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Legal age To Ride a Moped?

Legal age To Ride a Moped?

For anyone thinking of buying a moped from Direct Bikes, we want to help you get on the road ASAP. To do that, we want to help you work out the best way to get yourself onto the roads. To become a rider, you need to get yourself a few things in particular. You will need to get the correct driving license for a start. Before you do any of that, though, you also need to be a certain age. So, what is the legal age to ride a moped?

To start riding a moped, you need to first reach the age of sixteen (16). Once you have reached the age of sixteen years old, you would be legally permitted to go and ride a moped. But that’s not all that you need to do; you need to then go and get the correct license. And to do that, you have to go and do three things:

  1. Reach the age of sixteen and apply for your provisional driving license.
  2. Go and complete your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) examination for a moped.
  3. Pass your theoretical and practical tests to show you can handle being a rider.

Once you have carried out the above, you will be able to them go and get your moped entitlement. You would be given either one of two entitlements, which is either a Category AM entitlement, or a Category Q entitlement. This has replaced the old Categories that used to exist. If you are able to pass a test for your motorcycle category, you will be given the ability to go and ride your moped.

However, you will need to get your CBT certificate if you are not the full holder of a complete driving license. You will be required to get a full CBT certificate if you have not been given a full test category such as the above AM/Q categories.

This can all seem a little confusing, but it’s really not. To start riding a moped, though, you first need to focus on reaching the age of sixteen. So parents, if you have a fifteen-year-old at home who swears they can drive on the road, you should tell them otherwise!

At Direct Bikes, our main suggestion is that you contact us if you are unsure at all about your road legality. Just come and speak to us and we can tell you if you are within the legal age to ride a moped. Then, we can go through the entire process with you to ensure you know just what you need to receive.

Getting into riding is not confusing once you understand the rules. The first and most important rule, though, is age. You cannot legally hold any kind of license to ride a vehicle on the road before the age of sixteen. So, the legal age to ride mopeds is going to be just sixteen. Keep that in mind when you are looking into what kind of vehicles you might choose to invest in in the future. At Direct Bikes, we can help you to find the ideal scooter for a 16-year-old


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