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Motor Scooters UK

Motor Scooters UK

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When you want to get into driving a motorbike, one of the best places to start is with a motor scooter from Direct Bikes. While not quite as fast as a traditional motorbike, you can pick up a high quality motor scooter that can give you some pretty impressive top speeds. All of our motor scooters, for example, give you a top speed depending on the choice of engine.

For our 50cc models, you can expect a top speed of around 30mph. For a 125cc scooter, though, you can hit a top speed of 60mph. For anyone who is looking for a simple way to get around and get used to the art of riding a bike, a moped scooter can be an excellent learning point. Let’s take a look at why buying one of the many motor scooters UKfrom Direct Bikes that riders can have delivered would make sense.

Easier learning curve

One thing you will find about buying a motor scooter is that they are very easy to get used to. Compared to a bike, you can have a lot of leeway to get used to the quirks of driving a bike. The main challenge is getting used to your orientation on the road. Remember that as a bike rider you are now in the middle of the lane, not to the right-hand side as you would be in a car.

This can mean getting used to a lot of different angles that you would normally not have considered as a rider. We recommend that you take a look at getting a motor scooter ahead of buying a bike for the simple reason it feels easier. You have more opportunity to learn at a speed that isn’t going to put you or others, at risk. That’s why so many new riders choose to start their riding journey off with a vehicle from Direct Bikes!

Great long-term potential

However, just because motor scooters are easy to learn does not mean they are easy to master. With the learning curve so easy to traverse, you can pick up the basics easily. Even long-term biking veterans, though, are likely to find some kind of value by driving around in a motor scooter. You will still be able to enjoy the ride, and you should have little to no issue getting around quickly. This is why many riders who want to start learning how to ride a bike will go with a scooter.

Then, once they get used to riding a scooter, they often don’t stop. Since all you need to ride a scooter is your CBT license (more on this below), you can easily learn the basics. So, if you are looking for a vehicle with genuine long-term potential as well as short-term enjoyment, go for a scooter. With our scooters starting at just £959, we make sure you can buy a brand new scooter that you can drive for many, many years to come.

Scooters are easy to start with

When you buy a scooter, all that you need to ride the scooter is the following:

  • You must be the age of sixteen or above, and you must have proof.
  • You must hold a valid, in-date provisional bike riding license.
  • You must complete your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) examinations.

Once you do all three of these tasks, you will be able to start riding around on a moped at 50cc of power. Once you are the age of 17, you could start riding a moped at 125cc of power. However, for most people, this will give you the chance to buy one of the many motor scooters UK drivers are picking up. A popular place to buy from is our store at Direct Bikes.We are known for our excellent standard of scooters, sold in various sizes.

With this easy entry point, you could be driving within days of turning sixteen.

Scooters are cheap to afford

One thing about buying a motor scooter is that you will pay far less to buy and then run it. With a scooter, you are getting a tremendous piece of hardware for the price that you pay. If you buy from a leading name in the UK motor scooter scene, like Direct Bikes, you’ll get a model that does a great job of saving you money.

Prices start at just £959 for a 50cc moped, and you can find various models in the 50cc and 125cc range. This gives you some great ideas for picking up a moped scooter that is going to suit your needs. And when you are doing learning atop a motor scooter, you can move onto one of the various 125cc motorcycles on sale.

This gives you the chance to learn how to ride a bike in a simple, safe manner. You will also find that your normal running costs with a motor scooter will be much smaller. Compared to the extensive amount that you would pay for petrol in a car, you get much more efficiency with a scooter. For the most part, you can get around 100mpg from a new motor scooter. Every scooter sold at Direct Bikes can offer you a mileage of at least 100mpg.

This is a good reason why buying one would make a lot of sense. You can spend less to buy it outright, and far less to run it. This helps you to avoid spending thousands of pounds to evaluate if you like riding or not.

It’s easier to buy new

One thing about buying a bike is that unless you buy from the right dealership, like Direct Bikes, you are likely going to need to buy used. Used motorbikes are common, as are used scooters. With scooters, though, the starting price to buy something brand new is actually very accessible. If you are looking to spend less rather than more, you will find that buying a motor scooter will make sense. You will be able to buy a blemish-free, problem-free motorbike that you can try out without having to risk using an older, used model.

This is why so many people look to do their buying through Direct Bikes. All of the motor scooters UK buyers can purchase through our stock are 100% brand new. This means buying a scooter that you know is untouched. This allows you to learn how to drive it without the usual uncertainty that you might have expected. That will play a leading role in helping you to become more comfortable as a driver. With rapid delivery and great prices, we make sure you can buy a brand new scooter without having to spend too much. For help in finding affordable and reliable scooters, come and speak to us today!

Keep this in mind, and it will make sure that you always look to buy new. Buying new means that you can have complete confidence in the condition of the vehicle both aesthetically and under the hood. Buying used means taking a risk. With so many new motor scooters UK riders can pick from on Direct Bikes, why settle for used?

Buy new from us, and you can soon feel the benefits of investing in a brand-new scooter. When you are ready, you’ll feel far more comfortable stepping up to a bike.

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