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How Much are Mopeds To Buy?

How Much are Mopeds To Buy?

Are you thinking about buying a moped? Then you are in the right place at Direct Bikes. As one of the most trusted bike vendors around, we make buying a moped easy. To help you go through with the purchase, though, we’ve made sure that you can get some brilliant prices and deals. For example, do you ever wonder how much are mopeds to buy outright and brand new?

Look around online, and you might find some very differing prices. However, take a look at Direct Bikes and you’ll find we have a much more solid price structure. For example, all of our 50cc mopeds fall in the price range of just £999. We even do special sales and deals, where you could pick up a scooter for just £959!

This makes it easy for you to buy a moped without having to spend a large sum of money. However, we also sell 125cc scooters that are even more powerful. While a 50cc scooter from our store could hit a top speed of around 30 miles per hour, a 125cc scooter can go as high as 60 miles per hour. That should really go to show you just how strong a moped can be!

With our 125cc mopeds, you should expect the prices to be equally fair. Our starting price for a brand new 125cc moped starts at just £1,099. That’s easily one of the best prices that you are likely to see anywhere for a new moped!

How much are mopeds to buy from Direct Bikes?

As mentioned above, we keep all of our mopeds in a very fair price range. We believe that something in our £1,099 range is very fair indeed for a brand new moped. That’s right; brand new!

We don’t sell a single used vehicle at Direct Bikes. Instead, we simply sell you brand new vehicles at the price you would expect to pay for a used scooter. We make it easy and affordable to buy a quality moped without having to dig deep into the pockets. However, we’re also conscious that even with our prices, some might find it hard to stretch.

That’s why we offer help through our comprehensive scooter finance program. With our help, you can make your investment and borrow up to £5,000. With a maximum repayment date of five years away, we can make sure you aren’t having to pay back in a timeframe that is going to hurt you.

So, for help in making sure you can find affordable mopeds to buy, come and check out our wares today. With some of the best UK scooters around, we’ll make sure you can buy something solid, safe, and simplistic. It’s all about making sure you get a great deal at Direct Bikes; that’s our primary aim.

To make sure you don’t buy a second-rate scooter for a first-rate price, then, come and check out our wares. You’ll be sure to find something simply spectacular for a price you can very agreeable indeed!



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