will find about our scooters, too, is that they are brand new. They come withouta previous owner; despite the price we charge, our models are 100% new. So, you can know that if you care for that particular model then it should last you for many years to come. That’s why we always suggest that if you want to get a brilliant ride, you buy from our store here at Direct Bikes.

With the range of scooters and mopeds that we have, buying something quality has never been easier. That’s why we recommend that if you are looking for a spectacular quality of moped or scooter that you check out our selection. With brand new vehicles, you can trust they’ll last for many years!

Peace of mind via warranty

Buying a moped means putting your faith in our dealership that the moped is to the highest standard. We can ensure that this is the case by giving you total peace of mind through our secure 1-year warranty program. With 1-year warranty from us, you can ride to an unlimited amount. Other vendors might limit the kind of mileage that you can do, but we won’t!

That’s why if you choose to buy from Direct Bikes you will be buying something that gives you total peace of mind. Have any problem at all in your first year? Then you need only let us know. Our team can then take a look and find out what the issue is, solving it for you ASAP. This means you aren’t waiting around to get your ride, and it means you can start riding as soon as possible.

Rapid delivery to your doorstep

If you choose to buy from our moped dealers, then you will be buying from a store that does delivery. Other moped dealerships might want you to come down and pick it up; we don’t. instead, We want you to be able to rest and relax as we go through the buying process. Simply choose the ride that you want, select it, and then add it to your cart. Once in the cart, go to the shopping basket and make your purchase.

During purchase, you will be asked to choose a delivery location from anywhere in the UK. Choose your location, and we’ll add on the delivery price so that you know what you are going to need to pay. With affordable delivery handled within 1-3 working days, we make sure you can get your scooter right to your doorstep as soon as is possible!

Make the easiest choice of your riding life

When you choose to buy from Direct Bikes, you are making a wise choice. Our dealership has been very successful for years, purely because we make sure people know what they are buying. When you look through our collection, you’ll find that we have a host of unique bikes and rides to pick from. This should really help you to pick out the ideal choice for you, giving you access to great bikes at simply tremendous prices.

We know that it can be tough to make a choice when it comes to getting a bike. That’s why we always suggest that if you want to make the purchase as easy as it can be that you come and buy from us. Take a look at what we have to offer, and you can get a brilliant deal for a very low price. Need any help at all in making a choice? Then just let us know. We’ll be more than happy to help you pick out your ideal moped or scooter!

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