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Moped 50cc

Moped 50cc

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Thinking of buying a moped 50cc in power? Then you need to know what you are looking for. Mopeds can be hard to pick out from a list as you need to know what you are buying. That’s why at Direct Bikes we look to give you more than just images. While we have detailed 360-degree rotatable images, we also provide full specs and information on every 50cc moped that we sell.

After all, going on just the image or the reviews online can be a dangerous mistake. So, too, can choosing to buy a moped purely on impulse. That’s why we give you all the details that you need to make an informed decision about what you are going to buy.

If you would like to make sure that you get more value for your time and your money when you buy a moped, you should take a look at this list of things to look into.

What do you want a 50cc moped for?

The first thing to work out is what you want to use this kind of moped for. This is a common question as many people simply buy a moped at 50cc because they want a cheap, affordable vehicle. However, you need to work out what your aim for using that moped would actually be. For example, are you thinking of taking that moped onto the motorway?

You are not allowed to take a 50cc moped onto the motorway – at all. It’s not legal, and not something that we would ever recommend you do.Even if you hold your full driving license for a motorcycle, you cannot take your moped on the road with you and onto the motorway. If you have only a provisional license and you have passed your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), then you still cannot go on a motorway with the bike. Keep this in mind, as many people make the mistake of trying to take their 50cc onto a motorway when they actually lack the legal right to do so.

Another important factor stems from the way that you use your moped on a motorway. With a moped 50cc, you are going to lack some of the power that you would have wanted from the bike. Please keep that in mind, as you will not be able to get any faster than around 30mph.

Given that most people on a motorway are doing double that, if not more, you would find it hard to keep up the pace. This could put you at risk as you drive, but it cold also put other drivers at risk. You simply will not be going fast enough on a motorway to safely drive on it. So, if your commute would mean having to go on the motorway, you might need to look for an alternative. Luckily, at Direct Bikes we have just the thing for you!

What should I buy instead?

We would recommend that anyone finding a moped at 50cc to be too slow or too weak should look at buying a 125cc scooter. 125cc scooters are far more powerful than their 50cc equivalent. They can give you power ratings as high as 60mph, and this would mean that you could easily head out on the motorway if you so choose. You should look to then pick up a 125cc model if you find that you are simply not able to get around on a 50cc model at the speed you need.

Why should you buy a 125cc model instead? For one, it can go on a motorway. You can drive at speeds that should allow you to keep pace with the traffic. No longer will you need to feel like you are being left behind as your bike picks up the pace. Keep that in mind, and you could soon find that it is much easier to get around and get things done. With the great prices on our mopeds of all prices, you can get an outstanding deal regardless of what you would like to buy!

You should always be ready to buy something suited to your needs. 50cc models are mostly suited to those who are staying local and don’t want to go too far. This should give you enough time to get around and not really have to worry about where you are going.

It will also mean that you have an easier time making sure you can get around towns and cities. If you are driving a simple 50cc model, then you are mostly going to be confined at driving in traffic.Keep this in mind, as you want to buy a model that is suited to your actual needs and requirements.

Buying a new moped 50cc

One thing we recommend, regardless of the CC power of your engine, is that you buy a new model. At Direct Bikes, we only sell brand new models. This is why you can get a top quality bike from our store; it’s built to give you a faster, safer, simpler driving experience. Brand new, without previous ownership, ready to be owned by you for many years to come!

Buying used can seem like a bargain deal, but many used deals are actually just nightmares waiting to unfold. If you choose to buy a moped, then you should definitely take a look at buying something a bit more simplistic in terms of the quality.

Going for a brand new bike from Direct Bikes, for example, will work out much cheaper than buying a bike like an Aprilia. You will often pay far more for a damaged, old bike than you would to get a stylish, brand new Direct Bikes order. Why settle for second best when you don’t need to?

What should I pay for a bike?

This is an important question to think about, as it’s easy to pay far too much for a bike. For a moped 50cc in power, we would suggest anything from £800 to around £1,500 should get you something brand spanking new and good to drive today. At Direct Bikes, our moped 50cc range starts at just £959, with our average price of £999. This means that we can give you a brand new bike that’s totally road-ready so long as you have the right driving credentials!

Buying new means that you get something that has already passed its MOT and the like, too. So, you can be sure that paying this price for a new bike will mean getting something that you can instantly set out and drive with. If you buy new, you might need to get some work done to it before you could realistically drive it.

Please keep this in mind, as when you are buying a bike you want to get a good deal. If you want to ensure you get proper value for money, then make sure you buy a new bike from Direct Bikes. Our delivery of top quality models at brilliant prices will make sure you can get the 50cc that you need, want, and deserve!

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