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Moped for Sale Cheap

Moped for Sale Cheap

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Are you on the lookout to buy a moped for sale cheap? Then you will know hard this can be. Making a good value purchase on something as confusing but as important as buying a vehicle can be tough. If you look around enough, though, you can find a brilliant moped for sale. Instead of just settling for the first model that you place your eyes on, could you find a better value deal if you shopped around a bit first?

To work out what kind of moped you would want, though, you need to know where to start your search.

Buying the right speed

The first thing to consider when buying any moped for sale cheap is the speed. Typically, you can expect the price to go up with a higher engine speed. If you are buying a model with a 50cc engine, for example, you can normally find something in the price range of £900-1,200.  However, if you want something faster, you would normally have to pay for it.

The most common engine speeds are 50cc and 125cc. While every bike is different from one another, the engine speed does help to set many similarities. For example, just about any moped for sale with a 50cc engine will be capable of reaching a top speed of around 30 miles per hour. With a moped that is at 125cc engine speed, though, it will be capable of around 60 miles per hour. You have to work out what kind of speed you would be best served by.

If you do that, then you can find it much easier to make an informed choice. Speed is the biggest differentiator between two bikes. Keeping the right speed as your #1 priority choice is a very good idea. If you take the time to look closely at the kind of speeds you would want, you can pick out a model much easier. Think about the following when evaluating speed:

  • How fast do you need to go based on the places you most commonly drive to?
  • Are you driving in the city or are you spending most of your time in the countryside?
  • Where do you want to drive to? How regularly do you intend to drive there?
  • What kind of fuel economy would you expect if you were to buy a moped today?

Evaluating your findings

The next part of the process is to evaluate your answers to the above. If you find that you need to get a bike that you can drive around a residential area only, go for a 50cc moped. Most 50cc mopeds are affordable and tend to be limited to residential area speeds anyway. Given that most of the best 50cc mopeds will use an Automatic transmission powered via Twist and Go, you can enjoy riding with relative ease.

One thing you will find is that by evaluating your information and your answers to the above, you can rule in/out various models. For example, if you find that you are going to be spending most of your time in the countryside, you need a 125cc engine. Why?  Because countryside driving is much faster, especially if you happen to hit any motorways along the way. If you do hit a motorway, you want to make sure you can drive fast enough to not become a danger.

With a 50cc engine, your 30mph speed cap is not likely to be enough for you moving forward. That’s why we recommend that you look to evaluate your driving lifestyle before you make any commitments here. If your driving is likely to take you out of town, then you want the increased pace that a 125cc engine can give you. For example, the Lynx is popular with drivers who are looking to go from town to town and make it back in good time. That’s why we recommend that you always pick a model that suits your actual driving needs.

Don’t evaluate just based on the price, but on the actual suitability to your lifestyle. If you spend all of your time driving in tight residential and commercial areas, can you really go faster than 30mph anyway?

Buying via Direct Bikes

When you are looking around at the options available to buy a moped for sale cheap, be sure to look at Direct Bikes. As one of the leading names in scooter manufacturing and development, they are a big UK scooter vendor. They sell some excellent mopeds, including the famous Retro 50cc scooter. This makes it easy for you to pick up a moped that feels easy to drive and is suited to your own personal choice. And that is another reason why buying via Direct Bikes makes a lot of sense.

With one of the most helpful support staff in the industry, they are happy to answer any questions you have. Simply pick out a bike that you would to get more information on. They can then take a look to work out what kind of moped for sale would be suited to you. When buying with Direct Bikes, you’ll be happy to know that all models are brand new.

This means buying a scooter that you know is going to arrive without any issues from the previous owner. Now, you can get it insured, taxed, and ready to take on the numerous roads of the United Kingdom in no time at all.

If you would like to pick up a good quality bike today, then you should absolutely take a look at Direct Bikes. They’ll make it easy to pick up a moped for sale cheap. Even the base prices, though, are excellent. Starting at just £999, you can buy a bike that is going to be very much in your price range. With reliable scooter finance to work with, too, you can get more done with the budget that you have.

So, instead of settling for second best, use Direct Bikes. You can soon find a top quality moped for sale cheap that will be suited to your driving habits and experience.


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