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Moped Licence

Moped Licence

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For anyone thinking about getting a moped licence, one thing you need to do is understand the licencing laws. At Direct Bikes, we speak to many young riders who are not sure of the rules around riding. It can be tough to work out if you just look around. If you want some help in working out what licencing laws you need to adhere to, you are in the right place. In this article, we’ll break down everything that you need to know about getting a scooter licence.

This should really help you to make sure you can get riding in no time at all!

What kind of moped licence do I need?

To start off with, you need to work out what kind of licence that you would need. The absolute minimum that you need to ride a moped today is a provisional moped licence. You also need to go and pass your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), which is necessary as a precursor to all other licencing. Once you get your CBT and your provisional, then you could choose to start riding a 50cc scooter.

This would come with caps, though. For example, you are limited to a top speed of 28mph. You also would not be allowed a passenger on the back until you get your full licence. Also, you cannot go on the motorway nor can you take off your L plates. Keep that in mind, and you can make sure you can start riding at a basic level.

What age do I need to be to get a moped licence?

The earliest age that you could pick up a moped licence today would be the age of sixteen. 16-year-old riders can apply for their provisional and they can go and sit their CBT exam. This would give you the chance to start riding with the limits that we mentioned above.

You should also take the time to look into your AM licence (more on this below). This is a very useful part of the licencing program and will play a key role in helping you to learn how to ride. It’s the next step up for most people and would give you the chance to step up from the limits of a CBT. For most young riders, though, starting out on your CBT and then progressing further is a wise course of action to take.

When do I not need to take my CBT?

There is one instance in which you could ride a 50cc moped (and a 50cc moped only) without taking your CBT. This is if you were able to pass your full driving test before the 1st February 2001. If you do this, you are much more likely to be able to pick up a moped from our store and just start driving it.

So long as you passed prior to then, you could ride a 50cc without any of the limits that come with having a CBT. However, if you passed even on the 2nd February 2001 you would not be allowed to drive without a CBT. If you are someone who already has a full driving licence, though, and you got it before the cut-off threshold listed above, you can start riding a 50cc moped from our store immediately.

Going for a full UK moped licence

You might choose to then step it up and go for a larger licence. We recommend that anyone thinking of doing this does so as soon as they can. The benefit of using a full UK moped is very much enjoyable. What licences, though, could you go for?

Your AM licence

The first full licence that you could pick up in the UK for a rider is the AM licence. The AM is a very popular choice andis available to anyone aged 16+. It’s a fine choice for anyone who wishes to ride a moped up to 50cc at its full top speed. You would also be allowed to take off your L plates and carry a pillion passenger. However, please note that an AM licence does not allow you to go on the motorway. With a 50cc motorway, you are not allowed to ride on the motorway whatsoever.

This is very important to note, as many riders will look to take their 50cc on the motorway. While your top speed could handle a dual carriageway if you are careful, you are not permitted to go on the motorway with a 50cc moped.

Your A1 licence

The next choice for most riders would be to go and get an A1 licence. The A1          is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to ride one of our 125cc mopeds. They make a fine choice if you wish to take the 125cc to its full limits. This would let you to take off your L plates and carry a passenger on the back of your bike. It would also give you the option to go on the motorway.

Given that a 125cc can do a top speed of 60mph, motorway riding is much more realistic here. That’s why we recommend that if you do wish to traverse the motorway via moped that you get your A1 licence. Then, you can invest your money into one of our 125cc mopeds and buy something perfectly suited to how you wish to ride.

Not sure what you need?

Then contact Direct Bikes today. We can help you to work out what you have in terms of licences, and what you would need. All of our mopeds are CBT-compatible, though. So, if you happen to hold that particular moped licence then you could start riding anything from our store as soon as it is taxed and insured.

Keep that in mind, and you might just find it possible to pick out your ideal choice of ride from Direct Bikes. Should you need any help at all in making your choice, though, we are just a phone call away. Call us any time up to 5:30PM Monday to Friday, and we’ll make sure you can buy your ideal ride!

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