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Latest Scooters

Latest Scooters

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When looking around at the latest scooters, you can find some tremendous deals waiting for you at Direct Bikes. With our brand new models and our scooters of various sizes, you can buy a quality scooter without any problems. However, with so much to choose from, you might not be 100% sure what you want to buy. And that’s fine!

Working it out can be a lengthy decision for experts, nevermind newbies.If you are looking to buy a scooter, though, you likely have one question mind. Should you buy a new model that is one of the most recent scooters?

At Direct Bikes, we want you to make sure you buy the best bike that you possibly can. That’s why we make sure that every bike you buy from us is going to be 100% suitable to you as a rider. When buying from Direct Bikes, you are buying top quality scooters which are manufactured in China. They are designed to last, to give you great performance, and to deliver consistency and efficiency. That’s why we’re one of the leading scooter vendors in the UK today!

Let’s take a look at the two major differences, and why this really matters. If you wish to buy the most modern scooters, consider the following beforehand.

It’s not about the brand

The last thing that you should do is buy a scooter based only on the brand name alone. The brand name of your scooter is just part of the equation. It comes down to much more than the badge or the name on your bike!

If you are intent on making a positive choice with regards to branding, then you should take a look at the latest scooters from Direct Bikes. We have a variety of excellent choices, and this should help you to buy a scooter based on more than the brand. There is much more to owning a scooter than simply buying something with a strong branding or a good marketing budget. The suitability to you is the single most important factor in your purchase decision.

What, then, is the most important thing about buying a scooter?

It’s about the hardware

One thing to remember when looking at the latest scooters is that they are the most advanced technologically. If you try a scooter just released in 2019-20 and then try one from a decade ago, you will feel the difference. All of our models have undergone comprehensive work to ensure they can deliver on the level of performance that we believe is essential. So, if you want to make sure you can buy a scooter that can do the job you want, buy from Direct Bikes!

If you are looking for something very impressive in terms of hardware, keep this in mind. It stands to reason that the latest models are the most technologically sound. So, if you are looking to buy based purely on the quality of hardware, then you should do so today. You will find it much easier to do so by buying a new model. Hardware quality is definitely a major deciding factor moving forward here. Consider that before you make any more decisions!

It’s also about the body

Another factor that you should consider when buying a bike or scooter is the body. We don’t really mean the aesthetics (though they do matter). We actually mean the body shape and size. Can you sit on this bike comfortably? Can you move your feet safely and take total control of all parts of the bike?

Can you reach the handles without having to compromise your body shape and/or position? Keep that in mind. At Direct Bikes, we totally understand that you want a bike that helps you to ride comfortably. That’s why all of our bikes are built with comfort and riding consistency in mind.

It will help you to make a big choice based on the kind of bike that you would be best suited to owning. It will also help you to make a better choice regarding the long-term use of your bike. If you buy one of the latest scooters and it is not suited to your size, you will not enjoy riding it. So, consider the body very important indeed!

The latest models are brand new

The other factor that you should think about is the newness. It might seem obvious, but the most recent scooters are built brand new. Sure, you could go for an older model or a used model. But is that a good idea? We say no. Instead, you should look to buy a model based on the quality of the newness – buying something old and used is not always a good idea.

We’ll break down two key reasons for that below. The one thing to always remember, though, is that buying new means you have total peace of mind. Who would want to buy a bike and get something back that is simply not suited to their needs?

Why would you want to buy a bike and then have to go and get it repaired if you find that it has been damaged before your purchase?

Luckily for you, every bike sold at Direct Bikes is 100% brand new. That’s right; there are no issues, blemishes, or problems. When you buy a bike from us, it’s totally ready to ride as soon as you pick it up. It’s never had previous ownership, ensuring that it rides like a dream!

Warranty matters, too

One thing to consider is that all of the newest scooters are going to come with warranty. It’s very rare that you get a bike that is not protected by warranty if you buy it brand new. This leaves you with a top quality model that feels good to work with and feels simple to control. It should give you all of the help that you need to get a vehicle that you know that if any problems arise they can be solved.

Buying a vehicle without warranty is a big risk. It means that you are left to foot the bill if anything does go wrong. No matter how long you have had it. So, you should always look to make sure you have warranty on any purchase you make. And rest assured that the best models will come with ample warranty for you to benefit from.

At Direct Bikes, we make sure you get 1-year warranty for every purchase you make from us. This also covers unlimited mileage, so don’t worry about covering too much ground on your bike!

Insurance and tax costs

Lastly, make sure you think about the cost of scooter insurance and scooter tax with an older model. The older the model, the less friendly it will be to the environment. This often means that you will need to pay a fair bit more for road tax than you would have normally.

At the same time, though, insurance will increase if you buy an older model. Especially if you are a new driver, you might find that the mix of new driver + old scooter equals high insurance rates. If you wish to avoid premiums that make you dizzy, make sure you look at buying one of the latest scooters.

Instead of buying something with needlessly high premiums, invest in one of our top quality vehicles from Direct Bikes. We can even help you with the insurance discovery process, making sure you can pick out an insurance package that feels totally suited to you and your budget. For a brand new bike that’s easily up there with the latest scooters, then, make a wise investment and buy from Direct Bikes today!

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