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Motorhome Scooter

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Are you looking to buy a Motorhome Scooter or a Caravan Scooter? For anyone who owns a motorhome, life can feel very free indeed. You aren’t stuck down in the one plot of land, nor are you paying constant prices for things like mortgages. So long as you can get enough petrol to get around, life can feel pretty free. But, as a motorhome owner, one thing you might find is that you lack freedom sometimes. When you find a great place to settle down for the evening, or even for a few days, you want to explore. Exploring and mingling around the local area, though, can be tough in a big motorhome. Instead, you need a motorhome scooter!

At Direct Bikes, we sell many awesome vehicles which are perfect for motorhome owners. We sell a fine collection of 50cc mopeds and 125cc scooters. These are the perfect choice for many people; the ideal starting point for just about anyone who wants a brand new scooter.

With all of our rides new and never used before, you can be 100% confident they won’t leave you stranded from your motorhome. So, with the help of a ride from Direct Bikes, then, you can make getting away from your motorhome a little bit easier. Why, though, should you consider buying a scooter to bring with you?

A great choice for seeing the local area

With a motorhome backed up by a scooter, you have the best of both worlds. You can bring everyone and the family in the motorhome, and then go for a convenient ride away on the scooter. This lets you to make sure that you can hop on it and drive around locally. With a top speed of 30/60mph you can make sure you can drive as leisurely as you would like.

This means you don’t need to have a mini convoy following you as you go through the trip. Just set up your trip, attach the bike on the bike, and bring it along. It can then be detached to go exploring and sight-seeing!

Cheap and affordable to ride

When you buy a scooter from Direct Bikes, you will be getting a tremendous deal. The initial price is one thing, but our rides are also very cheap to run. Buy a 50cc or 125cc scooter from our selection, and you’ll get mileage in excess of 100mpg!

That’s going to mean that you won’t have to be looking for a petrol station too soon as you go around the place. With the affordability of having a scooter, you don’t need to worry about your trip being too expensive. So, that’s why we recommend you get a motorhome scooter; it can make travelling locally even more affordable. Now, you don’t have to worry about excess petrol costs incurred by a second car.

Pick up local goodies

With a scooter for your motorhome, you can head off to the local amenities and stores. With the underneath storage that you can get with a scooter, you can easily store your shopping under your seat. One of our scooters will give you enough storage to fit a lot of smaller items, as well as a few larger bags. So, if you need to head out and get supplies you don’t need to bring the entire motorhome.

You could park it up, head off to the store via your scooter, and return in good time. This means that you can pick up everything you need locally without having to leave your plot of land behind. That’s why so many people choose to invest in a caravan scooter. It makes those quick jaunts to and from town easier, simpler, and more affordable.

Go and see local hotspots

When you have parked up and you are enjoying a trip, conversation is going to turn to the local amenities. You can then use one of our scooters to shoot off with a passenger (presuming you have the license). You could then both go and see local spots that you might not have had the chance to on-foot. Many rural amenities are off the obvious path and can be hard to reach in a big, bulky motorhome.

With a scooter, though, you can find it very easy indeed to go and see sights from your starting destination. This is why we would recommend investing in a second vehicle to have with your motorhome.

Now, you won’t be so constricted to whatever is in walking distance. This means you don’t need to compromise between a great motorhome parking spot and access to local things to do. Can you see, then, why having a scooter to bring with you can be so useful?

Simply attach it to the back of your motorhome and bring it along with you on any trips you intend to make. When the notion grabs you, you can then drive off via your scooter to see something local. That offers much more freedom than having to pack up everything at once!

Ready to make a purchase?

If you feel like having a motorhome scooter would be something that you enjoy, you should look to make the purchase today. That’s why we recommend that you take a look at buying one of our scooters today. We sell various scooter mopeds, with our prices starting at only £999!

This makes it so, so simple for you to pick up a brand new caravan scooter. It’s going to ensure that you can get a lot more done on trips away, giving you the freedom that you desire. You can simply bring your motorhome and your scooter, and then hop on the scooter to explore locally. When you find a little patch of land that you want to stay at, then, you could use a scooter to help get around the local area.

Now, you don’t have to choose between having a plot of land that you like, or the freedom to go and look around locally. With one of our motorhome scooters, you can make this whole process far simpler. It’s just about making choices that you can be truly happy with!

For help in making those choices, then, come and speak to us today. With such great value, we’ll make sure you can make a very wise choice indeed. You don’t have to be stuck in the motorhome and unable to get around your new area; with a scooter, you are in total cont

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