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How To Get a Moped Licence?

How To Get a Moped Licence?

For anyone thinking of buying a moped from Direct Bikes, we applaud your courage. Buying a scooter and/or moped is the best way to travel around the UK. It’s fun, affordable, and generally feels much freer than riding a car. However, if you wish to ride a moped then you have to go and get the right licence. To ride a bike or a moped, you need to go and get the correct licence. Here is some useful information to help you make sure that you know how to get a moped licence.

First off, reach the right age

To go for a moped licence to begin with, you must be the age of sixteen or above. This entitles you to go and get your Compulsory Basic Training, or CBT. Your CBT allows you to ride at a top speed of 28mph, and without a passenger. You also cannot go on a motorway. Once you are the right age to begin riding, though, you can.

You simply need to get your CBT and also get a provisional licence. You can book your CBT today and pass it in 2-3 days, while a provisional licence is easy to get. Simply go to your local post office, get the form for the DVLA, fill it in, and send it away. You should then receive your moped licence in the short-term.

Then, get the right licence

As mentioned above, you either need to get your CBT plus a provisional, or your full driving licence. You could go for your full driving licence by the age of seventeen or above. While this will take longer and far more experience (as well as more demanding exams), you do receive full moped rights. This would mean that you could drive at your maximum legal speed and carry someone else onboard.

You could also start taking trips on the motorway. So long as you have your full moped licence, you can start doing this ASAP. On a CBT, though, you are limited to merely riding locally. You cannot ride on an A road, or a motorway.

How to get a moped licence

You either need to go and complete the CBT as mentioned above or go and sit your full test. Sitting your full theory and practical motorbike/moped exams, though, are demanding. You need to have road understanding, and you have to spend a lot of time researching and studying. This could take you several months to build up the knowledge that you need to pass.

However, if you wish to get a moped licence then you will need to do so. Want to start riding within less than a week? Then you should book in for a moped from our store. At Direct Bikes, you could get a CBT-friendly bike that you could start riding so long as you have your CBT and provisional.

All that you need to do is take a look at our scooters, and you can easily make the investment right away. This could give you a scooter you can start riding as soon as it’s delivered to your door. With the right credentials, you could be driving as soon as tomorrow if you order today!


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