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Moped for Sale UK

Moped for Sale UK

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When you are looking to buy a moped for sale UK riders will have more than their fair share of options. Without doubt, mopeds are one of the most popular driving options in the United Kingdom. As many car drivers trade in their cars for the most adjustable and versatile moped, you might think about joining them. Owning a moped makes a lot of sense, but you need to make sure that you buy the right kind of moped. After all, there are quite a few model types to look into if you wish to buy one.

What kinds of moped exist?

You have numerous forms of moped, but the most common distinction will come down to engine size primarily. If you are looking to buy a moped, then you will be buying a moped for sale in the United Kingdom based on speed, right?

Well, the main thing that will determine speed in any kind of moped is the Cubic Centimetre (CC) size of the engine. Without the right size of engine, you will be driving a bike that is simply not fast enough to reach your aims and ambitions. That’s why we recommend that you look to buy a moped that is of the correct power level. If you choose to buy from a popular vendor such as Direct Bikes, for example, you’ll be buying a moped that is brand new.

You’ll also be choosing from two major engine types – 50cc and 125cc. Let’s evaluate both.

50cc mopeds

A 50cc moped for sale in the UK is going to be capable of a top speed of around 30 miles per hour. At 50cc, you are driving among the lowest engine powers that can legally drive on the road. You will, though, get a moped that is very powerful for the average driver. If you do not normally drive, then you will notice a big change in the power provided by a 50cc moped.

It’s become a common model choice for first time drivers, especially as you can drive a 50cc moped from the age of 16. All that you need to do is get your provisional driving license and pass your Compulsory Basic Training. Do that, and you can start riding a 50cc moped for two years before re-sitting your test or getting your full license. 50cc mopeds, though, offer the ideal introduction to being a rider.

One of the most common choices for you to evaluate in terms of offers would be a 50cc Ninja. Having become a very popular moped due to its simple automatic driving style, many people are using the Ninja as their first moped. Available for just £999, too, it’s a brilliant price for a very easy to master moped. Get a moped like this, and you can enjoy driving around with it and getting used to its particular style.

For those who might want something a bit more general, though, you might prefer the Retro instead. The Retro is very popular with a lot of scooter riders as they are so easy to get to grips with. It offers the same top speed as the Ninja, and the same transmission style. It does, though, have a more padded seating area.

You should be ready to do your research, though, regardless of the model you choose to buy.

125cc mopeds

The next step up for anyone wanting to upgrade from 50cc is to go for a 125cc moped. 125cc models are a very popular choice and tend to be the happy medium between 50cc and 250cc. 50cc might not be enough, and 250cc might be too much. If you would like to dodge this conundrum, then you should look to buy a 125cc moped.

Offering top speeds of around 60 miles per hour, these are much faster than their smaller equivalents. This gives you much more confidence when it comes to driving your moped, as you’ll be able to get out of tight spots. However, be aware that with more speed means less handling. Be sure to keep your speed to the maximum speed allowed. With this kind of bike, though, you can easily enjoy the riding experience without the same challenges you would find with other bike types. One thing we would also note about buying a 125cc scooter is that they tend to still be very eco-friendly.

At both 50cc and 125cc, you can expect to see around 100mpg – if not more. This friendly fuel economy means that you can spend less on your bike and its associated running costs. This allows you to also enjoy the experience a bit easier as you know you can travel far without it hitting you in the pocket so much.

Taking a look around, you will find many different 125cc mopeds to consider buying. A popular choice for many UK drivers is to buy the Lynx. It’s among the most popular kind of moped for sale UK drivers can pick from. It’s stylish, robust, affordable, and reliable. If you want a scooter that can last for many years to come, look at the Lynx.

Where should I buy my moped from?

If you want to find the best deal that you can on a moped for sale in UK dealerships, then take a look at Direct Bikes. Famed for their excellent models and their consistent approach to scooter selection, these are the ideal mopeds vendors. They make it easy for you to pick out a model that you can feel safe driving. At the same time, they take out the stress in trying to find an affordable package.

That’s why we recommend that you take a look at buying a moped from Direct Bikes. With such a rich selection, you will be sure to pick out a model that you can be comfortable driving. Consider what speed is most suited to your own driving education and experience. Then, take a look at the numerous models at 50cc and 125cc on sale with Direct Bikes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how varied the selection can be!


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