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Moped License

Moped License

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For anyone thinking about getting a moped license, you have many options to think about. At Direct Bikes, we know how important it is to get the correct license. We sell a wide range of high end mopeds, ranging from smaller 50cc scooters to our larger 125cc scooter collection. Whatever you think would be suitable for you, though, you need to make sure that you collect the right kind of license. Without the proper license, you are running the risk of not being allowed to ride on the roads of the UK. What can you do if you wish to avoid that problem?

Getting the correct moped license

To start off with, one thing that you more or less always need is your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). Without your CBT, you are running the risk of not being allowed to progress further. The only instance that we know of where you don’t need CBT training (only for 50cc mopeds, you still need CBT training for 125cc rides), is if you passed your driving test prior to the 1st February 2001. If you done so, you can drive a 50cc moped without needing to do your CBT.

Any other kind of rider, though, would need to go and get their CBT. The youngest age that one can apply for their CBT, though, is sixteen. This would give you the chance to ride a 50cc moped or below with L plates on.

Once you reach age seventeen, you could get your CBT and be capable of driving a ‘light motorcycle’ up to a top speed of 30mph.

What does my CBT limit me from doing?

Since this this is basic training, you have to remember that you are going to be limited as to what you can do. Some of the limits imposed on you with only your CBT include:

  • You cannot ride on the motorways of the UK (you can’t do so with a 50cc regardless).
  • You also cannot carry a pillion passenger; this is for full moped license holders only.
  • You also cannot without your L plates on until you get your full license, as well.

Please note that you also need to hold your provisional driving license as well as your CBT. To get your provisional license, you need to be able to:

  • Prove you are the age of 17 years or move.
  • Prove you have completed your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT).

You can get your provisional via the DVLA, either through their website or through your local post office.

Getting a full moped license

Should you find that your CBT is not enough for you, though, you could always get your full driving license. These come in various forms, and it all depends which category you fall into. The first category that you can go for is your AM Moped License.

This is aimed at those aged 16+ and would give you the chance to carry a pillion passenger and remove your L plates. This would entitle you to ride any of our 50cc scooters.

Getting your full license would allow you to hit the maximum speed of 28mph, too. Should you wish to ride one of our 125cc vehicles, though, you need a higher category of license. This is known as your A1 Light Motorbike License.

The A1 License

Available from ages 17+, the A1 License is a fine starting place. It would give you access to fully ride one of our 125cc scooters. It’s a good choice for anyone who wishes to step up to a higher license in the future. For example, you could go for your A2,but this is aimed at those aged 19 and above.

For anyone looking to ride a moped from Direct Bikes, you need your AM or A1 license. Your A1 license would allow you to ride your 125cc moped in full. It would allow you to go for things like motorway rides, picking up a pillion passenger, and giving you the excuse to go above the 28mph top speed imposed on you.

If you wish to ride anything ahead of the 125cc range, then you would need to get what is known as your A2 motorbike license or your full A license.

Buying a moped from Direct Bikes: will it suit my license?

When you choose to make your purchase on a moped, you have to make sure it’s suited to your license. That’s why we have so many different scooters for you to pick from today. We know that many riders will be uncertain as to what is right for them: a 50cc or a 125cc ride.

That’s why we recommend that if you cannot choose that you give us a call today. We are available until 5:30PM Monday to Friday, and 4PM on a Saturday. You can give us a call and we can go through all of the options that you are legally entitled to ride. Just tell us what level of moped you are riding, and we’ll make sure you can get a fantastic deal for a very fair price indeed. When you buy with Direct Bikes, the aim is to make sure you get a ride to match your license.

When you buy from us, then, just ask us if you have any questions at all. With the prices of our mopeds starting at only £999, we make buying a moped as affordable as it should be. If you want to celebrate obtaining your license, why not celebrate by buying a brand new ride to enjoy?

Instead of settling for second best, come and speak to us. We can show you our mopeds and ensure that you get a great deal for a very fair price indeed. The end result will be making sure you buy a moped that you just know is suited to you, and the level of license you have.

For a brand new ride for a used price, then, come and see what we have for you at Direct Bikes!


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